Project "Alexandria"

I believe this is the same system alluded to as the “possible” shared origin of humans and certain flora and fauna in our cluster. Especially based on genetic analysis. I understand the academic consensus to be out on this issue and that this name is used to refer to the “idea” of a single origin point.

I’ve yet to hear/read anything conclusive supporting its existence as an actual place.

Some theories like genetic convergence would argue it couldn’t possible exist and our genetics are similar because life would not survive without the traits that got us here.

Regardless, I suspect that’s why you’ve not read of it in scripture.

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You can start your project when you want. Report useful data, information, testimonial you can take. Then, in the future, we will see where to place the final project. For now this being is collecting everything useful from (and storaging it) University of Caille databases and libraries…

Maybe are you not aware of Alain Topher and his work. If not, I invite you to look for it.
I am one of his followers even if I hadn’t the opportunity to meet him or follow one of his conferences at Caille University or elsewhere. About Earth, In continuity with his theory about origins, even if I guess most will laugh at me, I consider myself an earthologist and try to work to find hints anywhere possible even if this is highly difficult.
Maybe you’ll took me for a fool but at least check to Alain Topher’s work, hoping this little insights will be helpful.

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I am aware of the works. I do not disparage your chosen profession as a Earthologist, I believe both sides should be studied and evaluated fully in true academic and scientific rigor. I applaud you for participating in that science.

I was merely attempting to cover both “general” sides of the current debate as a way to answer why Akali may had not heard of Earth.

I believe there is no true consensus yet amongst scientific community at large and suspect there will not be unless the EvE Gate is opened or some other archaeological evidence is found that is beyond dispute.

We all know (as politicians and theologists still continue to demonstrate) it’s easy to ignore science and fact when it doesn’t fit your prefered narrative.


Earthology is usually considered a fringe science at best, and pseudoscience at worst.

I, myself, am familiar with the names of several mythological worlds, some of which might be different names for the same world. Earth, Gaia, Terra, Canopus, Dune, Soekhiviti, Tau Ceti, Zeta Reticuli, Cueball, Olympus, the list goes on, but few and far between are the verifiable concrete evidence for these worlds existence.

So as regards a library called Alexandra on Earth, then I would tend to view such tales as being a parable about the importance and fragility of knowledge archival and record keeping, rather than a factual account of a real place.


Prof. V. Valate, Kaztropolis Imperial University.


I support this kind of procject and I would really love to see it become reality. But we must also consider the fact that there are many humans in New Eden who wants to see it burn into ashes.

So its very likely that this kind of instution will come under an attack during its life life time but still with enough contribution surely Alexandria can find a way to exist.

If there is anything for a capsuller like me to help (isk,deployment,resarch etc) in this project please let me know…


Don’t be afraid about extremists. The majority of us are human and decently cultured. Do you know someone else who could contribute at this project?

I will mention it to some of my friends and see if they are intrested. What you plan is kinda huge so getting support for it gonna take very long time and work.

Also rather than starting big with a huge station and assets to support it creating this instutiton under the safe umbrealla of Empires within their protected stations is much safer way to go. Big achivements always start with small steps you know…

Anyway if you are intrested to talk more about future steps you can always find me with a quick search add me as a friend in your contacts list after all I am a capsuleer and my records in space is open to everyone.

Very well, this being appreciates it.

This being started to create the first communication channels and tools to whoever want to contribute at the project. When requested he will give you the datas to join in.
The project is pending for other considerations and consensus.

((OOC: The private channel is <OOC Project “Alexandria”> (without <> but with “”) ))

At the risk of this communique being lost to the ages, much like the relics and artifacts that this project wishes to preserve, I’d like to provide some assurance that any resources that I have at my disposal are also added to the contributions.

When this being returns and the project picks up its pace again of course…

This being is grateful to see your collaboration. Currently he’s stucked in various issues that could end at 27/08/121

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PHASE 1: “Further informations”
Description: Put here or in the appropriate communication channels some feedback and further suggest about the project.
Issued by: Kalodote Lafisques
Expiration: Not specified.

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Wow, I love the idea of a place like this, where information rules and is free for everybody to explore. Is the project still active? I would love to support the project with the little I can do. I think this would move humanity a big step ahead if it succeeds.

The project is still active. If you want you can come also at the channel communications. Please send a mail.

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Last feedback has been placing this project at Yulai, in CONCORD space. It could be a good idea, but if you have other suggestions, feel free to put here.

As I emerge from my two years research I see that I missed some important things.

Sir, sharing knowledge is also a goal of the Khazad Consortium, I’ll make sure you get access to all of it.

Feel free to send a mail for further discussion or enstablish the communication at the channels

((Chat channels: <Project “Alexandria”> and <OOC Project “Alexandria”> without <>))

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