Seeking Spiritual and Religious Advocates (UPDATE: YC120.01.12)

Many salutations to those of the Intergalactic Summit. I am currently seeking spiritual and religious advocates for limited discussion for a future project. In particular, I am primarily seeking advocates and leaders in the following practices:

  • Intaki Ida
  • Caldari Wayism
  • Adakul
  • Matari Shamanism (all tribal backgrounds)
  • Khanid Orthodox

Please contact me directly through the mail service if you are an advocate, or know someone that you feel is well versed in the aforementioned subject matter.

Thank you.

UPDATE: Please see the following post for an important update.


I am a trained and practicing Volur of the Gripdjur clan, but before I start lending my people’s internal matters to outsiders, I’d have to ask what you are planning on. Khanid Orthodox? Wayism? This sounds like a very odd hodgepodge of disparate things that should stay separate.

Anything you feel you can share about what this is about?


I put forward @Diana_Kim for your advocate for Caldari Wayism.



Have you maybe considered something like Gallente Consumerism? Its basically serving the same role. I think its very easy to become adept of it and understand the rules, there are only three: buy, buy, buy.


Hello Mr. Nomistrav. Are you attempting to find common ground between these different religions; things such as shared beliefs, similar rituals, or universal teachings? Is this a response to something external, or are you performing a study?


Not us?

This sounds like the sort of thing the Elder Visionaries usually take a special interest in. Based on what we as a nation have historically poked our official heads up for, comparative religion is kind of a favorite topic.

(Again: weirdest theocracy ever.)


You’ve caught me at a disadvantage, Madam Ambrye. Yes, one of the primary goals is to allow for engagement of civil discussion on shared beliefs, similar rituals, and universal teachings. My apologies, as I cannot give any further details at this time as there is nothing concrete. I will, however, offer my intent:

I recently came into ownership of an Astrahus citadel which I originally had no idea what to do with. I planned to sell it, but then sort of had a bit of an epiphany, and now intend to set it up as a “Sanctuary” of sorts. This “Sanctuary” would serve as a neutral gathering area that would welcome different faith to practice and enlighten freely, but its ultimate purpose - I hope - would be to garner attention to the many similarities between the aforementioned faiths. Particularly Ida, Wayism, and Adakul, as they all share commonalities. I only recently added Matari Shamanism for its potential similarity to Wayism, and Khanid Orthodox as the Khanid typically have many close relations with the Caldari.

It was my intent to set up the Citadel and welcome advocates in the hopes to garner the attention of officials in the faiths, and with some luck, perhaps even one of the Idama.

I am not opposed, provided some background on the faith is given? I would welcome all faiths, but I fear that some may be more prone to oppression and violence than others. I cannot welcome the Equilibrium of Mankind for obvious reasons.


Ey. What’s wrong with the plain-old Imperial Rite? That Khanid stuff is watered-down.


I have my concerns that there may be some contention, at first, between the Amarr Faith and Matari Shamanism if placed in the same room. Certainly you understand.



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I would think the same issue would rear its ugly head with the Khanid as well honestly.


If that is the concern, you’re pretty much going in the wrong direction. A few more steps and you’re in Sani Sabik territory. The baseline Rite is pretty barbaric and abominable in the way it’s currently practiced and preached, but the Khanid path strips all the wrong things out of it, when it comes to how it clashes with civilized morality and ethics.

If you want a neutral place for co-mingling of faiths and spirituality, I’d be a bit less concerned with specific examples and rather work up a universal set of rules and procedures to ensure civil discourse and sharing across the lines. Trying to pick “compatible” sets, lumping them together and seeing what happens is a recipe for disaster, especially without an already pre-existing deep understanding of all the components.

My recommendation would be a structured exchange format, moderated by appointed, accepted neutral parties and procedures for pulling back and then getting the exchange back on the rails whenever things clash in incompatible ways. Probably several formats in fact, allowing for different numbers of parties in the exchange.


Fair advice. Thank you, Madam Del’thul. I will work on that over the course of the next several days, then.


If you need an advocate for Traditional Wayism, then I am willing to be of service.


Uh … sure. Arguably, you have us covered already by covering the Way of the Winds, which recognizes us as practicing the same faith by a different name.

I don’t think it’s quite the same, though.

“Achura,” whether as a nation or religion, typically refers to the rural population of our home planet, which we call by that same name. (The cities are culturally, and religiously, Caldari.) Our beliefs are pretty diverse, ranging from animism to a sort of monist spiritual skepticism, but we still see ourselves as a single people and single faith, sometimes called the “thousand sects,” which actually is probably an underestimate. We’re lead by a council of monks from various sects called the Elder Visionaries.

I’ve spoken a little bit about our culture and beliefs here.

If you’re worried about contention, sir, a collection of believers like this might be troublesome. Even ordinarily very peaceful believers can become upset over religious differences-- and what you’re arranging is going to be full of religious differences. Achur monks bicker over doctrine all the time, and we’re all part of the same faith. Imagine what it’ll be like with so many.

Also, aside from Miz’s remarks, Amarr is probably the single largest and widest-spread faith in the cluster. If you’re going to try to represent the various faiths, you’re kind of going to be making a large and actually rather provoking statement if you leave them out. Ironically, you’d be lending support to the Empire’s most militant elements by implying that the Imperial Rite can’t be treated like a civilized religion.


The true Amarrian faith is the will of god, it is the foundation of any great civilization. You would exclude us in fear that the faithful would strike at the throats of these new-age faiths?

You are wrong, it is true these other faiths were created by misguided souls, but we faithful are civilized and capable of remaining so in the presence of heathens.

I am in the process of formulating a set of strict rules and policies that will include all faiths without the assumption of misbehavior. It was wrong of me to generalize and assume that a conflict would happen to begin with. I ask for a level of patience, in the meantime.


A wise choice.

I’ll be following this project with interest. My mother, while living, was a practicing Khanid Orthadox while my father was a strict Wayist.


I’ll help out as much as I can on the Khanid interpretation of Scripture, but I haven’t practiced it… ‘religiously’ for a while.