Petition to the Intaki Assembly - A Promotion of Intaki Religious Freedom

Namas and Greetings valued Members of the Assembly and other readers.

Firstly I would like to note I speak solely here for myself and not in my position as Isha Sainika of the Intaki Liberation Front.

In this society we value the rights thoughts and beliefs of others.

It has however come to my notice that certain Idic religious practitioners have come over a certain level of legal scrutiny due to their religious practices and disciplines.

I recently visited the Rohaanar colony on Frarie IV while I myself could hardly be called a member of that society or would say that my religious interpretations are in a similar vein to theirs I was astounded to hear that some of there practices have been outlawed in the wider Federation.

Very specifically the Saunp Dena ceremony which is essentially just a natural expansion of the rebirth process many of our people practice freely.

I would politely request this matter is addressed as soon as possible to rebalance the books as it were.


Petitioning and complaining is a path of weaklings.

For how long are you going to grovel in front of feet of your Federal overlords, licking their boots and begging them to listen to your needs? Expecting their inefficient democratic institution to do anything? Aren’t you aware how their democracy works? If you’re in minority - then the decision is taken by majority. They aren’t even going to listen to you. This is how democracy works - it’s a tyranny of majority. It’s a rule of greedy bastards, who will change laws and rules just to get what they want, while stepping on your backs, pushing your face in mud and demanding you to praise them for giving you freedom.

If you need something - you need to take it yourself.

You need to set the goal and act to achieve it instead of squealing and asking your masters to notice you.

If you want success - you need to act. You need to shine and achieve, you need to fight what is important for you. And if you can’t fight for it - is it even important for you at all?

So grab your courage in a fist and stand tall. Stand tall and walk tall - towards YOUR goal.

The Federation may look big if you’re alone. It may look scary, if you are in minority, but you can find likeminded friends.

Here in the State we don’t care what you believe in. We don’t care what you think of. It doesn’t matter if you believe in Maker, Creator, Amarr God, or some huge invisible Fedo that impales fabric of time and space with its wiggly tentacle just to inhale life in living forms, or if you follow Kutuoto Miru like modern educated Caldari. We don’t have “thought police” like Federation that makes you disappear if you say something wrong.

What we will judge in you is just how loyal you are and how productive you are. This is what Meritocracy stands for. Your own philosophies, opinions and religious are for yourself.

Don’t hesitate. Stand now and act as you should. Act with Honor and Dignity, and not like a spineless cowards, splattered on the floor in front of your democratic masters, hoping that they will have a moment of lucidity to act with humanism. Because they won’t. Because they’re gallente.

And you are not.

Could you Explain the Nature of this Ceremony, and why the Federal Authorities have a Problem with it ?

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My understanding is that it’s seen as infanticide, since it involves writing the one to be reborn onto an existing infant. But I don’t think it’s as simple as just overwriting the nascent mind.

I’ll leave filling in the details to those who understand it better.

Very interesting. So, if, theoretically, you disagreed with something your superiors did, you would not go through official channels to express your disagreement and work for change, but rather you would rather ‘take it yourself,’ or commit treason to get your own way.

Very interesting. I thought you were opposed to anarchy, when it seems that it exactly what you think best.

Very interesting.

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How dare you accuse me in treason?!

Take your life or arrest your superior, or think twice if that’s you who are wrong and not your superior.

But for assuming I’d commit a treason, you have insulted my Honor. And for this you shall answer with your life. Pick a weapon or ship of your choice.

It is an unholy abomination. Essentially infanticide.

Sadly, I find duels to be morally repugnant, so my principals force me to decline. Which is unfortunate, as I had thought of several rather witty ideas for duels, and it hurts to not share them. Ah well.

That said, I did not in fact suggest that you personally have, or would commit treason. Just that you are telling others to do so, and suggesting that committing treason is the proper course of action when you disagree with those with authority over you, and that, of course, if one did disagree with one’s superiors, the only option you really provided in your previous post was treason.

But, well, it seems you intended to offer the person the suggestion as well that they could just kill themselves, and merely forgot to do so before. Well, I’ll keep that in mind.

For someone who looses valuable state assets to mining ships you are indeed eloquent in your execution of admonishment.

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You implied rather explicitly that I would have commit a treason in that theoretical situation. And instead of apologizing like a honorable man would do, you just try to justify and double down on your apparent dishonorable action like a coward, without showing strength and courage to admit your mistakes.

But really, should I have expected even a sliver of either strength, or honor, or courage, or at least some dignity from someone, who considers

Good question, isn’t it?

For shame, Lord Avarr. For shame.

You know, it’s a bad manners bringing to these forums discussion of some kills, especially as a form of argument when you can’t object with anything substantial and on topic, and when these kills have nothing to do with the aforementioned topic?

And trying to point to perceived by you flying mistakes of pilots who have about 3 times more solo kills than your total number of kills and who have about 6 times better kill-to-death ratio than you, just makes you look like a clown.

Know your place, Mr. Masseri, and try to not embarass yourself further.

Yes. I implied that if yourself followed the same logic that you told other people to do, that in the theoretically situation of you disagreeing with your superiors and also following the logic that you had established as what the proper course of action would be, your only possible course of action would be to commit treason.

But I am sure you have never disagreed with your superiors, so it is not anything beyond a thought experiment, and therefore, not actually saying that you would in fact be in that situation. Because I am sure you never disagree with your superiors.

Of course, you then did say that you had forgotten some options, so of course, those options must now be included as possibilities for this theoretical that would, in fact, never actually be a real situation.

Yet again proving eloquent in your admonishment but to suggest that I am the one off topic when you have taken it upon yourself to simply wade in here and tell me off for making a petition to the appropriate elected body.

Kindly take your own advice and if you have nothing to add in relation to Idic off shoot practises I would suggest you darken this topic no more.

But I lack the hope that I could ever dream of such a result.

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Could you Answer this Question Please, @Richard_Masseri ?

I would be happy to explain however I first must address some of my other capsuleer colleagues understandings as it appears there is some confusion on this topic.

Mz Jenneth and Mz Aspenstar to whom I hold some respect are both correct and incorrect in there responses.

Rebirth is an accepted and legal Idic practise and to view it as infanticide is quite regressive I myself am a product of rebirth as a Reborn I remember some of my past lives however I am also new and individual in my own way and have knowledge that would not of been possible without this sacred right.

The Saunp Dena however is outlawed not due to any form of infanticide but due to the fact that those whom practise it encourage the aligning of new birth with the passing of elders. Obviously this would all be done with the full consent of all parties.

To put it simply when a babe is born to believers an elder who is due to pass would be aided to quicken the process and allow for Rebirth(which I note again is entirely legal) to take place.

Some would refer to this as euthanasia for entirely religious purposes.

I am somewhat saddened to note that people to whom I have allied with in space take such a low opinion of me and my origins. I did hope my Amarrian colleagues had somewhat there treatment of the Intaki Reborn as soulless.

I See.
The Federal Authorities do not Approve of the Saunp Dena Ceremony, because it is classified as “Euthanasia for Religious Purposes”, which would appear to be Prohibited ?

Thank you for your Explanation.

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That is indeed my understanding.

Be assured, at this time I am not speaking in any official capacity for either the Societas or LUMEN. At this time, I am on extended and indefinite family leave, with Maria Daphiti having taken my Director spots in both entities, and Lord Garion Avarr my CEO spot of the Societas on an interim basis. My comments are my own.

You had a problem, I gave you a possible solution. And instead of saying what could be possibly wrong with it, you erupted with unrelated nonsense, trying to defame me just because you didn’t like my offer and couldn’t articulate why. Are you what, five years old?

Your offer of a solution was the overthrowing of the Gallente Federation, whilst a solution in some long-term goal it most certainly does not assist in the current here and now.

If the entire Caldari aligned capsuleer militia was to enter Intaki today we would slowly be overwhelmed and destroyed.

If you would like to test this theory in a small way please contact me and I will happily fly with you and see how long we last, I will even provide a fleet. Please note I am happy to take you up on this offer if you are so inclined.

On a side note If you consider my remarks defaming and not just harmless banter I have to seriously question who here has the right to question maturity.

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