Ishukone-Raata and the Intaki System

Recent developments in the Intaki System have seen the Ishukone Corporation, Ishukone-Raata’s parent company and sponsor, decline to renew its shipping and security franchise in the system.

Ten years have passed since the Ishukone corp bid for those rights after the provists captured the ‘warzone’ between the Caldari State and Gallente federation. Since those days a measure of sanity has returned to the State, with the provist forces of the dictator Heth losing power and the balance returned between the Eight, as is proper. Much has changed and therefore we see why the approach of our parent corporation should also change with regards to Intaki and the Intaki people.

However, Ishukone-Raata notes that this is a precarious time for the Intaki system and homeworld. Mercenaries have been attacking sacred sites across the planet, possibly in retaliation for attacks on Khanid civilians by Tears of Reschard and aligned radical groups. Other Megacorps have been accused of abetting these attacks.

The security in the Intaki system has never been more precarious. In that light, Ishukone-Raata reconfirms its commitment to the Viriette constellation, the Intaki people and the Intaki system. We will continue to fight to provide economic prosperity and military security to the region, as we have for the past ten years.

In the words of the great Gariushi-haan: “We are united in purpose, but we must never, ever be united in hate.”


What a bunch of pro-gallentean propaganda!!
How dare you call our former Honorable Executor as a “dictator”?! How much did you pay your gallentean barking dogs to write that about Him? Or did they pay you to post this?..

And on the other hand, praising that man…
Don’t you know that he was a GURISTA? He came from Gurista Pirates! The most dishonorable repugnant outcasts of our society, treacherous bastards that shall be put down like rabid dogs.

I see now why I-RED’s tendency to treason and act against Caldari values runs so strong!

I despise those who praise or even tolerate gurista pirates.

You mean the man the CEP declared a terrorist rebel who’s likely to turn up soon as a Sansha puppet?


Her mind can’t comprehend this.


Ahh, I see a gallentean bootlicker still spreads slanders about us.

You can keep barking your filth as much as you want, John, but everyone with at least couple nerve cells in their brain know that you’re absolutely wrong.

Everyone with at least a couple nerve cells but no more than five or six.*


Always nice to see my home world - yet again - become the center of State discourse.

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Conversation with Diana Kim, my dear friend, is not ‘State Discourse’. She’s not a representative of the state. Her and her ilk were cast out. She now fraternises with proscribed entities like the Templis Dragonaurs and is rightly considered a rogue element.

At risk of further derailing this thread, its purpose is simply to reaffirm Ishukone-Raata’s longterm investment in and commitment to the Intaki people and the Intaki diaspora.


We’ll see.


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