[Propaganda] Reclamation of Intaki

Intaki is reclaimed! For some of you, this news is a swing of the pendulum, merely a single speck of a world changing color. Very well. History is a pendulum of striving and repeated human failures. If you wish, hear ours.

The Placid Economic Security Commission was formed as an alliance between Ishuk-Raata investment bank and Rezeki-Osmon affiliate group, the prime stakeholders behind the SPD Task Force. It was forged as the capstone of cooperation after the vicious sieges of Ostingele and Dastryns last year. That conflict broke the back of organized FDU resistance in Placid, but an underlying problem remained - the ongoing support of the local pirate groups, namely the gang called “Cruisers Crew” - for the old Gallente regime. The FDU had given them a free hand and would not interfere with them when they accosted innocent travelers on the Stacmon gate, while the pirates would not interfere with the FDU in any strategic operations against the State. Instead the pirates restricted their predations to Caldari fleets.

This incestuous relationship between these murderous brigands and the “shields of liberty” was further solidified by the defection of many former FDU pilots to pirate groups following our purge of gangs such as “Average Pilots”, “Norman’s Gang” and “Hull Warning”. Several of these sons of Luminaire rose to high ranking positions in their new role, exchanging the green eagle for the skull and crossbones with a wink and a glib smile.

Let me pause to remind my foreign listeners that this is by no means a new problem. Federal neglect of the Intaki loop goes back generations. Peace has always been maintained by Federal thuggery in Placid. PLESCO’s formation put a lid on a simmering pot, a cap on a fusion leak slowly going critical. We knew another conflict was inevitable but we could not predict the time of the explosion.

The inciting factor was SPD Task Force’s temporary departure from the warzone to participate in the destruction of the wormhole base Atlantis. As the Raata said, “When Thunder Bear leaves the mountain, the wolves gather.” At the same time, a new pirate group, inexplicably named “Toilet Paper” moved to the region and immediately started funding a proxy FDU organization named “Pony Industries”. Cruisers Crew funded their own proxy group and it became a daily occurrence to see a flock of pirates escorting a barely armed “freedom fighter” of the FDU in raids on Caldari complexes. The Scope, of course, focused on the minuteman. “Ostingele liberated!” Cue close up of our lone hero in a crowd of unknown volunteers. Cut to commercial.

The Federal news machine was hard at work churning out headlines about “Caldari corporate looting” in Placid as the situation deteriorated and rank pirates advanced under the FDU banner while Caldari businessmen fled for their lives. Inspired, a wave of volunteers joined the FDU, barely trained, barely armed and in many cases running their ships on automation protocols. What these miscreants lacked in substance they compensated for in sheer number. At the crest, the State was losing five infrastructure hubs a day. This was the backdrop for the renewed siege of Ostingele.

Brave Caldari aces from IRED, SPD and MARMS flew daily into the teeth of impossible odds. I do not exaggerate when I say it was typical for Caldari forces to be outnumbered two or three to one. On one occasion I recall us being outnumbered five to one, flying simultaneously against fleets from CC, TBC, TRM, Aideron, TP and even Electus Matari. In addition, the enemy was well equipped. The “pirate” groups (the distinction between pirate and FDU had since become entirely blurred), favored frigate “hot rods” such as the Succubus and Worm. When circumstances permitted, they were eager to escalate to Sleipners, Vargurs or even capital ships. By contrast, few vessels in the State coalition could be appraised at more than fifty million isk, mostly frigates and cruisers.

The outcome of these battles was heavily slanted - in our favor. Caldari fleets countered these numerous advantages in the same way we always have: superior training, discipline and motivation. In short, we defeated them in detail and with hit-and-run tactics. Gallente forces were poorly motivated, lacked central command and were mainly experienced in set piece battles. Our fleets would engage one group, decimate it and then warp away just before reinforcement from another command arrived or a carrier dropped. We would annihilate their expensive pirate hot rods from their Punisher fleets and disengage before they could inflict losses. We picked off their FDU proxies with a handful of snipers to prevent their fleets from broadcasting proper IFF codes to complexes. This frustrated the pirates enough that they ripped off the last shreds of pretense and hoisted the Gallente eagle with the full blessing of the Federal “authorities”.

Through we inflicted roughly three to one losses in men and isk, it was not enough to recapture Ostingele. From there the situation became even more dire. Every system in Placid was set to fall, with the sole exception of SPD headquarters in Agoze. The weight of the enemy then fell squarely on our heads. The system became heavily contested as the conflict continued to escalate. We launched hit and run attacks on their structures in bombers and long ranged HACs from bases hidden outside the warzone. They retaliated with capital fleets. The fighting reached a crescendo in Pain, where several hundred capsuleers from three opposing coalitions slugged each other inconclusively over a lonely Raitaru.

With their hubris matched only by their rising frustration, they retaliated by dropping an Erebus class Titan on PLESCO Astrahuses in Agoze and Dastryns. The SPD HQ Astrahus was then destroyed following a pitched engagement. The enemy closed in on our Dastryns base, Eskeitan, a.k.a Defender, the old bulwark that had broken the back of the FDU a dozen times last year.

The ensuing battle was orchestrated under the command of the peerless John Revenent. We delayed their attack by forcing them defend one of their own structures before the timer, then withdrew as their capital fleet arrived. Our Cerberus fleet engaged a mirrored one on Eskeitan - the pirates had adopted the doctrine to prevent our typical dancing around them, but they did not know how to use it. As it became apparent they were outmatched, they set their HACs on approach to the structure and died to the last, exchanging their lives to buy time for their carrier fleet to arrive. Which it did, and as the fighters launched, they clearly believed they’d checkmated us.

We set course to engage. Then the lid on the trap was slammed shut, and our reinforcements arrived and crushed their carrier fleet as we held it down. It was a total rout. I will not soon forget the sounds of allied cheers reverberating inside my pod. To many of you, the scale of our struggle may seem small, but no one who participated will forget Eskeitan.

Following this, pirate activity has dropped off sharply. Everywhere, the enemy is in retreat as we nip on their heels. And then, following a final blitz, our coalition fleets have stormed uncontested to reassert Ishukone’s lawful presence in Intaki. Our work is not yet done. The enemy is beaten, but not yet finished. There are torpedo tubes to reload and a reckoning to be wrought.

Glory to the State.


Perhaps avoid politically charged terminology like ‘reclaimed’?

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I don’t know, plenty Intaki see it as a good thing. Especially in the Syndicate. I’d wager that if Ishukone was administering to the people, they’d recieve better treatment than they got under the Fed. But people call me biased, for some reason.

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The past several weeks have shown how a professional, unified Caldari force can clean up Placid of piratical groups seeking to disrupt PLESCO operations in Intaki. Congratulations to all involved!


Glory to the State!

It is a worthy victory, indeed!
Though it can’t be full until the traces of Federal occupational regime are cleansed from the surface of the planet. After the previous reclamation there were reports of deeply entrenched Federal soldiers on the planet, but no decisive actions were taken to eliminate the threat, and I suppose thorough planetside operations are required to secure the system, probably with a heavy planetary bombardment as cover for the dropships to eliminate possible SAM batteries.

If that disaster and indecisiveness of Ishukone will repeat again, I think we all shall petition CEP to replace the development rights for Intaki solar system to corporation that can guarantee safety of Intaki citizens from Federal presence, for example, Lai Dai Megacorporation. In the interest of both the State and people living in the system.

For the State!

Wonderfully written, Commander Suzaku. It was an honor to join you in driving off the Federal occupiers from Intaki space once again.

How fortunate it is, that we managed to secure this system just as the revelation of the Federation’s collusion with the Guristas came to light, endangering all the progress that has been made in reaching a peaceful agreement for the good of the Intaki people.

I trust that Ishukone will continue its work to ensure the prosperity of the Intaki in these uncertain times.

Glory to the State.


With all due respect, Strike Commander, your criticism of Ishukone is tactless and tone deaf on the eve of this victory. Do not mar this occasion by a shameful display of State disunity.

No military bombardments will happen to Intaki as long as my Task Force has anything to say about it. Especially with Suroken National factories planetside. Such an attack would violate Saitsuo contractual concerns.

If you would like to discuss this matter further, you may find me conducting a war about fifteen jumps from you in Black Rise. You should join us more often.

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I know, right ? I saw the title, and for a moment thought “What has Aldrith done now ?”, before realising that it wasn’t being used in that way.


Namas tayam,

Intaki belongs to the Intaki it would be preferable if the pendulum wars left well alone but maybe this reclamation will bring some needed stability.

I look to the Ishukone loyalists and will hope they refrain from conducting land assaults considering the Gallente “peacekeepers” stationed on Intaki prime.


If one gear can’t do the job done, it shall be replaced with another that showed enough competence.

This is Caldari way.

I echo Mr. Masseri’s sentiments. Reclaimed is a very poor choice of wording in this propaganda piece. Perhaps next time it can stay circulating among militia circles rather than posting it to the IGS?

Intaki is and always has belonged to the Intaki people. Never the Federation. Never the State. A key in the advances made by Ishukone in promoting State-Intaki relations has been this basic understanding.

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It seems clear to me that the interpretation is meant to be that it is reclaimed not by the Caldari or Ishukone, but by the law.

For too long has the whole constellation been rife with pirate and criminal elements, elements that the Federation allowed to exist, elements the Federation now bankrolls against the State! Until State forces arrived lawlessness had a deathgrip on the Intaki people, they were the dung for the Federation that the flies and maggots were allowed to feast on.

It was only after the State had driven out the Federal crimelords that the Gallente became worried and desperate for a treaty and “liberation” of Intaki. Naturally so I might add, imagine if the Intaki enjoyed their now pirateless lives and state investments?!? And what of the pirates that were still alive, displaced? They were promised the Intaki constellation as an unmolested feeding ground for their purses and pleasure, displaced they were dangerous, angry! They might start preying on Federation planets that actually matter!

This is why the criminal underworld has been payrolled by the FDU, to keep citizens that matter safe, and to desperately turn their anger against the State.

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If I may, Faran-haan… from personal observation, and interaction, not only the Federation bankrolls pirates at their convenience. Four years ago, it was StaPro and the State that were bankrolling pirates out of convenience, with the hiring of groups such as CRIME . NET(lead by the detestable Murkon Alpha Primes), and Plexodus./Exodus. groups. And StaPro aligned units at the time breaking agreements with more local elements as it was more convenient to retain those groups during their deployment than to retain lasting relations with locally placed entities.

I know that the current internal climate of StaPro is largely self-regulated by the honorable Suzaku-haan, and SPD, amongst others, but please do not pretend that the Militia itself is wholly clean and just. Pragmatism is the mantra of the State, and if its pragmatic, such groups are hired and retained, until it is no longer pragmatic to do so. The rest is… acceptable collateral damage.

As an additional note, the eviction of more piratical elements currently under the employ of GalMil is indeed actively appreciated, at least by the UNF and EDA, though I shall not pretend to speak for the Intaki, or their people.

Mr. Masseri himself acknowledged the use of the word in his reply.

I fully expected that the use of the word might take some point-defense fire from Minmatar extremists ignoring the plain meaning in context at the expense of pushing an anti-Imperial agenda, but I certainly did not expect it from a member of the State Protectorate. And I certainly did not expect a simple turn of phrase to be the main criticism of this account of the South Placid War. At any rate, I consider it the most accurate term to express what has happened, political twisting aside.

Your gross assumptions on my views of Intaki sovereignty show how little you know me or your own kirjuun.

My initial reply was not a criticism of the events related to the ongoing Placid war. It was levied against the questionable use of words for a propaganda piece that probably should have stayed circulating in State Protectorate channels.

I may not know you personally, but I know of the longstanding struggle of the Intaki. I have lived and worked either in or near Intaki for the better part of the last 10 years. The switching of sides of the system sovereignty under the EMWPA is nothing to be celebrated - especially when Intaki are caught in the crossfire of a war they never asked to be a part of. We need to do better.


For the record, my suggestion to avoid the terminology was not any attempt to impugn your motives or mindset. Rather, it was simply to suggest that ‘retaken’, ‘restored’, or any of a number of synonyms might have served just as well without the potential misreading by those who haven’t paid any attention to the issue. Clear communication, after all, is important, and building in the potential for misunderstanding should be avoided whenever possible.

Edit: for Propaganda purposes, really, the best term to use would have been ‘Liberated’, especially as a nod to some Intaki feeling like this is their proper place in the cosmopolitical order. After all, framing your propaganda as a paean to freedom from Federal oppression? You have to know how seriously that would tweak the Gallente.


I did offer to give the text a read-over and revise it where it got questionable, but I kept having to deal with all the little FDU frigates buzzing around, and in the end it was published without me being able to do so.

As much as I’d echo some of the statements regarding messaging I do feel that on a slightly less political note there is a chance that I might see a time ib the not too distant future when I can feel safe enough to reopen my doors.

As delightful as this news may be Khasaramin Zayan I would warn you to be cautious of your investment. I feel change is on the wind so I would suggest avoiding any sudden actions.

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