[news] DED Monitoring Stations Warn of Increased Rogue Drone Activity; Possible Rogue Swarm Feared

In the first place, it would appear that the DED is expecting a potential swarm event in the coming weeks.

We’ve also been allowed an interesting look behind the veil, in the acknowledgement of multilateral efforts to secure trade routes between the State and the Republic.

Indeed, as Kelkoon Colonel Sitmulf Olundur indicates, “unfortunate accidents of history” are indeed responsible for our present positions, and it has often struck me that in some ways the Matari and Caldari share many sentiments so far as a desire for cultural autonomy are concerned.

All said, interesting times, and it looks like we’re due for more opportunities to engage drone swarms.


“Unfortunate accidents of history”, huh? Well, that fellow’s either a Midularite or got RSS so deep up his arse their flashlights beam out of his mouth when he speaks.

Ah well, “diplomatic language” or not, good to see some headway between the nations. That conflict is about as pointless as they come.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the “Caldari-Minmatar conflict” largely due to the CEMWPA and overwhelmingly handled by us capsuleers? I mean, I don’t remember actually hearing about respective navies coming to blows, ever.

And yes of course the alliance with the Gallente is another reason for this conflict, but as stated above, this conflict seems fairly nonexistent as baseliners go.


Eh, I’ve fought Caldari Navy within our borders. They operate alongside the Empire slavers.

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Ms. Funk, are you laying claims on Makoto Priano’s laurels by making statements like these?

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Minmatars started conflict with the whole cluster when they have attacked CONCORD Yulai HQ. And of course all civilized factions (including Caldari State) are at war now with Minmatars.

But really, gallente and minmatar reasons for agressions are quite similar and alogically repulsive. Gallene are fighting against us because they don’t like that we don’t accept their democracy. Minmatars have attacked Empire just because Empire has slavery that some minmatars don’t like. That makes Minmatars and Gallentes into bullies of our cluster. It shouldn’t be surprising that we unite our forces with other civilized and honorable nation - Amarr Empire, just to fight together against this blight of space bullies.

Madam Kim, your hypocrisy knows no limits. I remind you that the Shiigeru also fired on CONCORD, General Odo Korachi himself no less, and destroyed his vessel before the eyes of many among the Federation and State. Are we to assume that the Caldari also started a conflict with the entire cluster under similar circumstances? I await eagerly seeing your mental gymnastics in this explanation.


Maybe drones at last completed the hives, wonder if they feel so strong that the swarms can at last go hunting for prey among capsuleers and their structures. :thinking:


There is a holy war being waged between different factions of the rogue drones. They are as fanatical about their interpretations of their holy texts as any human zealot.

I categorically deny having any hand in that state of affairs.


That’s not hypocrisy, Nomistrav, that’s your stupidity and ignorance. Because Shiigeru opened fire after CONCORD vessel intervened into a military operation and refused to leave the area after direct order.

Minmatars instead attacked themselves Yulai headquarters with a planned operations against CONCORD.

If you want to destroy your reputation with such claims, that’s not my problem. But I will not let fools like you to use your ignorance to attack honor and good name of Caldari Officers and Caldari State as a whole.

Diana Kim, Strike Commander,
State Protectorate, CMC,
Caldari State

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