Minmatar/Caldari: Relations

I sent a super secret spy into Caldari space.
The vast differences betwixt office sociology is KILLER!!
For these lost souls the Caldari State and the Minmatar Republic is at odds.
I will divulge sensitive specs for your war fleet.

This transmission is to solidify the Caldari in ally with the Intaki’s defeat of Gallente drone supremacy.

You would be wise to pay homage to my clans of chieftains once this special information is digested.

Rushing into battle has been your typical strategy to engage the Sin and the Dominix.

Use your torps on the drone hive.

Use your cruise missiles on the domi.

Whatever else you got is ok too.

Torps have splash damage.

Once you are finished destroying drone report to allies channels immediately.

The pirate codes have to be updated.



I’m sure the Caldari will appreciate this “sensitive” data, top secret until now.

Please, oh please stop revealing how to stop Gallente drones and Dominix to the Caldari! Really, I mean it.


It is too late.

The GFA.

A faux arm of law in the Alparena super secret supply rooms.

Are pirates. The Gallente Federation is obviously in a state of Anarchy to let those cow boys just fume about in the bowels of a space port.

They emerge drones in some cases.

A clear sign of moral decay and social degradation.

Whilst here…

In Faction Warfare. The Ushra’Khan juggles Metriculation, tribal policy, (systematic reverence for ancestry to terraform planets) and tolerance.

Seemingly ancient mentalities to piracy and anarchy.


I’ve seen this before, Ottoms been drinking antifreeze. I can see the signs from a mile away.



/me nods head while backing slowly out of the room eyes leveled on Ottom.


I for one hope for better relations between the Caldari and Matari. I see common issues that we could easily address via improved diplomatic relations.


The similarities are overrated.


So long as it does not lead to more of those, “Calmatar”. Maker, sounds like one of those cheap “authentic” fusion menus – not sure why someone would want to identify as such.

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Hey, Cal-Matari fusion cuisine is tasty, even if it’s invented out of whole cloth by some enterprising chefs. It might actually be better for it.

(Although, fair point; let’s not strive to be value meals.)


Oh ya, blending the two is a bad thing, I just dont believe we really have all that much of a reason to be in each others gun sights aside from the one obvious one.


Shite, Minmatar cuisine is about as varied as clans. Good luck trying to make anything ‘authentic’ about that fusion.


It’s an export cuisine for foreigners that glosses over traditional Caldari foods because they might think it’s gross. What’s gross about panko crumbed squid eyeballs, deep fried? There’s nothing more tasty than that initial crunch with that gooey centre. Or starting your mornings with some shortbread and fish that has been marinating in its own juices in an ice larder for nine months for that proper kick to the day.

I wouldn’t take it personally, it’s not like Caldari also put each other in mutual gun sights from time to time. A little bit of bloodletting is good for the soul. Sometimes you need the cull.


That is true but to me of any of the groups out there we probably have the least reason. It does by and large seem like a waste honestly.


Why do you need a reason to fight? Have you looked at State society? Do you think gambling and gladiatorial gaming are the most popular forms of entertainment, just because? To be Caldari, is to be primed for war and conflict and gambling, gladiatorial combat, they feed into that – the notions of risk, of deception, of violent confrontation, to win by playing the game better than your opponent, they all feed into and are fed by a culture that sees force and war as the only means to survival.

I don’t know what games children play elsewhere but personally, for me, my toys consisted of field stripping rifles and my games things like play fighting to take a building – remember to check your corners boys and girls – under adult supervision. I got pretty good at it, liked most should, at least if you don’t want to get thrown into the kicking circle of your peers to have boots applied to your body for failure.

What it all leads to is a Caldari society that in terms of worldview really isn’t all to dissimilar to being a capsuleer. You have your own friends, the people you rely on, and then there’s every one else who is a jerk trying to take your stuff so you go ahead and be a jerk right back.

Which is pretty much the State. There’s your corporation and family, and then there’s the jerks in the other corporations to fight against, it’s just that they are less jerks than everyone else like the Amarr, Gallente or Minmatar.

So yeah, I guess there doesn’t have to be much more reason to fight anyone beyond the fact that they are not Caldari.


When I was about 12 I was trained to increase my reflexes by getting shot by railgun rounds then getting revived by nanite injectors (keep in mind the current ones have serious side effects) until I could dodge them and I considered that as a game.

Getting shot by railguns without shields and thick enough armour will leave you with absolutely nothing left to revive from. Nobody but someone in Duster-grade gear is going to survive getting pulped by a railgun.

You are also not going to dodge a railgun fire and have to rely on throwing off the shooter’s aim. Staying still while the shooter is aiming that railgun is going to spell instantaneous death for anyone who isn’t in Duster-grade gear, and even the Duster will be at death’s door, if lucky. If you know someone is going to shoot you with a railgun, you take cover behind a thick enough wall of titanium diborite or equivalent or you run around erratically in hopes of throwing their aim.

You do not want them to miss with grazing shots. The sudden heat change will vaporise you. You want them to miss entirely.

I think you are bullshitting.


They were small arms sized for baseliners the round wasn’t even half as fast as a sniper rifle or bolt pistol round. I wasn’t standing still and I had the bare minimum of tools at my disposal to dodge it

… uh … a rail flechette’s teeny-tiny to start with and is way faster than a conventional sniper or bolt pistol round. It’s also extremely destructive. Maybe you’ve got it confused with something else?

Either way, sir, respectfully, I don’t think you or Veik had a “typical” upbringing. For any nation.


Railgun projectiles travel at percentages of speed of light (relativistic speed).

You are thinking Gauss rifles. The Caldari field these as standard small arms. Still powerful enough to defeat light cover and standard reinforced ceramic-composite nanoweave body armour that is everywhere these days.


Ah I haven’t used that method of training in so long I mixed up the terms. Nowadays I focus on evading projectiles from multiple angles.Speaking of, do you have any recommendations for a weapon that would help me train most effectively?