Cult of Caldari

Try as I might I am unable to let this pass without answer.

Please, describe the mechanism by which such compromise occurs.

I’m curious to see how you seek to curb my inquiries and access to information on a topic chiefly of concern to the Federation.

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I can not describe the mechanism by which Remilia manages to redpill everyone she talks to. I can only point to it’s effects, such as Diana Kim openly defending her, and Remilia herself stating that her logic has met with “wide acceptance” amongst Caldari capsuleers. I have no intention of speaking to her to find out, as I do not desire to be compromised. I can only advise you to uphold the same degree of caution.

The Federation is already vastly pre-occupied with celebrating their own degeneracy lately.
Little of the simple minded citizens, dulled by a constant stream of propaganda media know about the atrocities and corruption of their beloved nanny state.

Thus your inquiries and with that concern of the Federation cannot be that great.

It’s called “being right.” Those that are willing to hold a civil conversation with me see that. If you must depend on ignorance to hate me, then perhaps I am not that worth hating, don’t you think?

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Anyone who takes up arms against their own people is worth hating.

Which I have not done. You know I have not done that, we have talked about it before.

Did you forget that?

Our Order promotes self-discipline and stands against the poisonous vices of the Serpentice that have victimised the portion of the Federation you speak of. Your slurs miss the mark by a wide margin.

Access to information shall be unabridged while Triglavians made Ostriches a rare bird.

Oh, gods and spirits.

Ms. Tereven, there’s nothing magical about Malitia-hnolku. She’s just got a reasonable level of charm and the wit to use it-- and, importantly for diplomatic dealings with Ms. Kim, she maintains a lot of spite for traditional enemies of the Caldari (read: the Gallente).

She’s a propagandist, and she argues from a perspective Caldari tend to be vulnerable to. That said, I suspect her influence is … a bit exaggerated, actually. For example,

That’s not the pattern that tends to emerge with people whose logic has actually met with “wide acceptance.” Such a person normally wouldn’t have to say so.

If someone shows you who they are (by gleefully staging mass executions, for example), believe them.

If they tell you who they are, well, you can maybe take it under advisement?


Fair enough. Still not touching that with a 300km targeting range.

She didn’t stage anything. Those executions were quite real, I assure you. Heh.

Casting blame on Remilia Malitia is so petty and pointless. It says more about the fragility of your own beliefs that you regard her as some master charlatan. Has it never occurred to you that she might simply be right about everything?

The prospect must frighten you terribly. Because rather than admit it as even a possibility, you shift the whole conversation to feigned outrage at the manner in which she performed an assigned task. What a pathetic farce of misdirection. I ordered each and every convict’s death. Just like I ordered Ms. Malitia to document the executions by means of incontrovertible video evidence.

You know how the saying goes, don’t you? That journalism is merely the first draft of history? Well, I believe in archiving facts in real time. The first dispensation of kybernaut justice for crimes committed by capsuleer terrorists and their terrorist crew deserved preservation. Not for an age, but for all time.

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“Stage” as in to orchestrate or carry out. I’d find the notion that she might have faked it all kinda encouraging actually, but sadly I don’t really harbor such a suspicion.

Uh what?

No, no it has not. Like your own, her performance is long on “trying to appear to be” and short on “being.” She reaches for an illusionist’s toolkit too fast for me to take the idea that she doesn’t need it very seriously.

I do like her approach better, though: its first line of attack depends on being nice to people. Even if that’s a mask it’s at least pleasant to deal with.

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To oppose the Federation is not a question of spite, it is only reasonable. I know things must be just peachy among the ranks of your libertine cult, Ms. Jenneth, but I am someone that actually comes face to face with the consequences of the Federation’s evil on a regular basis, something that has even been recorded in these very forums in the past.

Spite? This is not spite. This is justice.

If I am perfectly honest, I don’t quite recall having made such a statement. It’s not incorrect, by any means, as the growing pile of presents in the aftermath of that video’s leak seems to indicate (by the way, to any whom it might concern, more chocolate, less alcohol. I am not an avid drinker and I already have too much!).
But also, wounded as I am by the unsubstantiated claim that I am a liar, it hardly matters in all this. I invite anyone that can maintain a level of civility to talk, should I be caught speaking falsehoods, they can simply point them out and reject my points. What trickery is there in that?

May I ask what exactly the illusion is, from your point of view?

As I have seen, in some details Ms. Malitia’s point of view reflects Caldari ideals quite precisely. In other things, I cannot agree with her.
Denying the truth just because it comes from mouth of your enemies is not merited.

I could recommend you to practise Kutuoto Miru. It will allow you to see the reality as it is, disregarding words of friends or enemies, disregarding the propaganda, would it be friendly or hostile. If you can see things as they are disregarding other people words, you will never be “compromised”.

I am using this approach myself and I recommend it to everyone else.

For those who don’t know what Kutuoto Miru is, and for the topic starter herself (@Snowflake_Tem ) our cult - the Cult o Caldari, can be represented the best as cult of the impassionate reality.


Well … for now I think the single most constant theme goes something like this:

“I’m not a traitor. No matter how it looks, I’m really not a traitor.”

Other than Ms. Kim (whose devotion to the defeat and destruction of the Federation is perhaps literally unmatched) I wonder who it is you’re really trying to fool.

I’m sure you know how many systems the State lost to your new masters. I’m equally sure you don’t know how many people, because none of us knows that. The actual number is probably classified at some level or other. Losses were heavy, heavy enough to prompt a rethink of heavy ship design to keep them sustainable. And nowhere were they heavier than in the State.

You know all of this. So does the entire State. And yet you want us to believe your new allegiance is somehow compatible with your old one. It’s a hilarious thing to want, but I guess you’re game to try. Maybe that’s your only option, because you can’t look in the mirror and see that.

Maybe you never wanted it. Maybe you never meant for it to go this far. Maybe you never had any actual intention of becoming what we were all taught was the absolute worst thing any of us could ever be, the thing we should reject even at the cost of our own lives, our own families’ lives.

In a way, I can relate.

I myself am definitely and for sure the worst thing an Achur can be short of a traitor. I’m a kinslayer. I murdered my grandfather. There were reasons, and I don’t remember it-- and I always say that after I bring it up, as though it were a shield. And it’s true, I don’t. But it’s also true that I did it. It’s why I can never go home again.

If I were a braver person, or more dedicated to some ideal of justice, maybe I would go home anyway, submit myself to those I wronged, and let what was going to happen, happen. But I’m not quite so brave or just as to do such a thing. And so I remain, in exile and disgrace.

That’s to my shame. But I have a path to follow still and I’m not ready to end it for sins I don’t remember committing.

To look on truth, unflinching: that is the way of my family, of my sect, of the old monk I murdered. I can’t change my past, but I don’t wish my life to be only the stain on the world’s tapestry my predecessor left.

You’re a traitor, Remilia Malitia. Your ancestors weep. They turn their backs.

But your story isn’t over yet, either.

What else might you become?

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Hardly. I have a nodding respect for you individually but your people as a collective are deceitful by nature. Instigation of Secret colonies, invention of cloaking technology and who knows what else.

Your compatriots instinct to subvert access to information is what initiated this line of inquiry and is the same instinct that lead to the need for the formation of the Federal Intelligence Office that you so frequently slander.

To my knowledge, no attempt has been made to bring evidence to a District Court on any of your allegations. If it had the Supreme Court would be obliged to take action. That is the truth.

Passionate belief in falsehood lead by a charismatic champion for the cause is what makes a cult dangerous.

That’s not a deceitful. If we don’t like others to see what we’re doing, there’s no deceit in it. We prefer to keep from praying eyes, we dress up to cover every bit of our skin, and so on, and so on.

Besides, that’s way better than invention of rogue drones that just murder every one, who achieve a total freedom to do whatever they like, not limiting herself from genocide and just treating sentient life forms as a source of component materials.

As we say, the information shall be available only on a need to know basis. If you don’t have access to it, it means you don’t need it.

Moreover, claiming that I would slander anyone, is a slander itself and attack on my Honor.
As a State Officer, I am not allowed to lie about anything or anyone.
And for publically insulting my Honor, I publically challenge you to a duel of Honor, you can pick any weapon you want (or ship size, if you prefer to fight in a capsule).
If you’re less Honorable person, but still prefer to stick to ideals of Justice, I invite you to the tribunal, where you will answer for your slander in front of the court of a jury and will pay for your deeds in full accordance with principles of Law, Justice and Fairness.

By the deeds of its Navy, the whole Federation is a criminal organization. I see no merit in bringing anything to Federal courts. When we capture those Federals whom we find suspected in warcrimes, we send immediately to tribunals of Navy officers, who make verdicts in a swift and professional manner.

So far whomever I have captured as a suspect had never recieved an acquittal. And that’s the truth.

Which we, as Caldari, don’t do.

Your honour is as precious as mine. I accept this challenge on behalf of our Order, for whom I speak.

If you are keen to expend ships and resources Geana Tem our First Agent will accommodate you.

Personally I would wish to step out of the arena of words and into a ring of combat. I am aware of your martial arts training and want to test your soul with ours. Be notified that my sensory implants are not for decoration.

Perhaps further details should be arranged privately.

Request accepted. Please send your details to my NeoCom mail.

There’s no deceit in this and everyone that has heard me through has agreed. Not a single person I have explained myself fully to has not agreed with me in the end. If you wish to attempt to be the outlier, you are always welcome to try.

My goal is noble and my path moving forwards crystal clear. Do not mistake me for some reactionary idiot tumbling through their life in complete confusion, trying to make some sense of things. My allegiance to the State is unchallenged, all variables are accounted for and a plethora of contingencies are in place for them all. Everything is proceeding without incident, you will eventually come to see the conclusion.

Accusations of treason mean little from a self-admitted disgraceful coward, doubly so one that later behaves as you do and fraternizes with who you do. To speak for the ancestors in your wretched state is an insult in and of itself, if you’d like to truthfully understand their intentions and their favor, perhaps you should strive to regain that lost honor and join them expeditiously.

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your people as a collective are deceitful by nature

Your compatriots instinct to subvert access to information

If you want so…

Say, please, you’re a Jin-Mei, right? Those Jin-Mei who have hard caste system where person have little hope for going above place their parents are from, who by strange accident always elect Sang Do as their rulers - and yet pretend to be good proper feds. Do I remember correctly?
And if yes then don’t you think that this all quite contradict ideals of Federation? Don’t you think that Jin-Mei… deceive Gallente?

My point is. Before saying how bad and deceitful are we, Caldari, by out very nature maybe you should look into your own nature first and clean up your own house?