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So, because you suggested it…

I’m curious. You have said in the past that the Caldari involvement in the militia warfare is because the Federation attacked the State, and continue to attack the State. Now you say that all Caldari ‘grab weapons to protect the State when [it is] attacked’.

How do you explain that not all Caldari are fighting in the CEWPA war, or that not all Caldari even have weapons?

  1. Not all Caldari have finished the training required for efficient operation and continue their training to join the war.
  2. Physically or mentally unfit for combat action Caldari take different supporting positions. The State still needs ships, logistics, food, and so on.
  3. And finally, not all “Caldari” are so Caldari as they claim.
  1. Fair enough.

  2. The number of Caldari involved in non-combat (ie: support) positions greatly exceeds the number of Caldari who occupy combat-duty positions. Are you saying the majority of Caldari are physically or mentally unfit?

  3. Do you have any guidelines for determining whether or not someone is properly Caldari?


Caldari are just a flag. Most of Caldari people don’t have patriotism like a gallente or minmatar would

@Diana_Kim, @Pieter_Tuulinen, @Makoto_Priano, @TomHorn any comment on that?


Insofar as Mr. Parzival’s comment is concerned, I would contend that, like any people, patriotism exists in the Caldari. It ranges, as ever, from quiet pride to fiery proclamations of superiority to xenophobic extremes.

Insofar as the rest is concerned, well, I shall refrain from comment. The viewers here are familiar with my take on these things, I hope, and I’ve been advised to stop goading some parties.


I don’t think you are aware about state of affairs in Caldari State. Do you know, for example, that every citizen of the State is obliged for three years of military service?

Our War Academy is the most prestigious educational facility, that puts rather high demands for students physical and intellectual strength. I don’t know what tales tribals tell about Caldari, but we aren’t all “cloned tube children”, we are humans and no human was born equal to another. And then you can draw a plank of standards, that will divide society to those, who are fit, and those, who are not.

As for majority - I think your claims are far fetched and have no basis except wind in your head. To make conclusions like that you need to provide exact data - and I don’t see that.

That is not foreigner’s business.

Are you saying that at any given moment, more Caldari citizens are employed in combat positions than are employed in non-combatant positions?


I am not saying that, learn to read what I am saying, since you so far haven’t guessed right, and I was pretty much clear with my statements.

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This circular exercise in cherrypicking almost seems to be deliberately dancing around the fact that Diana Kim differentiates between Caldari (by census) and Caldari that embody the Caldari ideal — the “quintessential Caldari”. Different points on a spectrum of perceived Caldari-ness. It is the latter that Kim expects to see on the battlefield, guns at the ready in defense of the State.

It’s also ridiculous to question why the majority of Caldari are not participating in a war that is being fought primarily by capsuleer militias. It is simply not their stage.


There is more to the war than just capsuleers.

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But of course. But when we’re talking about why the entire Caldari population of the State hasn’t mobilized in response to Federation aggression, you cannot possibly tell me that the establishment of capsuleer militias as the “face” of each front doesn’t have something to do with it.


There is also a difference between total war, and all the various gradations between that and this. Consider, for instance, that the State maintains open borders and active trade with both the Federation and Republic.


“Total war”, and what do we have now? War on monday, tea with enemy on tuesday?

Total war envisions the complete mobilization of all resources for the war effort, with the objective of complete and utter defeat of the enemy. In reality, war very rarely achieves this degree of totality. The early days of the secession were a total war environment, though our objective was primarily a defensive or negative objective, formally speaking.

We could get into a protracted discussion about forms of war, objectives, and so on, but it all gets into fairly abstract strategic theory. For instance, the defense is considered intrinsically stronger because it seeks merely to not lose. However, we know that the surrender of initiative often renders defense weaker, but, again, it’s one of those ‘philosophy of warfare’ things that only really matters after the fact.

In any case, the CEWPA warzone is, by its very structure, a highly limited and formalized form of warfare, as is made clear by the fact that the State continues to engage in trade with both the Federation and Republic.

Ergo, not total war.


Well, for those, who still keep their heads in the sand, I’ll remind that during the first days of the War there was the enormous expenditure of resources exactly for that purpose. All installation was guarded by huge fleets - and as a result one of the megacorporations (who was primarily responsible for CPD and Protectorate funding) was on a verge of bankruptcy.

That was a huge mistake. One of the way of winning a long war (and this war won’t end as fast as Executor Heth’s Liberation of Caldari Prime), is to build stronger economy than the enemy and build more ships and better ships, while killing theirs.

The size of our army and our fleet is enormous, and it is perfectly valid to mobilize everything to liberate a planet, which Tibus Heth did, and executed perfectly - it is probably the best executed military operation and the war in the whole history of our cluster.

But the size of the whole Federation is mindboggling. We can’t swarm it with our ships. If we do what your consider “total war”, we leave our flanks naked, we don’t have ship production - but we can’t stop Federation production fast enough. We will be winning over them all over the place. But we won’t be winning fast enough, either they will start destroying our homes left without protection, or they defend their own, and eventually we run out of ships while they will be replacing theirs. Thus your definition of total war equates to the definition of total defeat.

We actually have now about same state of affairs like during the days of that war. We have again gallenteans occupying our homeworld, and we again fight for border systems, just the position of that border shifted to new regions. That war lasted for dozens of years with systems changing ownership like now. The only difference is that we now have bigger toys and CONCORD which prevents us from getting even more bigger toys.

Precisely why the CEWPA war is a highly limited and formalized war, nevermind that the State’s war aims have always essentially been the reclamation of Caldari Prime.

Complete defeat of the Federation isn’t an objective, or even part of the strategic discussion.

  1. The State isn’t at total war.

  2. Why did you make this thread @Arrendis and do you feel bad? Because you should.

Refreshments are probably served at conferences etc, such as the Caldari-Minmatar border security summit held late last year(Which was in Hek and was attended by Caldari military personnel). So not only do we have tea with them, we go to their systems to do so.

But right. Total war.

Edit: They probably also served sandwiches. Likely cut into triangles. Maybe other drinks too, not just tea. Coffee, Starsi, Quafe, etc.


Another history lesson for you.
Caldari Prime was liberated already when Gallentes started invasion in Black Rise. State Executor and Gallente President have signed a treaty of 10 June YC110 that Caldari Prime becomes Caldari State territory. CEWPA conflict started already after that fact - and we had little interest to keep the conflict.

As for the reasons our HQ has agreed to sign it, that is not your business. In any way, your assumption was false, just like most of your assumptions about us. Don’t make me bringing examples of that again, you can’t imagine how much I want to do that now.

Just recently you’ve tuned in just to show your incompetence in Napanii language, and now you are doing that again with military theory?
Great. Keep your hands out of Caldari discussions.
Thanks in advance.