We are Caldari!

I retired from capsuleer life eight years ago in the wake of corporate theft, character assassination and betrayal by some of my most trusted friends. I allowed myself to be beaten and for these past years I have sat in obscurity and wallowed in my own misery but my heart stirs once again with passion as I look at the galaxy around me.

It is with a burdened heart that I make a return to this intergalactic forum; pained by the struggling and shattered ghost of a State once proud and powerful.

What has become of us? We are a people that rose from the ashes of an occupied homeworld and a flight into the reaches of space to rebuild! We are a people tested by the tempests of Storm Wind, tried by the chilling fury of Cold Wind and strengthened by the might and wisdom of our ancestors! Where are you, patriots and pioneers of this great State? What shadow looms over us now that we are content to let the glory of the Maker fade into obscurity?

We have endured great loss and great difficulty, we have seen ourselves diminished and reel from the wounds that have been dealt to us but we are not broken! We are not defeated and we will not go quietly.

Now is the time to rise up for your family, your people and your State!

Our borders are beset by enemies old and new but they are not beyond our reckoning, they are not greater than we are!

I know not what I alone can do to aid the State and its people but I know that I will do all that I can. I urge my fellow capsuleers to donate materials, materiel, time and energy to strengthening our borders, repairing our infrastructure and restoring our place within New Eden.

Let us remind our enemies that we are Caldari and we will not be silenced.


Welcome back to space, pilot.

Sorry we could not do more.


The Caldari people are a defeated people. A broken people. A people without hope.

There remains one chance for the Caldari people: Join the Amarr Empire. Voluntarily join the Reclaiming, like the Khanid before you — like the Khanid who by the grace of God did not lose a single system to the Triglavians. Worship the Maker as God — the Amarr God — a God who has ordained not meritocracy but feudalism and slavery as the one true order. Join the Amarr Empire and together we will enslave all the Minmatar and rebuild the State with their unrequited toil.

Or — you may choose to remain without God and wither to nothing. The will of God will be done in his own time, regardless. Amen. Amarr Victor.

We do not accept defeat nor bend our knee quite so easily as you seem to believe; nor would even the lowest of the Caldari with the spirit of our people be persuaded by the narcissistic ravings of a groveling, delusional, sycophantic madman whose own people want no association with him.


While the Cadari and Amarr have an interesting relationship. The enemy of my enemy are my friends in the end. Nauplius doesn’t see the worth of us. he is not representative of the Amarr empire. The Amico Mafia will always support our friendship with the Amarr till our end.

Let us know that our real enemys are the Gallente and the Minmatar not eachother


I was gonna come in and say that I wish the Caldari people well, even if I’m no fan of the State. No offense, all four Empires irritate me. Starting to feel a tad unwelcome, though.
Still, I am always a friend of the people, and civil with their leaders as much as possible.


all races should join the Amarr Empire, because the Amarr God said so.

edit: except for those heretics, Amarr stops heresy.

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Your service in the name of EDENCOM is apolitical and earns you a place of honor regardless of the words of a few stragglers. You are not unwelcome.


…I don’t think I can live like a Caldari.
…But maybe I can die like one.

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Expected OP to be Diana Kim …
… and now I’m left with feelings of anticipation.

Demmit you beat me to it :smiley:

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Rana! Always happy to see you! :slight_smile:

I’m sorry I came first.
Can we try that again? :blush:

Here, fighting the war, standing on the frontlines of the State, protecting our way of life from all sort of invaders, would they be Triglavian, Gallente, Gurista, and so on.

Where are you, on the other hand?

Some people might say that I myself often speak loud words, but where my words are, there are my guns, and for sure you can witness that my guns are way louder than my words.

I do remember your name, however, and even that we had some disputes - which, luckily, I do not remember, and I would gladly offer my hand to you first. If you wish to cooperate in the interests of the State, I’d be honored to invite you for a cup of tea.

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I believe it is safe to say we are both passionate people with vested interests in the success of the State and the prosperity of its people. We have disagreed over the finer details of how to accomplish that but neither of us has ever questioned the other’s honor or devotion to the State. We have also fought side-by-side more than once in defense of the State.

As I stated originally, I’ve been retirement for several years but my actions prior to my retirement are a matter of public record and I have never once shirked away from matching my words with my actions.

Presently I have been studying the recent events that have transpired and coordinating with others on acquiring tactical information and learning from their experience. We will undoubtedly see each other in the field once again soon.

Tea would be welcome.


On a related note, I’ve been mulling over engagement profiles based on missile-specialized Caldari hulls. It’s still in a preliminary state, but I’ll likely have some possible fitting and fleet composition options for your consideration soon.

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Thank you. I have done the same and would be interested in comparing notes when next we speak.

How dare you!
We never surrender and never give up!
We aren’t minmatars who submit to slavery!
Even if our Home was stolen to us, we came back and took it!
Even if now occupants took parts of Home again, if some invaders took our systems, do you think we simply LET THEM BE?

We are Caldari. We always return for what is ours and take it back with interest.

Glory to the State!

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Put up a better fight next this time eh? It’s a waste of our time, and no fun when you don’t fight back.

And this is how Achuran half-breeds make the State look bad. With people like you representing us, it’s no wonder we lost so many systems to the Kybers.

As opposed to everyone else who simply didn’t care enough to show the hell up?
There were a number of factors that led to the loss of Caldari systems. Baseliner naval leadership employing daft methods of ECM use, failing to use the proper tool for the job, leaving a glaring vulnerability uncorrected…
But there’s one more factor. Local capsuleers did not show up in the numbers we needed.
Where. The ■■■■. Were you.