Caldari offensive on Fliet

Fliet is in fire. Fliet is under fire.

In a bloody struggle the glorious armies of the Caldari military is fighting to crush one of the last bastions of the Gallente foothold in lowsec in order to finally secure peace and security. This final effort major Caldari corporations have transported 14b worth of equipment, ships and armament to systems surrounding Fliet in order to prepare for a long and hard fight against Gallente and their affiliates.

The Caldari Military High Command has allocated its senior FC staff and veteran pilots to the Fliet area to capture, hold and defend key strategic locations within and around Fliet.

Caldari military veteran and senior commanding officer Solarus has been assigned with the task to rally and lead ongoing assaults on the system, while supporting FCs launch attacks on the surrounding system on Fliet.

On other front, the Caldari Protectorate of Viriette has been formed to secure borderlands of the empire, while new and veteran members of Militia help to safeguard the progress in an ongoing effort.

For the State! For an united Caldari!

Lambda Thyl
Commander of the Caldari Protectorate of Viriette


This implies a level of system and constellation control by State Protectorate that is beyond the current allowances of the Militia War Powers Act.

And considering the recent confirmation of your scouting forces in Intaki being destroyed before they even reached the surface of Intaki Prime, I’m even less inclined to believe it.


Except for, you know, half of the Josmaert constellation, all of Aeman, Alselbosier, Braille, Elerelle, Mallugier, Mobrault, Ganoure, and Woenckee, most of Marele and Nadire, chunks of Balrille, the Gallente Border Zone, Peccanouette, Spaen, and Thoulde, as well as isolated individual systems…

Is 14b supposed to represent a large amount, or are we talking like, two of my cruisers?

So this means literally any combat losses, losses of systems, significant thefts and other major criminal activity in the constellation is your responsibility, personally?


2 of my cruisers

This is a lot more typical of what I fly, and doesn’t include the value of my head, which is, after all, part of the fit. But then, there’s a reason so few of these have died.

The Caldari continue to throw money at their problems. We Gallente know that raw cash is no substitute in a war effort for training programs, recruitment efforts and strategic planning.

But, if the Caldari need to learn that lesson again, we are happy to continue teaching them how wars are won.


And genocide, don’t forget genocide.

Be it cities full of civilians or a station meant to hold a peace summit.

Oh yeah and raw cash or did you forget the federation has one of the most expensive militaries in the cluster. And that’s to say nothing for your wonderful domestic spying to keep all the good little fed boys and girls in line based safely beneath one of your largest cities to ensure anyone would have to go through a human meat shield to even attempt threatening your power. Hell the amarr treat the minmatar better than you treat your own citizens.

I have to say that based on my experience yesterday, the most potent resource you Gallente possess is not training programs, recruitment efforts, or strategic planning - but rather, the coattails of actually competent pirates on whom you rely to win your battles for you.

In the context of “teaching others how wars are won”, we Amarr are fast learners. If your lesson for winning wars is that the victor needs not cultivate independence or skill, but instead needs to simply be bailed out by pirates outnumbering the foe 4:1, we will happily endeavor to adopt your strategy the next time around.


Congratulations to all involved with the success of the campaign.

You just gotta move your BLOPs up. Gallente will feed to the Legions just like Minmatar do. :slight_smile:

This aged well.

And, in time this will age ‘well’ as well. The warzones will flip, and the pendulum will swing, as it always does. While I do respect the effort and energy that went into the complex sieges, I’m under no illusions of how passing and ephemeral this victory, as all ‘warzone’ victories are.


This being what? Mocking the fool assertion that the Caldari presently lack the training, recruitment and planning to prosecute a war?

I don’t forsee any possible change in circumstances that would render such well deserved scorn ridiculous.



Sure is exciting watching the clock.


Such things could easily be said about nullsec wars. A changing of hands, a shift in management, and large expenditure of resources. Then business as usual.

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

I never thought will say this… but the only worthy opponent current only the Gallente side is Norman and co. in Viriette region.

And pirates…

Aideron is only a shadow, while Joebane uses galmil to get views to its stream (aka profits from you guys). :money_mouth_face:

I’m sure Circle-of-Two, FCON, Spacemonkey’s Alliance, and Requiem Eternal are enjoying business as usual, then.

They have structures? Yes yes yes.