I want to see the Caldari Navy do better

Text has a funny way of portraying one’s tone and attitude. So lemme just express that I’m by no means here to poke fun, laugh and make fun of the Caldari Navy.

I want to see the Caldari Navy to do better. I feel as if the Navy CAN do better.

I was at Konola - I wasn’t a first responder that dedicated half an entire day to fighting on the frontline - but I did play a small role in the defence. I was at Arshat first, per request of my friend Kranacoi. I was in the neighborhood and got a drake and made my way out there. This was about an hour or so before the system collapsed to first liminality, I stayed and fought till evac call was given then deployed to Konola with the fleet.

Arriving on scene the fleet was starting to get organized and Kran asked for someone to take over as commander of the Site wing. Without really thinking I said “Yeah, I’ll do it.” With no prior experience to show for it. Next thing I know, I’m given the job and have to learn how to get the ball rolling and start making some progress.

There were some fumbles, yes - Eventually I got the hang of communicating and giving out orders. Ship started sailing real smooth but… I couldn’t help but feel like I wasn’t doing something right, or I wasn’t going fast enough. Because no matter how ontop I tried to be on my task, we still couldn’t push up the EDENCOM influence rating in system… Kran was out there with a wing hunting down Triglavian patrols. Yet we kept seeing the influence go down and down…

Eventually I turn in after being exhausted with Arshat and commanding a EDI wing for the first time. And what do I see tomorrow? That Arshat was pulled from the depths… Hot damn! That is big! That’s a legit victory for EDENCOM! Yet, Konola fell to liminality…

… I ask myself, why wasn’t that ambition and drive used to pull Konola from liminality? I feel in my gut that the State kinda needs a break, just for once you know? Why couldn’t we have saved Konola…?

Why did i find myself back in Arshat, patrolling the system under calmer conditions, with EDENCOM having a foothold than ever before? I left this system in a state of collapse! Why is it suddenly almost an EDENCOM fortress? Why was Arshat saved? HOW was it saved?

Then I realized that these invasions are a team effort… Capsuleers aren’t the main forces of this war, we’re just the backup - the specialists coming in to help the actual main force that’s gonna win the battle - Capsuleers cannot repel the Triglavians without the Navy acting as a backbone to hold ground and allow us Capsuleers to go on the offensive and try and push them back. Not to mention needing to counter act the Kybernuat support.

EDENCOM Capsuleers need to know and have comfort that the Navy can handle the pressure and allow Capsuleers to make that push back, to suppress the Collective’s advance.

So what is my point? My point is that the Caldari Navy is at risk in losing the confidence of Capsuleers who are putting in shift after shift to be on the frontlines and push back Invaders. I’m thinking Arshat was worthy of being brought back up because the Amarr Navy is known by now to be competent at pulling it’s own weight when it comes time to defend their territory. EDI can take the risk at kicking around in a First Liminality system because they know the Amarr Navy is gonna make their efforts worth it. If Capsuleers start seeing Caldari space as a lost cause because the Navy isn’t living up to expectations? - You’re ■■■■■■ - The State is ■■■■■■. Your entire nation is free real estate at that point. Kybernuats will ensure the Trigs steamroll ANY system that is hit by them knowing Capsuleers won’t be there to balance the scales.

The Navy is failing to pull it’s weight. And Konola isn’t the only battle on Caldari turf I’ve been a part of. I may live up in Venal and have my own responsibilities up there, but I try to come down to Empire space and toss my gun in to push these ■■■■■■■ back. Everytime I fought in a Caldari system? It collapsed to Triglavian occupation. Then I start seeing systems I wasn’t apart of collapsing to the Trigs.

Why is this happening…? I don’t think this is funny, I. Am. Concerned. I legitimately want to know what’s going on with the Caldari Navy. You’d think that since I’m heavily associated with the Guirstas, I’d be gloating about the Navy’s failure.

Nah, I’m concerned and deeply troubled at the State’s lack of success. I rather have them than the Collective ruling over people. At least I KNOW what the State’ about and don’t have some vague understanding like I do with the Collective.

Citizens are starting to become pissed off at this effort by their Navy that they’ve all been led to believe is one of the most well disciplined and skilled military forces in New Eden - yet you continue to lose territory to a FOREIGN ENTITY that may very well ERADICATE YOUR CULTURE AND WAY OF LIFE IN FAVOR OF THEIRS.

Where is the Caldari Navy in the propaganda? I want to see THAT Caldari Navy right about now. That Navy I’m supposed to be afraid of because I’m Guristas filth. Where the ■■■■ is THAT Navy at?

You know, the hardest part is that it’s sorta hard for me to ask that the Navy gets stronger - Because every loss is weakening them. The resources and colonies are one thing, but every battle is taking away personnel and manpower, training is some expensive - in time more than anything, time the State just does not have to make sure they have an infinite supply of able body crewmen.

The bodycount of personnel is just the start, that’s gotta have it’s own toil on morale. All this effort in fighting for the nation the swore to protect and what do they have to show for it? Dog tags of their dead comrades and a new star for the Collective to suck dry? I’d be questioning my employment sometime soon…

Which brings me to the reality of what’s going to happen… The Caldari Navy’s continued failure is probably gonna lead to the greatest spike in recruitment for the Guristas - ever. I wouldn’t be surprised if they already noticed a spike of Navy defectors who lost faith in the government they thought was too strong to be conquered. They’ll bring their families along too - The Guristas can keep them safe…

I don’t think the Caldari Navy wants this… I don’t think any proud citizen of the State would want to abandon their homeland to be with the Guristas. However if the Navy continues to perform so poorly, they may have no other choice if they value their own, or their family’s life. Pride can wait.

I will continue to fight for systems the Caldari occupy so long as the opportunity emerges. As much as I will continue to watch the Navy’s progress and hope for some improvement. I however end this post with one question.

Can the people of the Caldari State trust that their Navy will safeguard their lives and prevent them from being evicted from their homes?


I have spent my entire career in service to The State.
And now I question my loyalty and my dedication.

Leadership has failed us. Many thousands of my brethren have been lost in a campaign that seems now to have been doomed to fail from the start.

I was there in Ichoriya. I saw the complete and utter failure of the Navy to do anything but die on the field of battle. And in every battle since my compatriates have died and bled for what seems to be a lost cause.

Anger. Frustration. Utter disappointment at the people who put together this poorly outfitted mistake of a fleet. We knew what we were facing, what we should have fitted our ships with, what tactics we ought to have used. We have superior technology and electronics, they are the hallmarks of Caldari spacecraft. And our leaders failed us.

Now I can only pay homage to the scores of brave men and women who gave their lives for nothing. And hope that the tyrannical invasion either ends soon, or somehow makes it’s way to other more defensable States. I will continue to fight, but I am becoming sick of the utter waste of life. I fear for the future of my State.



I would trust the Amarr, the Matari, and the Gallente and Guristas tied for the defence of the State, in that order. I will not even consider putting the Caldari Navy on that list, not when they still can’t kill for ■■■■. And while everyone is busy tearing each other apart for Niarja, they’d be wishing they haven’t relied so hard on capsuleers to carry them every battle. We already lost Tunudan, and we’re sure as hell going to lose Ahtila and every subsequent Caldari system while the Niarja battle drags on.


I fled Ichoriya shortly before its fall. This is part of why.


@Specia1_K @Erwin_Kroner @Yun-Hee_Tight-lips_Yubari

II have temendous respect for you three approaching this thread and tossing in your two kredits about the status of your nation’s navy and how now is no longer the time to think highly of the State’s military force and brutally criticize it - For it’s own good. As a sympathizer for the Guristas, my words may mean little to the Caldari, so it’s up to actual loyalists of the State to stand up and say "This is ■■■■■■■■!’ and ask for more.

And right now? The Navy needs to wake the ■■■■ up

Niarja has fallen

The Main trade lane between the Amarr Empire and Caldari State has been snipped.

Navy should be grateful this was up to the Amarr to handle…What happens if Kapputenen was invaded instead? Huh? What then? The fate of one of the most lucrative and well traveled trade routes be in the hands of the Caldari Navy to defend in it’s current form?

Kybernuats would’ve ate you people alive and SCREAMING… More casualties to add to the list and more letters to write home to the parents. More ships to replace that you’re losing the resources to even build with.

That State HAS to dig deep now, Loseing Niarja isn’t just losing their main route for trade, but also make it that much harder for EDENCOM pilots to rush to the State’s borders to defend it. And what happens when you lose the confidence and motivation of Capsuleers to come and push back Kybernaut efforts?

Who knows… Maybe the Guristas really will just have to bail out the State, for old times sake.Maybe a tab can be opened up to make it easier to pay for their help, who knows - I’m not in on how the organization runs.

Does The State want this? No? Then what’s the plan? What are they gonna do about the state of well…The State!

Wake up already! You’re about to lose everything!



No problem. I’m not sure I quite count as a loyalist. I’m just being blunt, that’s all. I’m probably on the lower part of Guristas’ ■■■■ list, but even I think any help from them (or anyone in general) is better than what we have now.

Niarja falling wasn’t too much of a surprise for me. The Kybernauts had their eyes on the system for a long time, and given the sociopathic nature of capsuleers in general, we’d jump at any chance for mayhem, no matter how vaguely-worded Zorya’s promises of glorification or invitation to Abyssal space is. Even then, it took a whole day and more, and none of which is the fault of the Amarr navy. Kaaputenen would have snapped in a blink, and its only saving grace would be its pink star…


I couldn’t agree more

I will acknowledge the Federation may be a more ‘legitimate’ partner to ask for help, but I’m sure they’re already occupied with protecting their own borders and are very unlikely to spare any additional manpower to the State unless the situation is absolutely critical.

The Guristas however I feel are in the perfect place right now to be the ally the State desperately need. An unlikely ally, i will admit - but a positional ally nonetheless.

For starters, the Caldari State and the Guristas are very cultural compatible (As much as the ‘Big 8’ try to deny it).

Guristas have already in the past stepped up to protect Caldari citizens early in the invasion saga, and have plenty of experience already fighting the Triglavians on their home turf extensively (Albeit most likely in the pursuit of technology).

Speaking of technology, the Guristas are proudly a technologically superior force to the Caldari Navy that have not shied away from taking full advantage of Gallente drone technology.

The Guristas are already entrenched in State territory ready to fight with combat ready ships and troops. And unfortunately this is the one point the State’s jackboot police forces took notice of and started to crack down on…

While corporate security forces have shown exceptional restraint in the face of worker protests, it has been reported there have been raids against underworld groups and clashes with alleged Templis Dragonaur cells, Guristas Pirate affiliates, and even gangs loyal to the Angel Cartel…

I cannot begin to describe my disappointment in this bit of news.

I’m a forgiving soul that fancies himself as a diplomat, so I’m personally willing to turn the other cheek in light of this. I will continue fighting in State territory and TRYING to make some god damn progress in safeguarding the State’s control over it’s systems.

Why? Because I feel like this is all just desperation on the State’s end. Desperate to get a hold on things, desperate to not let go of their pride for once in a time where pride and bravado will get them nowhere. Desperate to not face that fact that they may very well need the Guristas at this rate…

The Guristas may very well be the only hope the State has at this point, are the Guristas willing to help? honestly can’t speak for them - I do however see more gain in the State staying in power than seeing the Trigs take over. I’ma leave it at that.

I hope this little council of Mega Corp representatives actually makes a difference, I have my doubts, but if this is the change that needs to happen to get the Navy where it needs to be? Then So be it.

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Funny you’d think they’d help.

Their organized capsuleer Militia, including the politician at its head, has been regularly actively fighting for the Triglavians, looking for systems to push into Liminality, and regularly set up traps there with their usual uninspired, banal piracy.

I wouldn’t trust the Federation to even be willing to cross the warzone, with how poor a job that militia actually did defending its territory–ensuring that there are several systems with a Triglavian presence in the contested space along major routes, like Hikkoken and Reitsato. How can you trust the safety of your ships when your ‘militia’ is actively undermining it?

Still, can’t say I haven’t been anything but disappointed in the State. Ichoriya was a shitshow. It felt like the MIlitia was carrying the entire system on our backs, and hell, we had a major engagement to fight. When about 50 of us can do more than the goddamn Navy, somebody’s gotta get some tea brewing…

Well, it at least got me into a Hurricane more often, so that was nice.


You think the Cadari Navy would be the best because they Use ECM in their ships they have some of EVE’s best ECM ships and yet they aren’t doing great. Its honestly sad.

ECM are one of the trigs worst enemy’s really… they use spool weapons lol

My Mafia is really saddened to see the state of the Cadari Navy.


Except that ECM still leaves you open to being spooled up on by the ship you’re jamming. So when the Navy focuses fire… it achieves nothing.


Urhinichi is falling to The trigs, soon it will enter the stages of first liminality and effectively become a low-security system, ontop of that - The system has a blue star. Another celestial to be sucked dry by the Invaders.

For the Capsuleer EDENCOM Defense Initiative, I was the commanding officer that issued the Evac order and began pulling out EDI forces. I took total control of the Fleet after the previous commander, Aldrith Shutaq had to pass the reigns over, I stepped up and took command from 22% to Evac.

I made it my mission to keep that fleet running as long as EDENCOM had enough Influence in the system, I did this in hopes that it buy residents of the system time to evacuate. The system is home to a station belonging to the State War Academy, so not only did this system house residents, but future military leaders for the State. I kept the effort going for as long as we could, to buy enough time to get students, colonists or valuable assets out. Exact numbers? Couldn’t tell you.

The system is relatively close to Jita, which made it that much easier for Triglavians to equip themselves as much as it made it easier for us. Meanwhile, several times the fleet was harassed by Capsuleers in catalysts trying to gut some of the flashier and more expensive vessels… Few failed attempts, but a Rattlesnake and Macherial was killed.

Give that I am not officially a fleet commander for EDI and still unexperienced with the role, I will not be organizing a fleet right away to trying and bring back the system from first liminality. I have to leave that decision up to proper EDI commanders to make.

I like to thank all the pilots that flew under me today, and hope to be of use again in the future.


After 7 years with the Academy I have abandoned my post.
My warnings about the Triglavian menace went unheeded by leadership.
I have no confidence in them to defend our people or our way of life.

I pulled in some favors and attached myself to a State Protectorate unit.
They are unaware of my situation, but I will keep them safe until I can extract myself.
I do not know what awaits me. Will I become diaspora and have to flee my homeland?
One thing is certain: many billions of my countrymen will perish, and there is nothing else I can do to save them.


You know, the Guristas are always looking for competent pilots.

The thing is, if you don’t see hope in being able to protect the State itself, you can still carry on the culture and way of life with the Guristas. Don’t let the propaganda the State has fed you believe otherwise, Guristas and the Caldari aren’t that different culturally.

Venal is a stronghold for the Guristas that can serve as an oasis for some of your countrymen too if the Navy continues to flounder like this and lose territory to this foreign entity invading them

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I will… think on it.

Despite my many hostile encounters with the Guristas I have always found them oddly compatible with my skills and training. They might be considered the optimal of what I could aspire to achieve as a pilot and operative. Strangely I retain a positive standing with them, with a little diplomacy I might actually fit in.

I shall consider your offer fairly, Avio Yaken.


And so another system falls to the onslaught of the Triglavian forces. We fought, we were endlessly ganked over and over, and ultimately at 3% influence Avio was forced to cease our combat operations in order to sound the final evacuation. All civilians who wanted to leave the stoic Caldari station in system were given free passage to Caldari Prime on board my Rokh-class battleship, the T.I.V Fukushū. Jessyca’s Orca-class, the T.I.V Akashi received all the medical shuttles that made it out, and triaged who she could, and then we were gone again.

A State War Academy now stands surrounded by nothing but hostiles on all sides. And we do not know if we evacuated all the students in time. We don’t know how many lives will never be heard from again.

More homes lost, more pain forever rendered to millions more families across our beloved State.

There is silence over mine and Dr. Ravenholme’s comms as we both busy ourselves overly with details of our ship’s systems. She is as lost in in thought as I am, trailing behind me carrying the wounded who were fit enough to travel and those who will never travel again, to a Station that will probably have no idea what to do with most of them. But at least they’re alive. At least they do not sleep under a red sky and dying star tonight.

Now, as I make my way through the Stargates, the State itself taunts me with moments of pain from our past. Showing me, in it’s own way why, this failure is unacceptable. I jump through another gate and can’t help but to divert myself to the site of the Malkalen incident; where the path to a war of ego and pride began. To look at it now you wouldn’t even know a Supercarrier crashed into it.

We jump into New Caldari with our grim delivery while secret meetings behind closed doors install corporate lackeys into command of what was once the most technologically advanced and skilled navy in the four Empires. I should know, I was part of it once upon a time. And now, as I watch from the outside, I feel as though I am trying to fight the enemies of an Empire that wishes to cut its own throat instead. Like the pathetic traitors at Niarja, forces of greed weaken us from within when we should be showing only unity, only the power of the Caldari people’s collective will. Instead they think of themselves in the face of our People’s annihilation and defeat. Capsuleers and baseliners alike who abandon entire systems and planets full of people for personal gain; as if any of them ever mattered anyway. I can’t help but to hesitate outside the CEP bureau station to gaze through the sharp eyes of my camera drones and sensors at the planet behind it. I’ve never been big on snow, but it’s a fine enough planet.

I can all but feel Dr. Ravenholme’s impatience as she waits at the gate ahead, still a few more jumps to go, so I continue on in abject mental exhaustion. Powerless. We’re almost home… but tomorrow we will be off again to some other corner of New Eden, murdering these pathetic space hobos in another system. Maybe we’ll succeed there, maybe we won’t. But if it’s in the State, the odds are against us. For the first time in my career as a capsuleer, I feel powerless and can only look to my home and hope it comes to its senses soon. I will continue fighting, but so to do I need my people to put up a goddamned fight.


Jita by christmas

What is this… “christmas”?

Local flavor-variant of the Youil festivities.


No need to respect me for that. I was just bittervetting (and I hardly have any right to, as I am certainly not a veteran by any measure)…

…So…what about incompetent pilots? :smile_cat:


This sounds like the world the Deplorables want to see, except without completely upending the way of life where we still depend upon one another and work together, and just throw everyone to the dogs through uncritical reflection of combining Caldari meritocracy with anarchy, and favoring anarchy over helping people doing the work.

Now, I have been following the updates from the Venal Prosperity Network with some interest, but it’s still likely bunk until it becomes a systemic institution in Guristas society–and even then, there’s very little I see that prevents most of the less-competent pirates to bite the hand that feeds them, should they feel the need to. While I don’t think I’ll ever consider myself a ‘friend’ to the Guristas, I do hope for the wellbeing of your own Caldari refugees you can work out these problems.

Still, I’ve got connections within the Caldari Militia @Specia1_K , should you want fellow pilots to fly with, though I will say that in the recent events, most Militia pilots don’t believe it’s a productive use of their time to engage in fighting the Triglavians, and rather we should seek some way to coexist and trade with them (CBD folks, of course… every time). Hope that’s not too depressing. Ghostbirds is still trying to fight, at least last I heard.

Fly safe, keep up the good fight, and ■■■■ Villore Accords.

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