[BOSS] The Rabbit's Warren welcomes any and all Citizens of the Caldari State!

For Immediate Release: State from Brotherhood of Spacers Alliance

To the people of the Caldari State who now join us in enjoying the prosperity of Venal:

If the latest Triglavian crisis has revealed one bitter truth of our ‘world’ it is that the Caldari State have failed the people who have put their trust in them. They have lied to you. They have fed you a false promise of safety and riches in order to exploit you for their own gain.

You are not safe.

But instead of preparing you to be able to defend yourself, to adapt to hardship and overcome obstacles, they have fattened you on their scraps only to leave you defenseless in your hour of need. Unawares, you have been transformed in to cogs in the military-industrial machines of the heartles State … machines which are now – predictably - failing.

Some of you have seen through this and have taken your fate and the fates of those you love into your own hands – and fled here among us. You have come to find peace in Venal among those who understand the value of each individual. There are no cogs in Venal – only humans working together to secure a better future.

You are not refugees. The term refugee implies you have fled something greater, only to find yourself lost and alone. What you have fled is oppression and despair, and you find yourself now among friends in a region rich with opportunity. You are not refugees – you are enlightened.

The Brotherhood of Spacers, in conjunction with our Guristas and Venal Prosperity Network allies, welcome you and applaud your awakening. You have chosen to cast aside a sheep like, purposeless existence to take responsibility for your destiny. And you are not alone.

As such The Brotherhood of Spacers is offering to all able-bodied individuals employment within our ranks: capsuleers, technicians, support staff, all are welcome. We will train you and insure you and your families are well care for, and protected. But most of all, equipped to protect yourselves and embrace the opportunities Venal has to offer.

You are not safe. But you need not be afraid, and you need not be alone.

Brotherhood of Spacers – Recruiting Now!


Of course there’s a matter of travel that needs to be address, and that’s where I’m pleased to announce that the Venal Prosperity Agency will be sending out ‘Travel Agents’ to the State to meet and talk with interested parties wishing to flee from State borders. These agents will be responsible for arranging passage out of the State and into Venal safety and securely.

We however ask that said interested parties be discreet with contracting our agents as State authorities will of course see the threat in their people wanting to take back their freedom and go their own path and clamp down on any and all trying to flee to safety in Venal. Due to this we may very well be the ones that reach out to you instead of us.

If employment with a Capsuleer alliance doesn’t sound suitable? Then the agency can also help you find more niche or independent work and help you make the most of your talents and skills out here.

We hope to see you and your families out here sometime soon!

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I’m proud to be part of an alliance that does more to protect every Caldari than all of the failing megacorporations combined. Venal is prosperous and if you feel betrayed by the State, be brave and join us building a better future for all.

I can only speak for me, but since crossing the borders of the State for the last time two weeks ago, I haven’t looked back.

There is a place for everyone in Venal, there is a place for you. Don’t protect the failing State, protect your family and yourself. Come to Venal and live the life you deserve.


Romon here is a good example of a statesman who has seen past the illusion the State has sold it;s people and acted on it. Having graduated from a State educational institution as a full fledged Capsuleer, Romon here wasted no time in putting his new abilities to use in a more useful way in coming out here to Venal and helping build a more prosperous region.

If Romon here can survive the propaganda mill that is the State education system and come out seeing true potential beyond the State’s borders? Then i think all citizens of the State can do the same right now.

A thought occurred to me not to long ago.

Where did all the tax go Jita 4-4 go…?

The Caldari State had the honor of housing the biggest and most essential trade hub in all of New Eden, Jita.

And the 4-4 is owned by who exactly? Well that’s property of the Caldari Navy, has been for years at least. Now the station itself serves very little military function nowadays and has fully become the premier economic center of the Caldari State and New Eden as a whole. Yet that station is still property of the Navy as far as we know.

And why wouldn’t you want your navy to own it? They have a station that is passively generating tax money like clockwork and loading up their coffers!

What’s more Caldari than having your Navy funded off of trade? It’s a brilliant combination!

Yet… Where is that representation? Where did all that tax money go? With all that money ontop of whatever the Mega corps pitch in, the Navy should have the best equipment, superior training and quite frankly should be giving the Guristas a run for their money and be paying their people just as good

Yet we aren’t seeing that…

What we’re seeing is the Navy eating ■■■■, over and over again - Only able to pull off minor victories in systems Kybernuats could care less of a ■■■■ about because they can’t be dragged into liminality status.

Where did the money go? Did the mega-tribes of the State gobble it all up and used it to fuel their own interests? So much for being a unified nation, right?

Systems of the State will continue to burn, the people of every system occupied by the Trigs have been failed by their government that claimed to be ready to defend them. The people of the State have been sold on a lie to comfort them, and as a result were ill prepared to face a threat of this magnitude.

I think nowhere in the State is safe and secure for anyone anymore. Not just from the Triglavians, but their own government that will do whatever it can to keep it’s illusion over the people that are starting to see past it, that have become a victim to it.

Look at these reports…

  • Chaos and Resistance in Urhinichi Continues as Heavily-Populated Worlds and Industrial Colonies Come Under Increasing Triglavian Control

  • Fears Grow of Huge Losses of Life in Komo System as Triglavian Invaders Land in “Vast Numbers” on Many Planets

  • Resistance in Kaunokka as Battles Rage Between Caldari Defenders and Triglavians on Second Planet

I know Kybernuats like to argue that the Scope is bias and is clearly fudging facts to demonize the Trigs… And I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

If this ■■■■ is true? Which I’m led to believe is true - People of the State, what does that say for YOU!? Does this not concern you people that a Navy you’ve been led to believe would ensure your homes are safe from FOREIGN entities had failed the people on these worlds?

Lemme tell you people this ain’t gonna be like your holo-reels where the brave and noble soldiers of the State valiantly fight off the invaders and win the day and everyone is happy. More systems are gonna fall due to the incompetence of your leaders and the people on these worlds are gonna suffer or be forced into another regime.

BOSS, VPN and the Guristas on the other hand, offer you a choice in a time where you may feel powerless about your fate.

Take the leap, come to Venal. The only people that would judge you are the people that believe you should stay where you are and die for a country that lied and failed you. Swallow that pride and do what’s best for you and your family before you lose your opportunity.


Perhaps, also due to the earlier performance of the navy, the State is keeping resources in reserve in the event that the high risk blue star system of Jita is invaded, which hurts the defense of other systems. It would be a shame for the state to lose the system just as they are investing in expanding the trade hub.


Or maybe they have resources tied up in their ■■■■■■■■ parades in their respective HQs to safegaurd their thrones of power… Titans, super carriers and dreadnaughts all propped up for show to just sit there and do ■■■■ all rather than being on the frontlines defending the people they claim oh so much to care about.

I highly doubt Trigs would be able to take Jita if it got attacked… Capsuleers have too many investments in that hub and are too dependent on it’s supply to sit idly by and let that system of all systems fall to liminality. However if it did fall? Well, that would practically be the end of the State’s economy as we know it. Entire thing would being to burn down, either quickly depending on how essentially that market is, or slowly as their main center of trade is occupied by invaders.

Kybernauts will go all in on it, the State will need to be prepared to do the same… Unless the powers that be are beginning to also lose faith in their own navies and will see to centralizing their forces to protect their own assets first before anyone else’s. I refer back to the ‘parade’ fleets…


Guristas Pirates Leadership Enforces Policy of “Protection, Not Piracy” Regarding Evacuation and Relief Flights in Occupied Caldari Systems

Can the people of the State see now that the Guristas are not your enemy?

We’re your government’s enemy, no doubt about that… But that’s where the misconception has been for years is that the Guristas an enemy of the people were the truth of the matter is that the Guristas are merely the enemy of the State itself. And as I’ve screamed repeatedly a few times now, the State has done the people wrong in selling them on a false sense of security…

I think it’s quite clear now who the enemy of the people is now, the Caldari State itself.

Caldari State and Megacorporation Authorities Insist on “Restoration of Corporate Law, State Duty and Civil Order” as Caldari Military Reforms Continue

Protests in Caldari State Continue Despite No Further Major Losses to Triglavian Collective; Concern Over Fate of Conquered Populations Rising

To these people your outrage needs to be quelled just so they can restore their control over you, they fail to realize that you people aren’t drones that aren’t gonna magically stop protesting just because you haven’t had any major loss recently - That’s not the point!

The point is… Why the ■■■■ did the Navy eat ■■■■ so badly and handed over my countrymen to a bunch of masked star eating freaks from New Eden’s rectum?

We even got some updates on those said countrymen courtesy of the scope…

Caldari Resistance on Sakenta III Reportedly Collapses Due to “Infiltration by Triglavian Sympathizers”; Situation on Sakenta V Unclear

Violently fighting against a new alien regime is something to applaud, but sadly our brave resistance groups have succumb to inside forces playing against them… Harrowing, absolutely harrowing and should be of alarm to any state citizen that their co-worker, their neighbor or even the ■■■■■■■ old lady that you see at the supermarket every friday could be an inside agent to this collective and is happily waiting - WAITING - to ■■■■ you over and sabotage your security to hand you over to the invaders because they think they know what’s best for you…

I say… CHOOSE what’s best for you. I say, have a god damn option in these difficult times and make the choice to put behind this facade of a nation and come to Venal. The door here is always open, but we cautious not to lose your opportunity to walk though it…


What I see is the Guristas taking advantage of our people’s misfortune. Their ships are not slipping their moorings to protect our people, but to abduct them in the wake of defeat.

Our ancestors built the state from nothing after the Gallenteans had taken everything from us. It is not our enemy because there is no distinction between the Caldari people and the Caldari State. They are one and the same. If we have failed, the fault lies with the whole, not a sum of its parts.

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You are their government’s enemy because that government is the greatest impediment to the Guristas’ ability to profit by the labour of the Caldari people.

The Guristas are rogues, pirates, even murderers. You though are far worse, selling your human pyramid scheme on promises you cannot possibly keep. Whatever misgivings I may have had about the dubious honour of your predecessors, the new model Gurista; the lying, opportunistic parasite is far more contemptible.


So ■■■■■■■■ aside, I wanna take a second to give some props right quick to this pilot.

Miran, I know you haven’t done anything for recognition or medals or to have my dumbass up here on a soapbox praising you.

I however feel personnely obligated to give some respect before i continue, because I think you’re the closest god damn thing to a hero the State has ever had in these trying times.

Miran Tereven here is a humble courier and shipping pilot turned war hero if you ask me, someone that put aside her own grind to pick up a weapon and fight back against the triglavian menace with extreme dedication that I have not seen from many other pilots.

Merely presenting herself does me discredit as this is someone who’s undoubtedly put in the work to pick up the slack of the Navy and eek out a few victories within the State’s borders. And not once did she act this way for this kind of praise, but because she felt like it was her duty and purpose.

So sorry if this is not what you want, but I just gotta give props where it’s due. When this all blows over, you’ll be in the history books.

Now… With that out of the way.

Abduct… Yes, i suppose that’s how it’s viewed if we look at things on a surface level. If you ask me the Guristas would still be keeping to their word of Protection, not piracy.

I don’t deem the State a safe place anymore personally. It hasn’t proved itself to be a safe place with amount of military failures the Navy has racked up during the length of this invasion. And the triglavians aren’t the only threat to the State’s citizens, but the goverment itself that will do whatever it can to keep these glaring shotcomings in the closet and try and make people move on and pretend it never happened…

You may have different views on the matter, but speaking for myself? I don’t see the point in moving people from one planet and putting them back in the hands of the same people that failed them already… More so putting them places that aren’t prepared to tend to them, to house or feed them. It be irresponsible just to dump them elsewhere in the State…

Until the State can prove itself competent again… Maybe we can talk then.

What a said fate that your people are born into being cogs into a system that clearly doesn’t benefit them anymore… To destroy their individuality as human beings and make them submit to the authority of a bunch of mega-corporations that benefit off their work and fail to return to them said benefits.

Also… I have one speicfic problem with this statement.

Sounds like victim blaming quite honestly… Because by your logic, the people on the worlds of occupied systems are responsible for their occupation because they didn’t work hard enough or wern’t loyal enough to the nation.

It’s not their leader’s fault! Oh no… Can’t be the people making all the decisions that are the problem. It’s the people themselves! It’s your own ■■■■■■■ fault your planet is occupied! Not the people above you! They’re only ‘partially’ at fault for this stream of blunders. You just didn’t work hard enough…

Go tell a colonist that…

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You know who’s exploited the Caldari people’s labour far more than the Guristas? For generations now?

The people in charge of these mega-coproations who have their own interests and agenda but nobody dares question them because they’re the authority and therefor must be perfectly incapable of ever exploiting people.

Who said I can’t?

I spent a year working towards building this region up… For money? ■■■■ no, the money was secondary, a resource to be used in the primary objective in making progress. To lay down the foundation for what I purpose today.

From nothing, I help build something that has way more of an impact that people like to believe. I helped inject life into that region by building a center a commerce and saw to it that infrastructure like the Venal prosperity Network was established to improve quality of life and making trade commerce easier on a scale that doesn’t just benefit Capsuleers. But every god damn resident of that region.
Venal Prosperity Agency was established to help people put their talents and skills to use for their betterment, to enable people to work for themselves and still contribute.

People told me that I couldn’t possible do it… Then i proved them wrong. If i came today and had none of the work that I put in this past year. You’d have an argument. But the point is I’ve done the work and have the evidence to show for it.

I’m gonna keep my promises… Because I want to, because i can and most importantly because you can’t stop me for doing it.

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I think Avio has already made a lot of good points here, but I really feel like I need to say something about the “abductions”: The people on all these planets, they are indoctrinated so heavily, they will never realize the extent of betrayal, that they were given up by the State. Most of these humans have done nothing wrong in their lives other than trusting the corrupt institutions that they were born into. Will they feel like they are being abducted? Of course they will, they were told the Guristas are their worst enemy. Will it look like an abduction on State-aligned media? Of course, they are propaganda machines!

But the important thing is that all these people have the chance to break out of their mental cage, that they will be able to see the freedom a “pirate” life offers them. And if they really want to go back: We will happily assist. But at the end of the day, we give these people a chance. A chance to live which was taken away from them by the State that was supposed to protect them.

Do you have any experience or understanding of governance? Of healthcare or education administration? Of housing and sanitation?

I have for my entire adult life had a measure of direct involvement in all these things, the Venal Prosperity Network is no stepping stone to a nation; it is a testament to the avarice and venality of its members, and if you believe it can provide the infrastructure to meet your own profligate commitments, that all but dispels any prospect you have the fiscal acumen to balance a budget or serve the needs of those you would take from the State.

Your pissant little trading operation, and unsophisticated but alluring evangelist cannot distract from the likelihood that you have neither the resources nor the expertise to fulfill your promises.

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Thigns like governance, housing and sanitation aren’t foreign concepts to me personally as I’ve been involved in a few colonly projects in my time. Even then what I know isn’t enough and look for experts in the field to consult with for further information. More so for the areas that I DON’T have any experience in. We even have a few experts inside the Guristas themselves that plan out colonies and handle the medical centers in Venal on a retainer fee to consult with and go over plans with.

It’s certainly a start, we managed to get the economy of this region moving and start getting it to evolve and help mold it into something more.

Ah! Saw what you did there! 1+ my friend!

We’re not the only ones even providing infastructure. BOSS itself has invested heavily into the region by having the freeport this entire thread is advertising in the first place. Even then they’re not the only ones, the Guristas themselves have interests in investing in their own region and expanding infrastructure. And come along other third parties who will see ways they can expand things.

Hey! That’s actually a step uo from non-existant! So I’ll take it.

By the end of YC 123 we hope to reach “Irrelevant” status but if we really push ourselves maybe we can get to “Irrelevant, but you can buy quality made kestrels there.”

I’m happy it’s gotten to where it is now, was nothing originally so for it to at least be pissant I’d say is a accomplishment. tells me where at least getting somewhere and I’ve seen this stuff evolving as time goes on. So in a year or two from now? Certainly gonna be a bit larger, For certain.

I better get to work then.


I was raised in Waschi City, the son of a veteran of Mordu’s Legion and an Intaki mother. My father had the opportunity to continue his career as an officer within the Legion, but separated as the goals of the Legion drew further from those of the State. My father was a patriot through and through,and instilled in me the promise that while the State was not without its issues one day the system would solidify itself in it’s “true form” as a provider for the Caldari people. Once we assured our independence strongly enough and excised Gallente liberalism from our cultural zeitgeist the laissez faire capitalism of the megacorporations would give way to a strong corporate State with each citizen treated as full members of their respective megacorporations; benefits, security, healthcare, education, salary, all assured to each citizen.

When the Provist regime rose to prominence, it started as a union-led movement for the workers, by the workers. In its success, it finally felt like the promises of my father were coming true. The workers of the Caldari State would lead the way to cleanse our society of its injustices, correct our national embarrassments, and at last lead the Caldari State through its inevitable transition from libertarian capitalism to a statist, national syndicalist union of workers and patriots. How could I not volunteer myself to the movement?

Of course we all know what happened after that. Nationalism and cult of personality proved to be a poison pill that irreparably damaged the State. For my own part, I was hunted by my own kin in the Templis Dragonaurs and force into hiding. I would have been captured or purged were it not for a Guristas rescue effort that evacuated myself and several other warclones from persecution in the State.

I was a broken man for some time, both “liberated” from the oppressive state that had tried to kill me and a prisoner kept away from my beloved homeland. In time though, the zealous patriotism gave way to disillusionment and I was able to view my relationship with the State with a fresh set of eyes. I had interpreted the fascism of the Heth regime as a promised end state, a solution to the shortcomings of the corporate world. Living amongst the Guristas, most of whom had joined their ranks voluntarily after being abandoned by the state in one form or another, I heard countless stories of citizens walking the same path I had from reconciling the love of their people and country with reality.

I was in a bar, drinking after a pit fight when I saw the first images on the television of the Shiigeru burning on Caldari Prime. It was undeniable then, and seeing the current state of the State has reinforced the same theory for me now. The provists were not a “fix” or an end state, they were a response to decay. Nationalism is merely the immune response of state corporatism, temporarily flaring up every so often to “purge” it of any threats to its existence only for the fever to break, nationalism to be “defeated”, and for the body politic to return to the normal resting state. The Provist movement was stoked by the megacorporations against other workers movements, directed towards external enemies, outlived its purpose, and was promptly removed from power without any fundamental change or any meaningful justice.

We once again face an age where ineffectual Caldari liberalism and the inefficiencies of capitalism threaten to spark a movement from the workers for real change, and if the PKN faction currently in power would have their way that movement would be steered to stoke the fires of nationalism. Nationalism that can be manipulated away from those in power.

The Guristas way of life of militarized, regimented anarchism is not without its problems and may require significant reform to be pallettable or capable of acting as any sort of governing body. But it certainly is a different way out of this cycle the State seems doomed to go through.


You obviously have never met Dana Kim… :smirk:

Who ever create that immagine need a raise ASAP

She is so cute

Then I shall elaborate and clarify. Every Caldari, from the hardest worker to the bravest soldier to the shrewdest executive, was born and raised by a Caldari mother. Every Caldari ship was designed and produced in our shipyards out of materials we wrenched from our worlds through our toil. We inherited the state as it stands today from our ancestors, and we will pass it on to our descendants. It is the physical manifestation of the efforts of all Caldari.

It therefore follows that if it has failed, then our people as a whole have failed. However, to accept defeat merely because we have suffered setbacks in the past four months would be to spit on the graves of our ancestors and those who gave their lives to protect us. That is not acceptable. Therefore the only remaining option is to resist the enemy, endure what we must and adapt to face the challenge.

We do not require the Guristas to point out that this war has exacted a grave toll upon us, and every single loss is someone’s father or mother, someone’s brother or sister, someone’s son or daughter. To exacerbate that grief, many of our kin are now cut off from us on conquered worlds where they are at the mercy of these outsiders. Please stop exploiting this catastrophe.

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