To our friends in the State: Who did you work for?

Hello all,

I was interested in getting an idea of the State megacorp representation that among the have here in the Summit. I would be incredibly grateful if any of you would be so kind as to submit to this polling by identifying your parent megacorp. I expect that it’ll be mostly our Caldari friends that answer here, if anyone bothers to at all in the first place, but feel free to answer here as well if you expatriated to the State before you got your capsuleer license.

  • CBD Corporation
  • Hyasyoda Corporation
  • Ishukone Corporation
  • Kaalakiota Corporation
  • Lai Dai Corporation
  • Nugoeihuvi Corporation
  • Sukuuvestaa Corporation
  • Wiyrkomi Corporation
  • Disenfranchised?

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I would love, too, to hear your thoughts concerning your parent megacorporation. Having independent status as capsuleers I’m well aware that (technically) you are no longer beholden to the authority of your parent corp, and I feel that this freedom would allow for some revealing commentary concerning your views of your parent corp.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I very much look forward to seeing what you all have to say.


Lai Dai, started during the later part of my service in the StateProt and ongoing. Can’t really say it’s a surprise, given that they’ve had ties to Khanid for a while and I wasn’t really opposed to the idea. I mean, I do a lot of R&D on my own, et cetera.


You have forgotten to add “Caldari Navy”, even our enemies recognize us.
Besides that, becoming capsuleer doesn’t mean you have to choose freedom or other perks of gurista way of life. Some of us still serve the Home from the space. Loyalty is one of the greatest merits that Caldari can have. Capsuleers, who betray their parent corporations and reveal some things they wouldn’t reveal while being a citizen, are no better than common gurista rabble, they are just traitors, lowest of the scum of the space.

D. Kim, Strike Commander,
State Protectorate, CMC,
Caldari State

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Two good points. Please forgive this ignorant Ni-Kunni. I was born and raised within the rather isolationist Ardishapur demesne and I’ve much to learn about the wider world. I am not sure I can edit the poll options at this point.

I had assumed that all State citizens were ultimately in the employ of one of the megacorps currently holding a seat on the CEP before they enlist in the State Armed Forces. It hadn’t ccurred to me that one could be born into the employ of the SAF. The nature of the Caldari military structure has always somewhat befuddled me. I only know that their tech and military prowess are second to none.

I failed to consider, too, that there are other independent corporations in the State, some of which may be close to contending for megacorp status and a seat on the CEP.

As to your other point, I’m merely interested in hearing what people think of their parent corp. They are free to lie (to protect the State’s image, or for whatever other reason) or speak truthfully as they please. Loyalties, after all, can shift. Scum or not, I’d like to hear their thoughts.

Thank you very much for shedding light on my flawed thinking.


Mr. Quelza;

To be fair, it’s not exactly common. For instance, while I was born aboard a Navy facility in Nourvukaiken, it was to parents of Ishukone citizenship who were working for a maintenance firm contracted to CalNav. The population of Ishukone citizens was large enough to warrant creches, schools, among other core components of the lifestyle.

As for speaking on Ishukone, well-- I might need more specific questions before I wax philosophic.

Suffice it to say, though, that I support the political message, and I both lament the years lost to political squabbling within the state and am gladdened by the vindication of recent years. While it’s not as loud as some political grandstanding, time is bearing out the Liberal philosophy.


Wouldn’t the Caldari navy be like saying “I’m all the corporations at once?” Unless (as I probably am honestly) I’m mistaken Caldari navy doesn’t provide citizenship, its just a function of all the megas, like Corporate Police.


I was born into the service of Kaalakiota. If you want to know about Kaalakiota, then I’d say most everything revolves around Matias Sobaseki, also known as The Father, The Big Man, Big M., 2Seki4U, and the man who as the architect of Independence is widely considered as the most badass Caldari to have lived and thus the right and proper spiritual liege of the company and its citizens.

To be a citizen of Kaalakiota is all about trying to follow the Matias Sobaseki traditions of being a badass and Getting. It. Done. in addition to copious amounts of JUSTASPLANNED because there is nothing better than the smugness of seeing your plans come to fruition.

Since the other Megacorporations don’t accept Matias Sobaseki as their spiritual liege, this is widely considered to be the explanation of why they are full of bads and fail and will never be Top Number One like Kaalakiota. Probably because they’re too busy talking about fedoras and how honourable their katanas, having been folded thousands of times, are while they sip tea instead of Getting. It. Done just like The Big Man taught.

Since everyone else in the State are considered to be about as useful as an overweight neckbeard with corn chip crumbs stuck beneath the folds of their man tits while they rage about, “What it means to be Caldari” on messageboards between fap sessions about who is the most TITANHUEG honourable Caldari Officer waifu/husbando in their favourite anime it generally breeds a notion of, “Well damn looks like we’re going to have to do everything on our own,” within Kaalakiota.

This expresses itself in a strong desire towards autarchy and self-sufficiency so that there is as little interaction as possible with all those other anime nerds in the rest of the State who do things like force -haani/haan suffixes on their translation software, you know the types, because everyone needs to know JUST HOW MUCH YOU KNOW NAPANII.

Seriously, no one cares if you know Napanii, go away.

Anyway, autarchy. The requirement for self-sufficiency also neatly fulfills the most important criterion for Kaalakiota: No one tells us what to do. Which is the most important philosophical aspect of being part of Kaalakiota – Matias Sobaseki never took crap from nobody – and neither should any proud son or daughter of His Legacy. To safeguard the Company from foreign coercion and intervention either through attempts at embargo or influence peddling through investments should be the most important job of any leader – a failure to do is why Heth was shown the door.

As for what it’s all for, it’s really quite simple. The rest of the State is more or less a lost cause at this point but that should not mean that in Kaalakiota we stop the work of preserving the Caldari identity and race in order to secure the future of our people just as Big M. wanted.


Well, I was a bit of an outsider, but for me the armed forces came first and only after that did I get with a Mega.


Thank you all for your responses thus far, it’s all been very, very interesting.

@Veikitamo_Gesakaarin, thank you very much for your…let’s call it a treatise. It’s scary how close what you’ve said comes to the ideal I had formed in my mind regarding the attitudes of KK employees based on the few Home Guard propaganda films I’ve managed to get ahold of.

Perhaps I should not be surprised to see that the so-called “practical” megacorps, exploitative in their approach to foreign policy, are not so well represented here in the Summit. I know that SuVee has an in with the Achura, and I’m wondering if that is responsible for the few SuVee votes we’ve seen here.


My parent corporation was Ishukone. I’ve ventured far afield since I became an independent capsuleer in YC 105 but I always maintained some ties, and these days I am back in the State. The corporation isn’t perfect but I don’t know of any organization in New Eden that is. I think that their philosophy is the one that will best serve the State in the future. Mutual benefit and aligned interests are how you build security and stability. They were also very good to me, and I owe them a great deal for putting me on my current path.


So-- to be clear, I don’t remember this at all, but, I do know how it works.

Becoming a capsuleer is one of those perks (like direct megacorporate employment, etc.) the Caldari reserve to themselves exclusively. It’s not something you get to do as a member of a client population. But, for various reasons the capsule appeals, a lot, to Achura.

(To pierce the illusion of “self,” you can practice for years with a certain weapon, training and training for sometimes hours every day until that tool becomes an extension of your arm and you come to understand that the border between “self” and “other” is an artificial one. Or, you can plug yourself into a starship, take its systems for your senses, and there you go.)

(The threat to life and mental health doesn’t seem to slow us down all that much.)

To gain access to the various schools and academies that might let us access this technology, we need, first, to become Caldari. That typically means finding a place with our local megacorporation-- that’s SuVee-- and completing the really pretty rigorous process of applying for full citizenship in the Caldari State. They do stuff like quiz you on your language skills and check your cabinets and drawers to make sure you didn’t bring any … I don’t know. Native Achur food or contraband socks. Repeatedly, over months and years.

Even so, they’re not nearly as awful to us as they could be.

There might be a few Achur who haven’t had to do this, or managed to find a place with another mega. I definitely did go through SuVee, though.

So … our relationship with our (foster) mother megacorporation is a little complicated. I have a SuVee SKIN for my Tengu, actually. It’s pretty, and suits me pretty well.

I can’t quite stand to apply it, though.


Absolutely fascinating, thank you very much for sharing your experiences.

If it’s not too sensitive a topic, I was wondering whether or not you made any significant attempts to re-acquaint yourself with your cultural heritage after spending years chipping away at your own cultural identity in order to match the Caldari standard for citizenship? Or, after gaining independent status as a capsuleer, did you find yourself drifting further away to become something else entirely?


Well … the Caldari get a little upset if you [go to/put them through] all the trouble of converting an Achur to Caldari culture, then revert. As a rule, it’s a one-way tansition.

… only, we’re capsuleers, legally-anomalous mini nation-states who can literally get away with murder. Once you’re a capsuleer, if you want to revert to your old cultural and religious traditions, there’s nobody much who can stop you.

I’m a practicing Shuijing sect Achur, a seeker in the tradition of my mother’s clan.

I don’t hold any real ill will towards the Caldari, but, I’m … not really one of them. And maybe I never was.


You rarely get these kinds of insights from expatriates and immigrants attempting to integrate into the State. Even less so from those who then depart from the State after doing so. Have to imagine the State would try to suppress that kind of talk, and likely succeeds often in doing so unless the subject in question has elite status like we eggers do.

Thank you again for your willingness to share.


I’m afraid most of what I have is limited to just sort of a factual understanding of how things work and why, sir. My personal feelings on the matter reflect the structure more than my own individualized encounter with it. The general experience, I understand well; my own personal experience … I can’t remember it anymore.

It’s not painful, because it’s largely an abstraction. Of the many things my predecessor-- the “self” I can’t remember being-- wrote about, her time as a full Caldari citizen, and the process of becoming such a thing, wasn’t really one.

For more personal experiences, you might want to talk to some of my peers whose infomorphs are still mostly undamaged.


I see, thank you. It’s unfortunate, but memory loss is just an occupational hazard with us.

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Sure, there’s a always a hint of truth to propaganda. Kaalakiota is the largest Megacorporation in terms of population and metrics like industrial output and GDP, while also being the most heavily militarized. There remains a strong belief inherent company that it is Kaalakiota that has a Manifest Destiny to realize for the Caldari race and only the Caldari race, as outlined by Matias Sobaseki. To be part of Kaalakiota is to be the vanguard of destiny, and in order to realize that destiny Kaalakiota must be the best, and as such its citizens must be the best in every field of human endeavour.

That really is the cultural engine behind the Company. That in order to make Caldari the best; you have to be the best, and that requires an attitude that is both tenacious and uncompromising in the pursuit of achievement. The individual may choose their path, whether artisan or scientist, engineer or soldier, but it should always be about seeking success and achievement irrespective of the endeavour.

As for the military culture, well, that’s mostly about knowing when to work hard and when to play hard. Do your job, get things done, and when it’s all over always make sure to have a good time with your comrades and fellow company citizens.


I am glad that you are interested in our culture, Mr. Quelza!

I myself was born in SuVee, but I had exposure to the SuVee culture only up to 12 years old, and I don’t think that this degree of experience is enough to claim representation of SuVee. I could, of course, push the SuVee button, but that would be highly incorrect from my point of view.

Could you please add Caldari Navy to the list?

D. Kim, Strike Commander,
State Protectorate, CMC,
Caldari State

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I see your point.

I would very much like to add it to the list, but it seems that I will need to contact a moderator to do so. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t really know how to go about doing that. I will try to get it sorted out as soon as possible. I hope you can forgive my incompetence, and I thank you for your contributions thus far.


I suppose the disproportionate number of Ishukone-originating capsuleers is to do with their involvement in the distribution of the capsule?

Either that or they’re just better at voting.

Damn Gallente sympathisers.