A question to fellow Achura: why did you become a capsuleer?

Achura are not known as a major space-faring power, and before the advent of independent capsuleers many likely did not even know Achura existed within the wider Caldari identity. I am curious however, and would like to ask fellow Achura, what was your path to the pod?

Why did you undertake the training, and what have been your experiences so far?

In the interests of disclosure, and to answer my own questions: I was trained to be a shrine maiden of my sect but a life of chastity and contemplation of the analects did not interest me, so I ran away as a teenager. I was accepted into a Sukuuvestaa education fellowship while I supported myself working in a ramen restaurant. I eventually graduated with a law degree and was commissioned into the Peace and Order Unit where I served for two decades before a stint as a corporate lawyer at the Zento-Isideko Combine.

Yeah, it’s pretty boring!

I decided to become a capsuleer because I could afford it, and was curious what was out there beyond the borders of the State. I’m still not sure what I’ll find out there!

Although so far a lot of it seems really violent.

Anyway, looking forward to hearing about other Achura and your stories!


So, to be clear, I don’t actually remember any of this any more, but …

My former self attended the State War Academy mostly for two reasons. The philosophical implications of the capsule did attract her as they do a lot of us, but it seems like mostly it was because she’d spent her young life in a household where she hadn’t felt especially welcome for several reasons.

She wanted to prove herself to her family, to whom she’d always been … kind of a problem. Hence the war academy and the risky course of study. And also, I guess she was maybe kind of carrying a grudge against the world in general. She fell into shady dealings and piracy pretty fast.

So, I guess in the end, what really drew her was the prestige of the position and the power to shape her fate as she wanted, even at others’ expense. Her beliefs (which I share) did play a role, but more maybe as a sort of structuring and coping device than a motive.


Thanks for the answer Ms. Jenneth!

I’m curious what you mean by former self, however – does that have to do with the teachings of your sect?

I think with knowledge and experience comes growth and development, so who we are now likely isn’t who we were in the past.

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That’s more a personal than a spiritual matter, Ms. Ryuzouji, something that came later. I can answer in more detail in Off-Topic if you like, but to avoid derailing here I’ll just say that it’s a matter of memory and clone sabotage. My oldest memories are from a little over six years ago, so, yeah. I know some things that happened, but my childhood … basically I don’t remember having lived it.

Which, based on what I know about it, seems just as well.

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I have actually refused the first time when the Navy found that I was compatible - otherwise I would be a Navy capsuleer now. Just for me becoming a capsuleer meant death. So I became a marine. Running under the fire does sound dangerous, but at least there’s a higher chance of survival than guaranteed death only for the sake of your clones to roam space.

But since you see me here and not on a field with a rifle, it means I had to choose the death eventually. Apparently, the alternative was simply worse.

Some people in such cases like to say that they had no choice, I believe it’s wrong. I believe we always have choices, every minute, every second we live we make choices that make us what we are.

We can steal a sweetroll that lays on the buffet table, or we can simply ignore it despite the desire to eat, showing our mental fortitude over animalistic desires, realizing that eating hedonistic food makes no good to our body, and that taking property of other people without permission is both morally wrong and is an actual crime for which you’d be punished.

We can betray our State because we didn’t like something and thought, for example, somewhere in the Federation it would be better, so it would be simply easier - to not do your duty and live in your leisure with gallentean swines. Or we can again show our mental fortitude and stay loyal however hard or difficult it could be, whatever we will have to perform, knowing that both our children and parents watch, how you move through the hardships and pain just to do your duty, to show gratitude to the State for your life, your education and everything else you’ve got in your life that the State provided you with…

We all make choices, right choices, wrong choices… and sometimes it could be that own death would be a right choice. And you will have to take it willingly. Just because you have to, because alternatives are simply wrong, amoral, disgracing, unfair…

As I like to repeat: do what you must and let it be what happens. And I wish for you to walk your Way as it is supposed to be, without taking the wrong choices.


Sure, it sounds like a story!

Also, thanks for sharing your views Ms. Kim! I admit I probably don’t really comprehend notions of hardship or difficulty in loyalty – Sukuuvestaa always made supporting the company the easiest and best choice for me!

I started in the Temples of Saisio as a young pupil then when to military academy to explore new experiences. I was introduced to the capsuleer program by obtaining a referral by the Temple. I’ve been meditating for some time and It’s been a long journey. I hope to repair my standing with the Empires and capsuleers.

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Thanks for sharing, Ms. Shi!

In short: I was recruited into Nani Achur Naval Institute after they tested me, and determined I was a good candidate for capsuleer training.
My experiences have likely been disappointing for all involved, and now I am a waitress.


Oh, you went to NANI in Nani?! What!

That’s pretty cool. I’m sad to hear Nani was taken by the Triglavian invaders.

You’re probably an awesome waitress!

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