Survey on Capsuleers' affiliation through time

Good day,

after the success of my first survey on the age of the capsuleers’ population, where you can read about here, I have come up with another survey, this time about the affiliation of the capsuleers’ population.

You can find it :point_right: HERE :point_left:

It’s totally anonymous, it doesn’t gather any personal data; all the data gathered will be used to make nice-looking graphs which I’ll post in here, in the form of a little report, once enough answers has come in.

No question is required so you can answer just the ones you are comfortable with.

I’d love if you partecipated.

Thanks for reading,
Riika Okaimanen


I would greatly appreciate if the researchers pay attention to my comments to explain some of my answer choices.

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My problem with this survey is that it boils down to “Where were you born?” and “Who do you work for now?” There’s more nuance to loyalty and affiliation than that.

I was born in the State, I was raised as an Ishukone citizen, I interned in the Watch Cadets, I served in the Watch… the fact that I now fly for an independent capsuleer alliance doesn’t alter my feelings about which of the four factions is “home,” where my family live, whose corner I argue in debates, whose philosophy I am most aligned with…

I don’t consider my affiliation to have changed, though my employer has changed many times throughout my career. I’d suggest expanding this survey to include a self-statement about where the capsuleer believes their own loyalties to lie. Until such time, I can’t answer this survey as given, as it does not allow me to accurately report my circumstances.


The Republic, obviously, like all right-thinking people. :smirk:


These kind of surveys are very interesting…

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I have an issue with the question “How many times did you changed affiliation during your operative life?”
Like one treason is not enough…
And looking for reasons of treason? The main reason of treason is lack of honor!

In just about a day we are already up to about 50 answers, very fast response compared to the previous time; thank you to who took the time to answer.

I have to disagree, you, Sir, have read it that way and boiled it to that two questions but that was never the intended meaning. I’m not asking about who employ you now but who you believe in, we all know that employer and personal affiliation doesn’t always match. The scope of this survey is to see how and why capsuleer choose their affiliation, who they believe and identify in, as time passes, not about how many different capsuleer organizations you have worked with.

You’ve answered it yourself: your affiliation never changed, it was Caldari and it still is Caldari, even if the employement has. The field “Any comments?” at the end is right there for who take the survey to add their thoughts and explanations about the answers given and it had been used exactly for that.

The issue is only in your mind Miss Kim. People changes with time, thus the affiliation might change with them.


What it does not allow for is having multiple or mixed affiliations.

Well, then put up your own poll.


(plus mandatory characters)

Well, then don’t whine about the one someone else did not being to your liking.


It is quite naive to believe that any change in affiliations is simply because of treason.

I expect that kind of ignorance from the Amarr, not from a Caldari officer. How disappointing.

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Again, no

Multiple affiliation is kind of a edge case. However, as I said before, the field “Any comment?” is there to add data to the answers


Why gallente propagandists always try to insult me by blaming me in some nonsence like being ignorant? Are they so incompetent to actually counter any of my opinions or arguments with anything except pathetic ad hominem attacks?

Now lets see who is ignorant.

Do you aware that every Caldari citizen is obliged for military service? And that means they pledge their allegiance to the State. But no, it doesn’t seem you even try to read into that, immediately jumping to insult others who said something that doesn’t fit your narrow world view.


Gallente propagandist? At least insult me with something resembling a fact instead of this lazy attempt. The briefest glance at my history and it would be obvious that I believe Gallente ideals to be as foolish and wishful as the Amarr’s. You’re a loyal soldier to the State Ms. Kim. I would never question that of you, so do not question it of me either.

I’m not sure which corporation failed to educate you properly on the finer points of political associations verses loyalty. I know Ishukone offered extensive education on cultural differences. We like to understand our rivals rather than paint them all with the same brush. It serves no purpose to pretend that all empires have the same regulations or views as we do.

Firstly affiliations and loyalty are two separate things. One can be loyal to one entity and still remain affiliated with one or several others. Caldari officers are placed in strategic positions throughout new eden and are affiliated with those entities while remaining ultimately in service to the state.

Secondly, you are correct that all Caldari complete military service and therefore have pledged their allegiance to the state at some point, however the other three empires do not all have the same requirement and are free to change citizenship or affiliations through the course of one’s life without committing treason. You can’t apply Caldari culture or laws to all other empires.

Thirdly, it gets muddy if you have multiple loyalties. You swear loyalty to the State, to your mega corp, to your family. What if a traitor takes over the State and tries to execute your family? Ok he’s a traitor and therefore doesn’t deserve loyalty by default, but what if half your brethren don’t see it that way. Whoever prevails often makes the losing side the traitors. Heth’s reign was enough to show us that.

So no, a change in affiliation does not equate to treason 100% of the time, and saying it does is ignorant which was my point. Perhaps I should have been more specific in that the idea is ignorant and not insulted you personally, but I think you’re smart enough to realise that it is rare an instance is so black and white.

The most this survey can be accused of is simply being too vague to gather useful data.


Attacking loyal soldiers of the State is attacking the State. Slandering loyal soldiers of the State is what gallente propagandists do. There are no other reason to slander a soldier than for the sake of propaganda for hostile faction.

See? What I told about. A typical slander of a person who knows little to nothing about my education but yet bawls on all GalNet about “failed” education.
Gallente propaganda, dumb and baseless as always, no more, no less.

Ishukone? That Mega that really should be trialed for collaboration with enemy? You’re making my slippers laugh.

Except Heth was a hero and never sided with enemies of the State. He was devoted and loyal to the end.
Traitors are people like Mens Reppola, who crawled to Gallente to ask for planet access instead of kicking occupants out like Executor Heth has planned.
No other Megacorp CEO would commit such an atrocious deed like Reppola. He is the most shameful and rotten person in CEP and I hope Ishukone will be cleansed soon from his influence.
On the other hand, Heth did something than no other Megacorp CEO would do: he joined the fight planetside among other soldiers like a regular soldiers, while wearing CEO authorities. That makes him real hero.

And yet is that not what you did recently in conversation with myself? Slander loyal Agents of the New Order as criminals? Why, I hope not all of the Caldari ‘State’ militia are as hypocritical as yourself, Ms Kim…

If I would slander anyone, I would disgrace myself, that is unacceptable.
Agents of so-called “New Order” were found committing illegal deeds and were marked as criminals by CONCORD.
If it is by some awkward reason not obvious to you, do you need me to put picture references of CODE agents getting criminal tags to show you what these people were doing?

So I am a criminal because you and yours say I am a criminal? That is very sound logic there, Ms Kim.

As James 315 himself wrote:

A government is considered legitimate if it has the enduring ability to send men with guns to kill or imprison other people. Upon this power hangs all the law. There is no need for philosophy here: When a miner is bumped out of mining range, he no longer has the ability to mine. […] Therefore, I can stop people from mining whenever I want. Since the miners want to mine ice, and since I alone decide whether or not they can, I command them. It’s really that simple.

What is different between you and I? We are both the guns wielded by our respected Empires. The difference is that your masters were in place before mine. And as the Gallente were before yours…