Survey about ships' usage and affiliation in the Capsuleers' population

Good day,

after the success of my previous surveys ( respectively Survey on the age of the Capsuleer population and Survey on Capsuleers’ affiliation through time ), I have come up with another survey, this time about the ships’ usage and affiliation in the Capsuleers’ population.

You can find it :point_right: HERE :point_left:

It’s totally anonymous, it doesn’t gather any personal data; all the data gathered will be used to make nice-looking graphs which I’ll post in here, in the form of a little report, once enough answers has come in.

No question is required so you can answer just the ones you are comfortable with.

I’d love if you partecipated.

Thanks for reading,
Riika Okaimanen


I feel like the obviousness of my answers compromises my anonymity, not that I mind.

Good survey.


After a little more than a day of life, the survey has gathered around 30 responses.

Thank you. It is indeed possible but it would require very good knowledge of the person filling the survey, in this case you, which I don’t have.

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This being sent the answers. Keep up the good workwork.

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I am sorry on one… but I had to check more than 3. anything else would have been untruthful and inaccurate.

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Same here.

Also, my main occupation was not listed, but I settled by answering with my tertiary occupations.

After 11 days open and 60 responses, I have finally closed the survey. Thank you to everyone who partecipated, I will now assemble the report in the next few days.


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