Survey on the age of the Capsuleer population

Good day,

There recently had been a discussion about Capsuleers: how old they are, how much time they spent training, how old they were when they first came out of training.

Because I like nice graphs and I found them easier to evaluate, I decided to make a little survey about it.

You can find it :point_right: HERE :point_left:

It’s totally anonymous, it doesn’t gather any personal data; all the data gathered will be used to make nice-looking graphs which I’ll post in here, in the form of a little report, once enough answers has come in.

No question is required so you can answer just the ones you are comfortable with/know the answer.

I’d love if you partecipated.

Thanks for reading,
Riika Okaimanen


People sometimes say the social sciences are just bunk and twaddle.

I say to those people: “Screw you, and the horse you rode in on.”

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Thanks for this! This kind of demographic is nice to know!

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I can’t but fully agree Miss Valate.

Social sciences wont kill on sight but they give such insights on a population if used right.

You’re welcome.

At the moment in about a day of living, I gathered around 30 answers, pretty good I’d say. I’m hoping to break the wall of 40 and even reach the 50, such a number would be wonderful.

At the point, it will be report and nice-looking graph time.

But they are! They are not even considered sciences and generally not taught in respectful and professional education facilities in the State.

Also since I don’t have a horse, you can’t do that to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to disagree with you, Miss Kim. I found them quite interesting, and they have been teached in my training, both as a baseliner and as a capsuleer.

And please, keep your personal feud, whetever it is with Miss Valate, at a minimum, I don’t want it to clutter this thread and its research purpose.

In the meantime, the survey is close to reach the 40 answers wall. Thank you again to whoever have already partecipated.

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I am sorry for misunderstanding, Ms. Okaimanen, I don’t have any personal feuds, especially with Ms. Valate, though I can be quite known for spilling out a lot of verbal aggression on enemies of Caldari State. My comment was not to rile up Ms. Valate either, it was my position of social studies.

If you consider them interesting, so be it. But please don’t call them science.

If statistical analysis is involved, then it has at the very least the components of science. We could argue over where the line lies between art and science, or philosophy and science, and I think we’d ultimately find various personal views on the matter. And, of course, these would be philosophical differences, because the lines we draw are indeed very much our own.

Still, as materials science, chemistry, physics, and mathematics exist in a continuum, so too do sociological studies, economics, and mathematics.


It’s widely known that the standard time is minimum 5 years and usually not more than 6 years.

There shouldn’t be much debate as all schools follow the same standards, so the times don’t vary much.

Completed the survey easily within a couple of minutes.

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I couldn’t agree more wit you Ms. Priano.

True, but numbers says it’s not this obvious or straight: there is a consistent number of capsuleer that had trained in less than 4 years, more than who trained between 4 and 6 years in fact.

Thank you for your partecipation.

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I can tell you the standards have varied a lot over the years. 20 years ago capsuleer training did not exist. When I started, it was still being shaped. Most of my class was already in PTS when we checked compatible and most of the School had very little idea on how to train pilots. Then they got some standards up, and then clone standards changed, and then Alphas came around, and so forth. What is seen as ‘the standard’ is fairly new, and not universal.


Well there has been graduated capsuleers for just over 16 years now, so training definitely did exist 20 years ago.

However, the stages of capsuleer training are well documented and consist of 3 phases:

  • Theory phase (12 months and usually not more than 2 years) that ends in a 6-hour oral exam
  • 2 year orientation
  • 2 year main phase
  • final test by euthanasia

It’s been the same way since the start, so maybe you’ve developed a bit of spod brain or something. I’d recommend a quick self destruct to get you back into a fresh body. That might clear the mind.

No, it hasn’t. Even the euthanasia requirement wasn’t there in the beginning.

That said, it’s pretty much about what you describe, at least as minimum, as far as I know too.


From documented records we have available, even at Pator Tech back in YC106 when you graduated it was this way.

I didn’t go to Pator Tech and I guess money probably buys favour, but all the records say it was this way, even back then.

I have a close friend who graduated in the same year you did and while he is also Gallente like I am, he doesn’t know of any “non-standard” approaches that were available back then. It was all still new, so people followed the process through as not enough was known to deviate from the normal education.

It’s a big cluster, mister. You, a friend, and a document don’t cover tenth of it. A lot has changed in the 15 years I have been in space.

Mind you, having standards is good. Your friend probably graduated from a quality institute a tad quicker getting up to speed than some others…


I graduated from capsuleer training a bit less than a year ago and can confirm that:

*Training lasts a total of 5-6 years. Combined with the required postsecondary degree, this can become a total of 7-10 years.
*For a very long time, there were no universal standards for capsuleer schools. Thus longer-tenured pilots can all have had wildly different experiences. Standardization began around YC116, while I was still in training.
*Euthanasia was suggested but not required universally until around the same time.
*Arguing about this stuff is dumb, especially when you’re arguing with a highly respected, decorated, intelligent captain who has entertained you with more patience than you deserve.