20 years as capsuleer, ask me anything

On the 26th, 7 days from the moment of posting this message, I will be a an active capsuleer for 20 years.

I will follow the example of other longtime capsuleers and give the option to ask me anything to commemorate this milestone.


Are you tired of the empire’s ■■■■■■■■ yet? I don’t mean any specific one, but feel free to go in depth with whichever has your most ire.


What was your biggest adventure?
Are there some things you regret and would like to go back in time to change them?
What was the most beautiful thing you have seen in space?


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What or who does your primary loyalty belong to?


At night, are you kept awake thinking of the untold thousands that died as a result of your actions over those 20 years of capsuleer malarkey ?

Or do you have one of those luxury Gallente pillows and are out like a light as soon as you hit the sheets ?

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I have become disillusioned with the Empires. I was hopefull at first that they would slowly move forward and advance their societies and strive to improve the quality of life for all who live within the Empires. While I don’t approve of the attack on CONCORD and the invasion of the Amarr Empire, I understand why it was done. We Matari were broken and incomplete in the centuries after the Day of Darkness. Saving the Starkmanir who we all believed to have been lost forever and to see a different history for the Nefantar made us whole and we can maybe finally start looking at healing and moving forward as a people. The fall from grace and ultimate loss of our Ray of Matar still haunts me to this day.

The rise of Tibus Heth and his reign to me showed the dark side of the State. Otro Gariushi was a hero for resisting Tibus Heth and keeping a level head. I feel he would have made a great head of the CEP and the State and cluster is worse off without him.

The Federation was seemingly heading towards a bright future. The invasion of Luminaire changed all of that. With the fall from grace from president Foiritan and the ongoing conflict, the risk of repeating the darkness from the Ultranatinalists is looming again.

As for the Amarr Empire, the death of Emperor Heideran VII and the assasination of Emperor Dorian II certainly changed the political direction of the Empire. It ended the direction of co-existance. With Chancellor Karsoth the Empire started down a different path. The resurgence of Reclaiming, suggestion of the Republic being nothing but Rebel provinces, spying and theft through EDENCOM and what happened in Turnur is causing things to stir within me that I want to leave buried.

My biggest adventure?

I would say that my biggest adventure so far has been my time with the Arataka Research Consortium. I got involved with them at the start of the Triglavian Invasions. Organising capsuleers, designing fleet compositions and fittings to combat the Triglavian Collective and learn more about them and their technology has certainly been something that had a big impact in my development as a capsuleer.

I have several regrets but I would say that my biggest regret to this day is being unable to capture Tibus Heth when he was on the run. I did lead several sorties to try and capture him but I was not proficient with locating ships through the use of combat probes and neither were the people that joined the sorties. He, together with Seriatim Foucault, is at the top of my list of people I wish to capture and turn over to the authorities.

As for the most beautiful thing that I have seen in space… that’s a hard question to answer. If we are just talking about things to see, I would probably have to say the Nexus Transfer area of a Drifter Hive


Another hard question.

I wish to strive for improving the scientific understanding of the cluster and advance technology in order to improve the quality of life for all who live within the Empires. I am aware that this is naive and unrealistic, but I prefer to strive for a better future for all instead of just giving in to the current spiral of conflict.

If I was forced to give a ranking however, I would say that my top 5 is going to be:

1 - Myself, my believes and my convictions
2 - The Matari people
3 - My Family, Circle, Clan and Tribe
4 - The Arataka Research Consortium

I have no problem sleeping at night, I doubt I would have been able to last the 20 years otherwise. I do from time to time have a moment of silence to reflect and honour the memory of the lives that were lost on the ships I have piloted.


How do you live with the horror — the absolute horror — of being Minmatar?


…and the shame!


There is neither horror nor shame. I am happy and proud of my life so far.


Any goals you’d like to achieve by year 30?

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Over all that time, are there any people who’ve been along the way for all or a good portion of it? How do you feel about them now? Did that change at any point?

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This is something that drove me towards the the flow of Vyraj…so I want to ask, is there a “good guy” (referring to the Empires and major corporations)?

Without doing indepth research I came to the conclusion, No, am curious for someone such as yourself =)



  • Be part of a top 3 team of the grand tournament;
  • Mastering the use all ships and systems that are available to us capsuleers and be able to perform any task that we capsuleers are allowed to do;
  • Finding a partner to share my future with (male or female and either capsuleer or not);
  • Adopting to create my own family;
  • Being a good example and rolemodel;

There have been a few groups that I shared a good amount of time with. The people from the corporation United Alliance and the corporation of Delta Vane Corp while it was part of the Mordus Angels Alliance. Most from the United Alliance corporation have retired and after the Mordus Angels Alliance went into hybernation, the members went different ways.
In recent years I would say there are certainly pilots from both within the Aratake Research Consortium Alliance and community in general that I regularly walk a shared path with.

It’s is a simple reality that capsuleer life will put a strain on you as a person, your sanity and drive. Everyone deals with the good and the bad differently and has their own absolute limits. And you will be pushed to those limits one way or another.
I treasure the people I get to walk along with on my path and the 20 years have only made me more aware of how precious this is.

I’ve come to the realisation that everyone and everything is neither black or white. We are all different shades of grey that is in flux. Everyone is trying to survive, thrive and provide for themselves and/or others. The actions and interactions that follow from that will be viewed and judged differently depending on the time, situation, background and people.


Favorite flavor of Corn Paste?!

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Favorite Caldari Megacorp, and why.

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I’ve never eaten any Corn Paste and I don’t have the desire to try it either. As part of keeping me as grounded as possible, I regularly spend time outside of the capsule and during that time I eat actual meals. I even prefer to make my own meals if possible.

That is an easy one for me: Ishukone Corporation
Ishukone Corporation has been a great example of what it means to care for those you are responsible for and make them thrive as much as possible while navigating the quakmire of State and Interstaller politics. I have a great deal of respect for how the late Otro Gariushi managed it all and how Mens Reppola is doing it now.


Thank you for sharing! From experience, a capsuleer partner (or a partner that’s willing to dabble) makes this marathon a lot more fun. @Bunzil_Sigrun <3
Our seven year old can’t wait for Fleet Command.

Best of luck on your mission to make top three. o7

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And starting today, my 3rd decade as a capsuleer has begun



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