10 years

So it seems I missed being a capsuleer of 10 years by a few days. For some it’s a big moment of reflection or celebration, I remember many used to mark such an occasion by hosting a party. Silver’s was quite fun…

But I can’t be bothered so here’s a low effort thread where I suppose you can ask me anything and I might answer it if I feel like it. I feel I aught place some kind of mark down, but really I just feel somewhat jaded. Capsuleerdom just… doesn’t feel like it used to? Thankfully I’ve never subscribed to the idea of being some immortal demi-God who would get to witness the heat death of the stars themselves, but 10 years is somewhat still short to be fed up with it all, no? Curious. Oh well.

My favourite ice cream is chocolate fudge before you ask.


So then are we going diving again?

Capsuleer fatigue is very much a thing. I’ve been feeling it quite severely myself in recent months after only, what, two and a half years or so in the pod?

It makes sense though, human beings aren’t really meant to be static. We’re meant to grow and evolve. Further, the capsuleer social environment isn’t exactly the healthiest in the cluster, which probably exacerbates matters.

On the flip side, a decade, even if only a minute period of time relative to a typical baseliner lifespan, is still a significant milestone, and it appears to be one that many capsuleers do not manage to reach before they retire back to life outside of the pod.

For what it’s worth, Paladin, I have felt honoured to know you during the fleeting time that we have shared a capsuleer alliance. Even if your motiviation for capsuleer affairs no longer feels as strong as it once did, I am glad to see you still around in whatever capacity you feel most comfortable. I believe that sentiment is broadly shared.


Depends. When are you next free?

Do you believe in second chances, Utari Onzo?

I suppose that depends on some context. Broadly speaking, I do, and I would be a poor Amarrian if I didn’t, given the Reclaimation is fundamentally about giving humanity a second chance to serve in the grace of God. But human and fallible as I am, there are of course exceptions, with a fuzzy grey band delineating where I would or would not give or accept someone getting a second chance, and not a bright clear line. I am only human, after all.

But Reclamation is more of a punishment than a second chance, no? It is a stipulation that the reclaimed must serve at the dictation of another, as a consequence of something they’ve done or are. Perhaps a better term would be forgiveness. Do you believe in that? Forgiveness for a crime not committed with intent, in a situation that the accused had no control over? I am sure by now you know the context.

How’re the puppers?

So, we can get married now?

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My dear Utari I been free since the last two years, not set a foot in a capsule for nearly three.

Between having a two year old hounding my every move, asking her mother about everything between the stars, and running a black market… I should be able to find the time.

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Is the universe going to end, and if so when?

What has tested your faith the most? This covers both your time before and after becomming a capsuleer.

Why haven’t you visited my gym?

Or my Wind Garden for that matter?

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So it seems the quote function isn’t working on the dataslate, so apologies.

Emilia, I am well aware of the context you are referring to, and I have full sympathy for someone being caught up in a situation they had no blame in. However, negligence and failure to do one’s sworn duty is, in itself, a crime to which the individual was charged and ultimately punished for. I had no input in the original case, my only duty is to continue to oversee the sentence is carried out. Regardless, it is not untoward for punishment of some kind to be applied concurrent to, or as part of, being given a second chance. I will not elaborate further on the matter here, however, as the Court of Capsuleer Opinion is not one I place any legal weight behind.

Arrendis, doing well though by this point the first batch are pretty much adults in their own right.

Lasa, you know exactly when we have it planned, don’t be coy.

Zaera, I have no idea. Scientists suggest it will reach a point of being as good as ended with the heat death of the last stars in some absurdly distant time. My last clone body will be long turned into dust by that point, and with any luck my soul in Paradise, so I have no desire to contemplate on such a thing any further.

Dutch. I suppose the greatest test of faith I had was the whole affair with that blasted heretical Duke. Seeing such an obvious serpent in our midst climbing the ladder, powerless to stop it, had me chaffing at the system. Things eventually rectified themselves on that front.

Ax’l. I don’t generally frequent gyms run by other individuals when I have perfectly serviceable equipment both at home and within the facilities operated by the Chapter. This is not a negative opinion towards your own, merely that I have no need or desire to look elsewhere. I’ll have to get back to you about the wind garden.



I wasn’t inferring that you should join, just drop by. Say hi. Visit and all that lot.

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Yes but winding you up is a particular hobby of mine.

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What are your thoughts on frozen yogurt?


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What is the projectile velocity of a carton of yogurt?