The displaced

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Apparently I post nothing of worth and start nothing of my own. Well, let’s do a little something about that.

I keep seeing threads started addressing members of a particular faction, asking their opinions on a number of issues. There’s a strong implication there. I myself am Amarrian by birth, which many overlok or ignore as suits them. I’ve lived for several years in Matari space yet would not claim to associate with them. A claim which would no doubt horrify many if I made it.
Currently I spend much of my time in the Federation yet would not claim myself to be Gallente by any means.
So what about those of us who have a home but little allegiance, or allegiance but no home.
Or even those who have neither?
What may be considered important to us? What questions could be levelled to such displaced individuals that might engage us and lend insight?
If these questions interest anyone I promise to answer any levelled towards me and I encourage others in a similar situation to do the same. Ignorance is the ally of hatred, by isolating ourselves we encourage the differences which continue to divide us.

(Lasairiona Raske) #2

I suppose you could say I am displaced. I don’t typically practice any Matari traditions, as it were, since my children are all half Caldari as well. I try to expose them to all manner of religious practices, and they seem to enjoy learning about the various cultures in the cluster.

If I were to say what’s most important to me, it would be my children and my close friends. Factional alliances shift and change, but the people who care about you tends to stay rather consistent. Those are the ones you can rely on, no matter what happens with the greater politics of New Eden.

Sorry for being so…sentimental, however, this is how I feel.

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There’s nothing wrong with valuing those close to you.

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If you are talking about threads like my megacorp poll, I was specifically asking about each insividual’s factional associations before they were granted capsuleer status and all the independence that status brings.

So, where were you born? If you were born in the Empire, in which Royal House’s domains did you live? If you were born and raised outside of the Empire, how did your family come to be there? Any sifnificant life events before becoming a capsuleer that you feel are worth mentioning?

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Wow, Ms Ember, I really like this thread you started. Who said that you don’t do anything original on the boards?

Just for clarification, the Federation is composed of many member states, so you could be a full member and not be Gallente.

So what about those of us who have a home but little allegiance, or allegiance but no home.

How about torn allegiances? I really feel like I’m being pulled in numerous directions some days making it hard to stick to my values and principles. I think that’s partially why I post so frequently on IGS, I’m trying to work things out.

What may be considered important to us?

Aside from friends and family back home? Your corp mates, the friends your make abroad. Establishing a home of your own in a cluster full of hostiles. To name a couple.

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I’d rather not get too detailed on a public forum about my life before becoming a capsuleer. My home world is in the Reya system. That will do to be going on with. As far as I’m aware my family have always been there, although I’m no longer certain they always will be. Surviving childhood and boarding school seems fairly significant to me. I can fill in more details offline if you’re especially curious.

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I had considered posting in the thread about the Fed, but even if I still hold that citizenship, it has not been my home for a long time, nor is my allegiance with it as strong as it once was.

I used to be “displaced” for quite a while. I don’t think I am anymore. I hope I won’t be.

I use to lead my own corporation, my own movement: HUCOM. What follows is part of the announcement I intended to post on the IGS after creating my corp. I never did.

Peace. Purpose. Prosperity.

Those are the 3 things I most looked for when I decided to give capsuleer life a try. And not just for me, I wanted all people to find these 3 things. No nation seemed to be having these same goals in mind, and it was unlikely that I could change them to my liking. If I wanted to find a nation where I would feel at home, I would have to create it myself. As a capsuleer, I would have the option to do so, therefor I took the chance to become one when it was offered to me.

Not long after obtaining my license, I found a company with policies that I was very comfortable with, and for a long time I felt at home there, something I knew I was lucky to find, as I had learned I am a bit of an oddball among capsuleers. Eventually though, those policies changed too much for my liking, and I felt like I was without a purpose and no longer contributed to something meaningful. It did not feel like home anymore. I did not want to be part of ‘just a company’ any longer.

For weeks, if not months, I searched for an organization to call my new home, but I could not find one. I came to the conclusion that, if there was one that suited my views, I could not find it. I would have to create my own home, my own nation. I would have to choose my own path, and see who I meet on it and who will follow.

I guess I never posted it because I would be better able to cope with finding no kindred spirits who would follow, or who I could follow, if I never raised my flag. I think I also feared I would be an inadequate leader, and that the home I tried to build would crumble.
So, if I were to give advise to the displaced, it would be to not lose hope, and to raise your flag. You may be surprised to find out that you’re not as alone as you thought, and that you can find a home, or (help) build one. It will crumble, but (almost?) everything does.


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Sadly I fear I proved an inadequate leader when I tried something similar. But at least I tried and provided a home for people for a while.

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