The shore remains

Five years!

Five years since we lost the light of the Ray of Matar, and what a waste for years have they been! We are still in the same war of attrition, we are still slowly losing it, there is no new Ray, and there is no real justice. The same frauds sit in the same ‘tribal council’ and the same people are still shackled in Darkness.

What do you care about nations and governments, you are a capsuleer, asked the (once) famous @GoGo_Yubari in another thread. And oh my, is that a question I’ve been asking myself these past few years.

My nation is gone. My oath is broken. I am legally a ghost to my clan. My Chief is but a shadow cast by the Ray.

My alliance is a shadow of its former self. The rivals of my alliance are shadows of their former selves. Even the enemies of my alliance are nothing but that.

Why am I still here?

Because blood and spirit. I am what I am. Love dies, allies betray, but kin remains. I’ve done my bit of rage and grief and revenge. Time to let go and move on or build anew.

There are many gods in this universe
And the Amarrian God is the most powerful of them all
But strength does not equal wisdom
And might does not make right

I fully and completely renounce the evil God
I will not obey His commands
I will not follow His followers
I will not fear His punishment

I am Rhiannon
I am Sebiestor
I stand here today, surrounded by my kin
Our blood is one, and my spirit is free


(Renouncement as spoken in Rhiannon; apologies for the crude translation. I especially struggle with the last line. I chose the variation for Mid-year renewal of kinship alliances because it fits here but the words for blood/kin and soul/spirit/clan do not exactly translate.)

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Excellent writing Ms. Rhiannon. May your ancestors guide you.


I kind of suspect they’ve lost hope and mostly shake their heads in exasperation looking at my endeavors, but one can always hope.

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Don’t speak so ill about yourself. I am sure you have a reason for what you did and they will understand you.


As I always like to say

There are two kind of people in this world; those who try to rebuilt the past into the present, and those who try to built the future into the present

I will be honest and say that it would be interesting to hear what you are planning to move into but I understand if you wouldn’t anyway. I just wish it will be constructive for New Eden and your soul in the end.


To be a disappointment not just to my ancestors but also to the curious idle folks of the IGS, I still do not have a real plan.

But I might be ready to start considering having one.


The mere fact your alliance stands once more only shows it has a shadow to cast. Your alliances rivals stagger, you stand steadfast. The shadow your alliance casts has definately acted as a something to show others after it they too should step out from it and project a shadow to spur on our future warriors themselves. I hope its time is not up but it has far from done nothing for our people.


Best of luck on your journey, Ms. Rhiannon. I do not envy you the turmoil, but know that from the ash sometimes springs the most vibrant growth.


Else you need to join me for a few strong drinks and imported cigars.


Imported from where? We can cross all of human-inhabited space in under 90 minutes. Everything’s close enough to be ‘domestic’.

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Because the words Never Again are so much more than mere words. Of course, the question is, what more than mere words is there, these days?


Sounds like a plan.

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Imported as in ‘from outside the Pator system’. I have a friend who travels around the Wildlands and who has a source for some amazing hand-rolled cigars.


Hello Else

It is interesting to read this, while remembering that not too many years ago, you shook your head at what you considered my folly, when I refused to align with any clan, to make Sebiestor tribe business my business above all else. And I say that not to gloat, but rather as a reflection on how things change over time.

The way I see it, you have now grown out of the need for a cause to be your identity. Instead, you can now set some goals you want to achieve, one of which I’d suggest to be the rebuilding of your own self, divested of who you painted yourself to be to fit the cause of your clan and tribe.

I wish you luck on that never-ending path.


Yea, well.

Fate walks on twisted paths, as they say.

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