State of the Republic!

Seven years since the death of Karin Midular and the events in Colelie. Twelve since the Purge.

Status report.

Heimatar: Never again. Don’t mind the Deathglow and notepads, happens to the best of us.

Metropolis: Source of some pretty fun tribal action lately, both in space (“mm, bacon”) and on planets (“our land, our jurisdiction”). Lovely place. You really should come visit. Bring ammo.

Molden Heath: as ■■■■■■ as usual, or more, what with Seykal and Krullefor. It is a miracle that after all these years people other than Angels still give a ■■■■ about it.

Great Wildlands: “This is not a matter for the Great Caravans.” I mean, what is?

Sanmatar Shakor: Still here. Wonder if the Assembly still even bothers going through the selection process every other year, or do they just put out a press release saying they did and go drinking?

Tribal Council: ■■■■■■. Basically a puppet body that nods and smiles. The best amount of integrity most of them can find is abstain when they should vote no. So nothing new there.

Corruption: Doing stellarly. Tended lovingly by Krusual who weed out any silly investigation attempts.

War: Still not here. Nice try in Floseswin tho by Command and RJD, and even the Fleet seems to have found some ships again to go patrolling. Good at least to have Filmir back. Too bad all it’ll get us is that Khanid blooder nutcase blowing the whole ■■■■■■■ place up.

Coming for Our People: still a nope.

What did I miss?


The door on your way out. R.I.P. that wall.

Naw, but looks about right to me.


The Krullefor Organization and the Angel Cartel making a mess in Skarkon?

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I thought I covered that with “why the ■■■■ does anyone but Angels still give a ■■■■ about MH” part.

I agree. It feels like the officials have fallen asleep and now leave their brothers and sisters to do all the tasks. There is no time for empty promises or sleeping as long as our people are suffering!
Maybe we need to remind the people in charge what their purpose is…

Just my drop of water on a hot stone: =^_^=

Which one, the one on the Theology Council, or the one posing as a blind Brutor?

Woah, Arri.

I was thinking the former, who is allegedly on the mudball, and has made threats of drowning everything in blood and fire and so forth.

Yeah, that’s fair.

Good point, don’t mind me, its an age thing.

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