[Announcement] Ushra'Khan Leadership

open transmission

The screen shows a small room dominated by a stage with a lectern. Behind it two banners are on display: the Flag of the Minmatar Republic and the clenched fist of Ushra’Khan. The camera focuses on the person on the stage:
A middle aged man with dark hair and tribal tattoos on his stern face. He wears a worn out uniform of the Tribal Liberation Forces that lacks any kind of insigia other then the two depicted on the banners.


I will make this short.

As some might allready know two weeks ago Det Resprox has stepped down as the leader of Ushra’Khan. This is the end of an era as he had led the UNITY for as long as I have known it. I could praise his deeds but I guess what we consider deeds others here might consider crimes so I will do that via the internal channels.

The responsibility of his successorship lies upon me. I am Chief Harkon Thorson of the Minmatar Secret Service and I have been involved in leadership roles within Ushra’Khan for the last two years and have fought for the Republic for more then 3. I have been there for the exodus, the fall of the warzone to the slavers and the slow rebuilt all the way to our latest period of domination. Those expiriences will surely help now that the slavers raise their ugly faces again.

For now there will be no changes in the current diplomatic relations with other entities.

We will continue our fight against the slavers and for the Republic.

We come for our people!

The Chief holds his right hand to over his heart and slightly bows the head.

May the Spirits of Matar guide you

end of open transmission



Congratulations, I guess.

So is U/K gonna continue wasting time and resources on the border or are you gonna do something more constructive for the people?

Asking for a friend.

who the ■■■■ is Ushra’Khan? why are they relevant? and why would I care if their leadership has changed? You say you fight for the republic, and that you “come for your people”. then why haven’t I heard of you before.

I’ll admit, I haven’t been a capsuleer for very long, but in the past year i’ve never even heard a whisper of what y’all are doing for “your people”. meanwhile i’ve learned way more than I ever wanted to know about every sub-sect of the amarr faith imaginable.

seems to me like a whole lot of bluster. Words are just wind through the vents, actions are what matters. and from what i’ve seen even the cartel is doing a better job of freeing “your people” than you are.

Hell from what i’ve been hearing Nauplius has freed more slaves than you have.

If your gonna be making claims to fight for all minmatar, then you gotta step up your game. Maybe a change of leadership will be what it takes, and I wish you the best of luck.

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You haven’t heard them shouting their good deeds for all to hear because anyone who truely does good doesn’t feel a need to inform the rest of the cluster of their good deeds. Sorry you haven’t heard of one of the oldest groups with a history of doing what they claim.


if you are doing a good job of things, then you don’t NEED to inform the rest of the cluster. because other people will do it for you.


Also true…


Some say that Ushra’Khan’s glory days mostly lie in the past. They were unfairly snubbed by the Republic over the Insorum thing. U’K having apparently the only working sample of that cure. Then all of a sudden blammo and somehow the Republic has all the Insorum it will ever need, and U’K’s sample ceases to be particularly relevant.

Shenanigans were suspected by many.

But like a thing that hides until striking, there’s an animal that does that but I forget the name offhand, Ushra’Khan hasn’t gone away.

So let that be a lesson to you!


Stealth bomber pilot?


Alright, then:

Ushra’Khan is one of the oldest capsuleer organizations in New Eden. Minmatar loyalists, they’ve been involved in a large number of pivotal moments in the ongoing fighting against the Empire.

Before the onset of the ridiculous nonsense many of us call the Pendulum Games began, U’K fought tooth and nail in the Great Wildlands, Bleak Lands, and other then-contested regions of space, pushing back against Imperial aggression and assisting other groups, like the Defiants, in taking the fight to the Empire. When Prime Minister Midular had the Republic Fleet meet with Defiants Admiral Muritor under a flag of truce and then turn and attack him, U’K was there to attempt to defend him, and placed a 1 ISK bounty on the Prime Minister’s head—something that was well-publicized and both hugely acclaimed and broadly decried across the Republic. They were involved in the events surrounding the Elder Fleet and the Defiants’ brave sacrifice to buy the Fleet time to escape, as well as attempting to assist Republic Fleet forces during the confrontation in Colelie. Hel, they’ve even represented the Republic by proxy in the Alliance Tournament, with encouragement from now-Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor (then a Member of Parliament).

While the artificial and pointless wargaming of the CEWPA conflict has made most of the actual fighting going on pointless and moot, U’K have remained active and engaged, attempting to aid our people in whatever way they can. And the fact that a graduate of the Republic Military School doesn’t know all of this already, including the very well-known elements of public history across the last fifteen years just boggles my mind.

But there: you wanted ‘other people’ to inform you of things the rest of the cluster already knows. Just because we don’t spend hours a day talking about the work U’K’s been doing every day for probably most of your life, while the Amarr fill every waking moment with public bickering over their god-delusions and trying to get people to tell them ‘there there, being slavemongers whose lives would collapse without the misery of trillions doesn’t make you bad people’ doesn’t mean they’re not out there, or that you would’ve had to have been living under a rock in Caldari space for more than a decade not to know about the bloody hand of the Ushra’Khan.

And Valerie…

Every predator, ever?


And who are you?


That’s Bjorn. Everybody knows Bjorn. He used to go by Bjorne, but people at RMS thought he was that purple TEST mascot then, and hazed him, so…


We will continue our fight [—] for the Republic.

Am I a horrible person, or just old, if I laughed? Oh the times.

Be that as it may, may Fate smile on you and yours, Harkon. You deserve it.


No, it was either the trapdoor spider, or one of those marine cephalopod animals, that I was thinking of. You know, the ones that can camouflage themselves.

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Nobody of any importance, Just someone who sees all the banging of the wardrums and chest thumping made by our people as being more noise than substance. the “warrior spirit” of our people has frankly become a joke.

I believe you must have me mistaken for someone else, I never attended RMS.

and while I do appreciate the history lesson, my point was that for a group that supposedly fights to defend our people, and liberate them. they don’t actually seem to be doing all that much. “defending our borders” and “securing the warzone” might sound admirable, but as you yourself said, they are largely pointless exercises designed to distract.

Ushra’khan may have been great once, and if everything you have said is true, I sincerely hope that the change of leadership re-invigorates them.
But fighting a pointless “war” in borderlands that are already well defended is hardly worthy of praise.
I understand that Concords rules of engagement prevents any true liberation campaigns from taking part in the empire proper. but if they want to free more people, and actually start making a difference again why not head into providence?
I did a little bit more reading and found out that U’K managed to liberate providence once before, it might be a fools errand with how entrenched CVA is, but since when has fighting out numbered and out gunned ever stopped our people?

Bold claims must be backed up by bold actions, and as of yet I have not seen them. but I will be pleasantly surprised if this time things end up being different.

oh, and the rock I was living under was out in curse, not caldari space. and it was for 3 decades not one. so there are some rather glaring holes in my knowledge of current events for the past while.

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Cuz it looks like you did.

As for attacking Providence… there’s really very little for U’K to gain that way. Other, far larger groups already are, and U’K would have to fight them, as well.If you want to see Providence burn… just wait for winter.

Bold actions with no chance of success aren’t ‘bold’, they’re ‘futile’ and ‘wasted’.


the right amount of money in the right hands can get all sorts of paperwork signed.


And fedo farts on the IGS are free.


“The Southern Hag”, cackling from her den in the depths of a gravity well somewhere.

… seriously, where have you been?

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Ushra’khan: unironically awful since negative-YC9000.

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This is true, you start out as a faceless nobody, hand over a large amount of money, steal someone’s identity and suddenly you’re Bjorn again as someone new, throwing around your opinions on Capsuleer organisations older than your faked identity as if anything you say carries any weight.