[UNITY] Liberation of the UNITY-station

Observing Providience with our watchful eyes and seeing the turmoil. Preperations was started and a plan was set in motion, a citadel was raised in our old homesystem of 9UY4-H as a forwarding point to once again take the fight against the slavers. After several skirmishes the UNITY-station is now finally back in Ushra’Khan control.

The official news statement read as following;

“Today, The banners of Amarr is torned down from our beloved station, for almost 10 years have we longed for this moment. Through blood, sweat and unrivaled determination we came from the darkness of our past to this conjuction of time. Were the us the Minmatar once again roam the skies of provi. Our Ancestors and those that walked before us watch with pride of our accomplishment today. The banners of the seven tribes and the red fist once again adorne our ancient homstead, long live the Matari, Long l"ive Ushra’Khan!”

Im incredibly proud of the warriors that were there this day and a shoutout to all our kin who helped us make this day true.
Today is a day of celebration!

Special Agent,
Red Khalmer


Okay, so, as a general thing this is something it seems like I should be mulling over thoughtfully and in a serious way, but, I’m finding it a little hard to get past the following typo. Or I assume it’s a typo.


thanks, its been changed.

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Good to see Ushra’Khan out there and doing things.


A)Replace the period after ‘turmoil’ with a comma, and correct the spelling of ‘preparations’. Also, it’s a plural, so the verb is ‘were’, and you want to put a period after ‘motion’ and capitalize the ‘A’. This eliminates the sentence fragment you lead off with.
B)Replace the period after ‘time’ with a comma, and insert the ‘h’ you missed to make the next word ‘where’. Then replace ‘the us the’ with ‘we’, and capitalize ‘Provi’.
C)Capitalize ‘Tribes’.
D)Either put a period after ‘Matari’ or make that next ‘L’ lower-case. Then remove the " in the middle of ‘l"ive’.

Congratulations on getting Brave and the rest of Legacy to give you the station.


Well, Triple-A isn’t around to do it this time.

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Welcome back to what you were, It was missed and such a breath of fresh air to hear about. Best of luck with the next steps you take and congrats on what you’ve achieved today!


Well thanks for the help everyone! Even if only with Red’s spelling, punctuation and grammar. He was excited, and I’m sure you got the gist of what he was trying to say.

We worked hard at that persuasion Arrendis! Took a fair gamble redeploying to Providence to do it and by a quirk of fate even managed to take the station on a most auspicious day:

Ten years ago today the communal heart of the Minmatar people was made whole again. A part of the Tribes long thought lost forever to the orbital laser weaponry of the Amarr was rediscovered a mere half dozen jumps from the borders of the Republic. On the planet of Haltzurzhan in the Jarizza system, former home world of the Nefantarr Tribe, the last remnants of the once proud Starkman tribe were found by the Sisters of Eve.



Congrats you bunch of terrorists and dissidents.


Providence stopped being about the Faithfull a long damn time ago. Those Amarr banners hadn’t been saluted by a majority of CVA or Providence in a long damn while. You reap what you sow and all that, Providence stopped being about Operation Deliverance and about maintaining the Status Quo for freelancer. What a waste of all those years.

Enjoy the spoils of Providence while they’re still around U’K, I kinda guess you earned it?


Hey, I wasn’t belittling it. Good work.


Bit early to call it off, isn’t it? If there ever was a point where CVA could return to what it was, unhindered by said status quo, wouldn’t this be it? Wait too long, and a new status quo sets in and it’ll be too late, but this is exactly the moment when concerted effort can return it to its roots. The outer regions are always fluid and impermanent, and shedding the bloat now could very well be in CVA’s best interests now.

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That is my hope but my personal fear is that it might be a bit too little and a bit too late.

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Congratulations! Keep fighting the good fight, Ushra’Khan, and if you ever need a spare gun-hand, I’m more than happy to pitch in a little freelance work pro bono for old friends.


It is a dark day in the history, while the savages are celebrating their temporary victory, dancing and yelling over dead bodies of honorable defenders of Providence, we will mourn fallen soldiers, who were valiantly defending their space from Minmatar invaders, would they be in space, in station corridors or on planets.

This day is a huge step back for all civilized nations, it is a tradegy and the lesson we shall learn.

We all, the people of the cluster, shall stay together, we shall stop the encroaching menace of raging savage hordes - until they reach our homes. The story of the Providence is a sad one - but it is not the end of the world. There are still plenty of honorable soldiers of the State and noble paladins of the Empire to protect our space from this threat.

The day will come and we will clean the Providence from injustice of savages, we will make them pay for every life, for every isk they took.

But right now we shall concentrate on preventing these tribal bandits from accessing our low security space.

■■■■ off Diana


Hey, Diana? Did you know that U’K killed absolutely no-one to re-take this station? That it was brutally attacked and taken from the honorable defenders of Providence by supposed Amarr loyalists Pandemic Legion in January, and that Brave Newbies, acting alongside other members of the Legacy Coalition and CVA, liberated the station on May 24, and then sold it to U’K?

Sold. A business transaction. A mark of civilization. No dancing or yelling over dead bodies—that was all done by the ‘Amarr loyalists’ who attacked other Amarr loyalists out of boredom.

So exactly what ‘injustice’ are you talking about?


Indeed, today all people mourn the countless lives lost in this most symbolic of victories for U’K…



The injustice that Caldari Prime is still in the Luminaire system even after all these years.

And this is why the Federation must be destroyed.

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I find it odd that a member of Templis CALSF would make such a statement, even when considering that they are active in the State Protectorate’s operations.

The parts that strike me as odd are simple. There are records of hostile actions taken by Templis CALSF against members of the Providence Coalition as recently as YC119. Additionally, another corporation - the Wolfsbrigade, with one Diana Kim involved at the time - is recorded doing the same in YC114.

I question whether any entity involved in Providence would appreciate the involvement of such entities, notably as Templis CALSF is still considered a known hostile entity to members of the Providence Coalition.

Public combat records: Diana Kim in Providence region
Public combat records: Templis CALSF in Providence region