UNITY station

…back in the bloody fists of those who once built it.

Few will care, its no longer newsworthy - the sacrifices made
building, defending and losing it are long forgotten.

    • an intense glare finishing off transmission - -

ps: ccp - this post flagged as spam? you gotta be kidding me, is this how you try to supress roleplay?


One of the last actions Provi-Bloc/ CVA did before leaving our home in exile was to give back this Faction Fortizar. Our peoples have both shed blood of each others for over a decade. No groups can claim to have such a holy war between one another. When we looked back at our home…It was fitting to give back this citidel to UK. For UK is a noble and honorable enemy, unlike those of RC and their Pirate Filth.

If we didnt make this move then more than likely RC would kill it so they can have their blood lust sated. Such groups like RC care not for history. History means something to us however. We would rather see it in the hands of UK than end up as space dust like so much of our beloved home.

We named the citidel New Amarr Prime…It brings a smile to see it renamed to Unity Station…it reminds me of older times. Empires come and go yet we two alliances have survived. Borders have changed…times have changed. It gives me hope for the future. As you have reclaimed your old station and glory…we too will one day reclaim our home of Providence.

Our people our destined to war one another until the very stars die out. I would have it no other way old friends…

Amarr Victor,

Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz.


Respectful words, maybe even respect demanding deeds from an old foe.

Unexpected, but i take it.

The strategic meaning is no longer what it once was, when we fought CVA based from there.
But to us old farts it wakes many joyful and painful memories… i was there in the guardian fleet, watching this “egg” hatch, i was there defending it against a massive pirate coalition… and i was there
losing it against CVA and their strong allies.

At this point i would state though that the “glory” has not yet returned… it is not a strategical base at
the moment, just a symbol for those who remember… we shall see what comes out of it.

For now i am just personally grateful to all parties involved who made such an unlikely diplomatic stunt possible.

<o. USHRAKHAN - we come for our people


Dare I say it, this is actually touching, amid the crap that constantly gets thrown at most of us from our shitty emninities and inability to leave each other alone and at peace.

Hopefully folks can learn some things here. Probably not. But who knows. Hope is dead when we no longer give ourselves a chance.

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Paladin Saltz, it makes me cringe watching you declare the intentions and plans of those who ran you out of Holy Providence. Such astute clairvoyance should have been put to use much earlier.

The CEO of Reikoku is one of the pilots who laid down the foundations of this structure all those years ago. There was little chance it would have faced destruction, unless you made a tactical issue out of the matter.

You abandoned what you could not hold, any and all parties watching see that plainly. Patting yourself on the back for it is entirely unnecessary, and beneath your usual standards.

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Ohhhh, Graelyn, RKK giving a crap about anything but self-gratification. That’s rich.

The fortizar in question is a literal monument. What greater expression of ego do you need?
You just posted in a thread about the thing.

You confuse me sometimes, and not in the tactically clever way.

I didn’t say ‘expressions of ego’, though, did I? There are a lot of forms of self-gratification, and RKK’s form has always been short-term, flashy, and explosive. Especially when it can upset other people.

I like to think that if I chant “REIKOKU!” three times in a dark room, you’ll come bursting out of the nearest mirror, caked in your own bile, screaming incoherently.


What the hell is in this wine??

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You can think whatever you like. It won’t make anyone forget who RKK have been, for all these years.

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