Ushra'Khan joins Matari loyalists in Floseswin


As of yesterday Ushra’Khan has withdrawn from the mission blockade. We have joined the brave Minmatar loyalist forces fighting in Floseswin.
While our citadel in system was destroyed by a combined attack of Amarrian and pirate forces we remain in control of the customs office and are doing our best to support the ground forces. Our fleets are putting pressure on the slavers infrastructure in system and are making good progress.

At the same time we have unleshed the operatives in the Huola system. The Bloody Hand will strike back at the slavers and concentrate their attacks on the holdings of the noble houses and the administrative infrastructure. These attacks will only be the beginning.
Just to clarify the the rumors that have been spread: Our forces are not using blooder tactics and will use neither chemical nor bioligical weapons. The alligations brought forwards against us are fabricated.

Our reasons for signing the treaty and now breaking it will be adressed in a seperate statement that will be published in the next days.
For now I can only announce that one of the main Amarrian supporters of the treaty was killed while out of his pod and has died permanently as we were informed by an offical statement:
“FHP was registered stealing a hotdog from the Hadozeko TLF station. Members of the Minmatar Secret Police caught up with her and her male concubine in her private quarters.
As we all know FHP’s crimes against the Matari are countless and she was executed on sight.
The male Concubines name is Gunther and he refusing to make any statements.”
While this might be the offical statement I suspect this to be a retaliation of forces that the mission blockade targeted and that opposed it. Further investigations will follow.

Best regards
Chief Harkon Thorson


I will warn you once. Stay away from the castles.

How freakin’ ironic. Huola’s where the one abolitionist Holding I am aware of is. She’s there because she’s ‘in exile’ due to her views. Of course that’s where U’K hits.


On behalf of EM, we are happy to see U’K with us again and welcome you to the fight for Floseswin. Our forces put together will have much better chance of coverage of the system, as the past 24 hours show.

That said, we must condemn any and all attacks on third-party civilian targets. War is not pretty, but making it uglier by perpertrating ourselves the kind of oppression and terror we are trying to root out cannot be the solution. Especially now that U’K has abandoned the misguided treaty gifting away our territory and is again willing to fight by their proper means, taking such desperate measures should not be necessary.


In addition, this particular Holding is currently housing a few thousand Matari refugees from Octanneve V. As such, we request that U’K and its allies operating in Huola refrain from attacking that property, out of respect for the safety of their kin.


I’m sure you as well many other older capsuleers here know, and anyone else who has picked up a history book of the capsuleer era, U’K fights by their own, often ■■■■■■ up morals and reasons. If they happen to point their muscle at something useful, that’s welcome firepower, but usually you can’t depend on them to do the right thing.

That said, I do hope they will stand by their word on this as adamantly as they vowed to keep their word with the slavers.


We received much,persecution from groups who signed the treaty after we left, much to do with honor and keeping our word. It seems that now our words and actions were understood even by our enemies who took the same course of action.

Siege Gold will continue its campaign to liberate Amarr systems and fight its enemies. Subjugation those who resist along the way and cooperating with allied forces to see the complete destruction of their enemies.

A new era is coming and the ancient alliamces to soon depart with its arrival.

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Taking action in defence of our people is and always will be a priority in the heart of UNITY, how ever, enacting revenge also runs through our blood. The Imperial regime will not see the Matari as livestock they can kill, ravage and enslave without consequence. Our actions will ripple through the warzone straight to the feet of their Empress and the ground will tremble with the fearful shaking of those who have wronged us.

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Frankly, that’s unlikely to change no matter how many civilians U’K forces maim and kill in revenge.


It will change how the Matari are seen. Propagating the very attitudes Orta pontificates about.


Tell me more about how U’K hunting down and killing anyone of any standing that they can find will propagate the attitude that Matari can be killed, ravaged, and enslaved without consequence.

I mean, if you’d said ‘it’ll just convince the Heirs that you’re a bunch of savages who can’t control their baser impulses and need to be broken’, I could’ve seen the steps to that, sure. But saying it’s going to convince people that there’s no consequences seems… a little off.

It won’t. You already see us that way.

And it’s not like everyone does not know that these things happen. The punishments and the vengeance. On both sides. Desperate people fight nasty, and when they win, it does not usually get any prettier.

Welcome to war.


Hah, it will change nothing on the opinions of Ushra’khan, we know how kin and foe depict us. As Elsebeth said, you already see us that way. As for the Matari people in general, you see them as livestock, as worker drones and lesser beings.

I would rather be seen as a terrorist, an action taker, than cattle.


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