[Announcement] Ushra'Khan Leadership

I’ll have you know, as a True Amarr, that I’ve been told I am… well not ‘unpleasant’ to look at.

you’re right of course, why bother trying to actually achieve anything. U’K was GREAT once upon a time! and thats what matters. I have seen the error of my ways, I’m sure the billions who are still enslaved will be gladdened to know that U’K is still out there… and they will be coming for them, just as soon as they finish conquering a pointless warzone for what is it, the third time? the fourth?

I fully congratulate them for their change of leadership, may he continue to lead them into mediocrity, since they already did awesome things before their place is secure. clearly my calls for them to maybe try and rise up and become greater than they are now is only my ignorance talking and not actually wanted.


Or maybe the point is that getting snotty at people and then trying to mask your ignorance with further snottery isn’t exactly a winning strategy, that’s all.


I’m sure they’ll get right on to pandering to the cries of a faceless nobody who freely admits forging what little identity he publicly displays rather than developing some sort of strategy of their own and following an agenda that might potentially have some pay off.


@Harkon_Thorson may the dead be benevolent in your court.

Harkon and Oberon share the same stars. To be a Thorson you might look to the Star of Macsin.

Though Oberon and Macsin are at odds.

Fly safe!


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I think Mr. Ephesianos’s pieces, like maybe most things that seem to be, or want to be, poetry, work better when they’re short.

This was actually a little intriguing.

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