Congratulations to Khumatar Kril Efrit

Congratulations to Khumatar Kril Efrit for his promotion to governing official of Skarkon.

I am confident that the Khumatar will handle the crisis on Skarkon with the same professionalism and diplomatic care that he showed in his previous task for the RSS Clandestine Activity Division and Matar Planetary Security and that no doubt earned him this position.

Crush the invaders! Never again another Long Night.


Welcome to Skarkon Khumatar! I’m very pleased to hear that your managing of Skarkon as of late has earned you an illustrious “lateral” promotion here at the farthest rim of the Republic!

I’m confident that the once recalcitrant population will now be much, much more willing to fall in line to their new Khumatar! Especially after your heroic strategy of continuing battling us and other forces even as we pleaded for a ceasefire to protect the local populous against the Triglavian invasion.

So happy to have you here now Kril. Great thing about being immortal! We aren’t going anywhere, and have no plans to so long as Krullefor and Seykal boots stay in the Heath! I’m sure we’ll be the best of neighbors!

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By the way, Khumatar, you may want to update your bio! It’s a bit confusing. Are you Khumatar of Skarkon, or Chief Director of the Clandestine Activity Division? Or planetary security coordinator of Matar? Sprits, I’ve met landed Holders with fewer titles!


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It just has not updated yet, likely. Takes ages sometimes for title updates to go through.


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