Notification of Formal Annexation of Dal to the Amarr Empire

Please be advised that Dal will be under Amarr control within the week.
It has been a pleasure interacting with the locals and observing first hand their primitive warfare strategies of “lots” and “go fast”. Whilst of course this has been managed it has been reminiscent of times long past, simpler times when all one needed was a set of snakes and an offgrid booster to be considered “leet”.

Anyway, it has been a pleasure cleansing your souls in offering to one true faith.


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Stop spouting bovine waste and stop sabotaging the valiant and incredible efforts to overcome dumb attitudes like these to defend all of New Eden against a much bigger threat than antiquated opinions and attitudes.


Big if true.


Not really. It’s the FW warzone. Dal’s flipped Amarr and back each of the last two years, and before that, it was averaging 4 flips a year.

Basically, the blooder’s bragging about tying his shoes. Before he’s even put them on.


Having consulted my wardrobe, I have discovered that I currently own only one pair of shoes that require lacing up.

Well, I say “shoes” but they’re actually upper thigh boots, and they take ages to lace up.

You say it like having numbers and speed are a bad thing. But if you really think going slow in outnumbered situations is great, please come to Syndicate for some feeding, I could use more killmarks on my Drake.

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Ok dont actually come out to Syndicate, go to Black Rise and kill frogs you actual poof of an ally, but don’t feed them with ■■■■■■■■ arrogance. Its embarassing enough when someone joins CalMil and does it for us, we dont need our “allies” to contribute to this.

that’s got to be a sod when you get a wrinkle in your sock.

They’re not really the kind of boots you wear socks with.

So a week has gone by and the Matari defending Dal are still standing strong. Do you want to adjust your time frame or abandon the easy conquest all togehter?


This aged well.

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