To the Amarr

Now you know how it feels.

You’ve lost a system, whole planets to invaders. Niarja is gone. Do you feel the rage, the emptiness, the despair, the helplessness?

I would never have wished that upon you; I did not help my alliance in that atrocity. Now that it has happened, though, now you know.

Now you know how it feels.


They lost Egmar too :grin:

Let’s hope it teaches them some empathy.


Historically, “Now you know how it feels” has not had a great record of success in changing peoples or governments attitudes or behaviour.

Well, Your Condescendingness, historically, the only thing that’s had a decent record of success in modifying the Empire’s attitudes and behavior has been the complete obliteration of Empire military forces.

So since nothing else will work, either, why not rub their noses in it a little bit, from time to time?


Would you be willing to share that particular episode of Amarr history with the rest of us? I cannot help but feel my education has been lax to have overlooked a moment so pivotal that the complete obliteration of Empire military forces could be said to have transpired.

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So you’ve already cleared your mind of that whole ‘we tried to invade the Jove so they wiped out the fleet we sent, giving the Minmatar the opportunity to rebel in the unrest and chaos’ thing?


(Note: ‘complete obliteration of Empire military forces’ doesn’t necessarily refer to anything more than the forces in a particular campaign/engagement/theater of war. Do try not to read into things when you clearly want me to have been talking about the complete obliteration of all Imperial military forces.)

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The costly defeat of even a large fleet is not the same as the obliteration of military forces, let alone the complete obliteration of the aforementioned.

Vak’Atioth was a watershed in the recent history of the cluster, but not something that happened in a vacuum; it would be as defensible to attribute the change to the schism with the Kingdom, the decision to commit only a third of the available forces to Vak’Atioth, Faus Akredon’s betrayal, or indeed the Rebellion itself.

For millennia we were unchallenged, we changed because the cluster did.


Clearly, the complete obliteration of the Empire’s forces at Vak’Atioth was not the same as the obliteration of the Empire’s military force at Vak’Atioth. What could I have been thinking?

Please. You read too much into what I said, and now you don’t want to have to face it. Just own the screwup.

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I know. Let’s have a right blazing argument about the meaning of the word “The”.

Complete obliteration would be obliteration of the whole, obliteration of all the constituent parts.

In the spirit of good grace though, I take full responsibility for your uncharacteristically clumsy phrasing.

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