An end and a return

Your screen flickers and shows a stage in a big hangar hall. Behind a small lectern the banners of both the Minmatar Republic and Ushra’Khan are displayed. Between them in the shadows stand two figures. One of them walks upon the stage and takes the position behind the lectern: A man in a worn out uniform of the Tribal Liberation Force with the fist of Ushra’Khan above the heart. With a pensive expression on the face his gaze wanders over what you assume to be waiting crowd. This is Harkon Thorson. The Chief of Ushra’Khan. For a moment he just stands there taking in the scenery. Then after a long and deep breath he starts to address the audience:

Brothers and Sisters!
Today is a day of great importance for all of us. It will go down in the long history of our alliance. The end of an era and the beginning of a new one. Let us take a look at what is coming to an end:
We fought for and won a monument that will stand the test of time and will forever remind the cluster of Ushra’khans deeds in 9UY. Our tribute to UNITY-station and those that came before us.
He pauses for a moment to let the cheers of the crowd fade.
We fought in Kahah. And while we ultimately could not save our people there we send a message. To this day we are the only ones that have claimed a DED vessel let alone a Marshal for their compliance in the oppression of our kin. With a smirk he adds: Their fitting skills are about as good as their moral values.
After the laughter of the crowd dies down he continues.
We fought countless campaigns in the war zone and beyond to protect our people and to punish those that threatened them. Many were successful. Like the campaign to defend our people on the planet of Floseswin IV.
The hangar echoes with the victory cries of the present Matari and it takes a while for them to calm again.
Others fights we lost. But no matter how grim the situation! No matter hard and how deep we fell: we have always risen up once more! For our UNITY is our strength. We as members of Ushra’Khan can be beaten on the battlefield but if the last nearly 20 years have shown one thing then it is that Ushra’Khan will live on! Ushra’Khan will fight on! Matari Invictus!
The last words are echoed by the crowd in a mighty roar.
Brothers and Sisters! I am deeply humbled by the trust that was set in me and by the honour of the position I was allowed to hold for all those years.
He takes a small break and bows his head before looking back up and continuing.
Just these years have come to an end today. A new era begins with the reign of the once and future Khan. May the Spirits of Matar and Pator guide him on his path as his path will be mine. Will be ours!
With that he puts his fist over his chest and bows deeply while withdrawing to the side of the stage…


A low hum emitted from within the shadows as a camera drone emerged, hovering some seven feet from the stone floor, a small mounted cannon loaded to either side. A figure followed, head bowed and cloaked in familiar animal furs - skulls mounted on either shoulder. A Khumaak wielded in the left fist, the figure moved towards the lecturn.

The drone panned low, focusing on the face of DeT Resprox bearing the markings of a Tribal War Chief. The vision of the aging Brutor displayed on the back screen, eyes white, face marked with tribal bearings.

“It has been several years since i last spoke with you, my brothers, my sisters. In that time since, the Ushra’Khan has been led by a most worthy warlord, a most dedicated warrior of Sebiestor cunning and of pure Matari blood. Tribal War Chief Harkon Thorson, you have proved yourself and to others what it means to be The Khan.”.

Resprox paused, pulling the Khumaak close to his chest, opening his cloak outwards and to the left with his fingers as he delved into an inside pocket with his right hand, revealing a small cloth pouch. Holding the pouch aloft, vocal excitement came from the onlookers. Resprox continued:

“I am returned from the Eyniletti Plains where the sage summoned me once more…the path ahead has been revealed…and now i come to you once more, my brothers, my sisters, my blood.”

"Of years gone by, many wars have raged against our people, many lives have been lost in the fight for freedom…and i quote you from the mouth of Hakera - one of our own of days long gone:

Freedom that must be bought by the sword and shield, by our blood and our enduring spirit. For all our ancestors are with us now, the great spirit that binds us, the spirit of the ancestors calls to us to rise to the danger and seek the unity of our people, of all Minmatar"

Resprox lowered his arm, keeping the pouch gripped tightly in his fist.

“I have seen the paths which lay ahead of us and i ask you to tread that path together as one, united. May the spirit of Matar set us on the true course to see that we may come to our destiny.”

Resprox’s grip tightened on the pouch, his nails digging deep into the palms, the sharp contents embedding into skin.

“My brothers, my sisters, today we fight against our common enemy as we always have since the day of our coming. A new threat now poisons our blood as pirates threaten our allies, our people, as they did in the first days.”

Blood dripped to the stone floor from the knuckles of Resprox as his grip grew stronger.

“We stand together as one, as we always have and as we always will.”
“We stand against the oppressors of our people, as we always have AND as we always will.”

Resprox drew in a deep breath, dropping the blooded pouch on stone. Looking upwards to the drone, he raised his right fist, clenched tight as blood streamed down his wrist and forearm to the elbow and to the floor. One by one, fists amongst the crowd rose in unity.



The tides come in, the tides go out; the shore remains.

May all good gods and spirits watch over Ushra’Khan and their Chief, as they always have.


Bloodthirst, hatred, and the undermining of international stability under the perverse guise of a twisted sense of patriotism. That is all that Ushra’Khan has ever represented and, I fear, all it will ever will - change in chief or no.

May you pay for every single sin you have committed during your time in charge, Thorson. Not to mention all those that I’m sure will come after. And may your successor fail in all of their endeavours.


Ah, yes, Ushra’khan.

Electus Matari with more honest PR.


It has been an honour for Ushra’Khan to be led by Chief Harkon Thorson for many bloody years, we have had many glorious battles and your leadership has be a beacon for all who fighting the darkness of slavery.

Having already served under DeT Resprox I know the transition will be seamless and I personally look forward to another exciting and bloody tenure!

We come for our People!


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