An Open Letter to Chief Harkon Thorson


You sent me some words and numbers on how you think your ire against the Republic was justified. You ask what have we ever done, while you have been fighting a war. And that is a fair question.

Let me answer by asking you something in turn.

Where were you when we fought a war in Thebeka, and forces both ours and RJD’s lifted people to freedom from the surface, or were shot down trying?
Where were you, when I brought home thousands and thousands again via the Tanoo station in Derelik?
Where were you, when Skarkon fell?
Were your ships in Krirald, trying to stop the assault?
What did you do so that Eygfe, Anbald, Avesber, Gelfiven did not fall?
Where were you when Deathglow rained on Matar?
Where were you when Red & Silver attacked Audesder?
Where were you when we put together the biggest fight in the history of Minmatar space and kicked out the criminal Hogs?
Where are you when our gunboats and diplomats convince criminals and extortionists to stop attacks on industrialists in Minmatar space - not just attacks against us, but unprovoked attacks against everyone in Republic space?
Do you even know we have done that with several such groups?

Do you think the Republic puts exact numbers and dates of people such as those we stole from Mekhios and Thebeka and Mabnen and Alkabsi and Tanoo and Anath and all other numerous places on a statistical table and quarterly corporate report, to advertise and brag, and to risk the possibility to continue such operations? Do you think the high-security space that feeds the funds also into your endless war remains secure just by itself, without work put into it both by the Republic and by forces loyal to it?

All these things done, while all you have done is dance an endless waltz of whelped Thrashers against a wannabe-lordling and a local pirate lord shoddily painted Golden, unless we count the time when your alliance just up and left to get their ass kicked in Scalding Pass and Delve while our space was being invaded.

You have become nothing but a warlord, barely one step above a pirate yourself. You are selfish and shortsighted and belligerent and a gloryhound. You are endlessly asking what your Tribe has done for you, when you should be asking what you can do for your Tribe.

I have done nothing but support your fight, Harkon Thorson. I have not called your war meaningless or your efforts in Eugidi in vain, because they are not, even if they are just a small part of our battles. I have looked away from your acts of sheer terrorism and kept calling you my brother, out of respect for that fight. As thanks, you came to a Moot organized by me and effectively branded me a traitor on stage in front of allies and outsiders. You insulted my Commander, you belittled our work, you attacked our loyalties.

And still I said nothing. And still it is me who gets to smooth it out, to sooth hurt prides, to explain all this both to you and my own people, to excuse your atrocious behavior to others when I was the target of it, to keep us talking. Again I do this. Because unlike you, Harkon Thorson, I do not think this is about counting points about who does most. It is about pointing our guns in the right directions.

The Militia is needed. Without the Militia we cannot survive. But we also cannot survive with only the Militia, and the Militia needs to keep on fighting the Empire, not the Republic.

We cannot afford a civil war, not with the Amarr at the gates.

And next time think twice before you make private quarrels public.

Elsebeth Shaninn
Of Rhiannon, born Rhiannon
Of the Sebiestor Tribe


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Lady Rhiannon,

thank you for your very passionate and entertaining letter.

I fear you have missed the message of my speech as well as the information I provided. It seems tho like it at least helped you to vent some grievances you surely had.
So before I address your questions let me make clear what my message actually was. The Matari are being attacked all over the cluster. By the slavers, by pirates, by the kybers, their own government and so many more. Yet the Republic fails again and again to defend its people. They might protest. They might even send a token fleet or hold a fiery speech but in the end they do little to nothing while our people, yours and mine, suffer. The best examples in the last year where the handling of the Triglavian invasions as well as the one of Floseswin IV.
The information I shared were no bragging about what we did but proof of what we see as treason to the Matari by their own government. It is a chronic of the failures of the Republic. If you consider yourself the embodiment of the Republic (and the intensity of your reaction indicates that this might be the case) then and only then was it an attack on you.
Neither in my speech or in my message to you did I try to score points or compare the deeds of you and your group to mine. I did not belittle your efforts and your sacrifices.
I came to the Moot on your invitation and conducted myself in accordance with the traditions . I spoke my mind as it is meant to be and tolerated your “guests” although there were a good number that I would consider enemies not only of me but of the Matari.
I honored the traditions while some might say you did not.

The answer to most of your totally legitimate questions that are in no way meant to list all you great deeds:
I was were I served our people best for the last 7 years. I fought the slavers in the warzone.
But as there are a few question for which this is not the proper answer:
“Where were you, when Skarkon fell?” I brought a fleet to Skarkon and fought for the system. We failed but hey I guess thats something we share.
“Do you even know we have done that with several such groups?” Yes I am aware and very impressed.

It might not surprise you that I disagree with most of the nice things you had to say about me but at the same time I do not care. Insult me all you want. At least I am good at the thing I do: killing slavers. You on the other hand are what? A diplomat? That tries to achieve what exactly with this open letter?
I hope it was burning bridges and escalating things.

My message remains: The Republic in its current form is failing and while you say we can´t effort a civil war I say we might need one if the Matari want to survive as a people.

Oh and my quarrel with the Republic was never a private one. The quarrel between the two of us started with your open letter.

Chief Harkon Thorson
Warlord, Gloryhound, Terrorist


Rest assured I misunderstood nothing.

It was not just us capsuleers in Thebeka. RJD was there, and has always been there, doing similar things, and plausible deniability or not, everyone with half a brain knows this. It is not us who keeps our high security space safe, it is Republic forces and Republic tech (and yes CONCORD, too, damn them). It was not just us who repelled the Triglavians; the Republic Fleet fought in each and everyone of those systems. It is not our boots on the ground in Floseswin; most forces fighting and dying there are the Hetman General’s. And it was not just us who repelled the Amarr invaders in Audesder; the Republic Fleet was there.

You are very good at what you do. Keep killing the slavers. But let other people do their work and don’t attack them for doing it.

Because I swear, if you start a civil war over these claims, you’ll make a loyalist out of me yet.


Pilot Thorson a brief reminder that weapons work best when pointed at one’s enemy, not at one’s own foot.

Take that bit of advice (or not) from a pilot of no note in an organization of little repute.


There are some who might instead point to your public threat against her, two days ago.


Ah, the old “who’s done more?” argument? This is exactly what our people need, to start shooting at each other… For them to die by our own hands and the Slavers, all because of some immortals slinging ■■■■ at each other. Just how important do you all think your are? All I read here is a load of self righteous egos being hurt.

What a waste of ■■■■■■■ time…


Frankly I’m surprised nobody slapped Harkons ■■■■ at the moot for what he pulled. Would have been deserved.

That would have only have created one corpse and it wouldn’t have been Harkons… There is no civil war and there won’t be one, It would dishonour our people enslaved in the Empire, so lets stop flapping about like the Amarr and get to the business at hand.


Fascinating. I’m quite curious who the target audience for all this is.


The fan clubs, duh. Nothing sells merch like a public spat.

Nice theory but I’ll have you know I am not financially dependent on my fan club. (Hi guys! See you on the Liberation Day week!)


I assumed it was all for my benefit, seeing as I missed the event itself.

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It certainly provides helpful context. The Chatelain partners who were able to attend were scanned for recording devices, annoyingly, and all I’ve been able to get out of them so far is muttering and shrugs.

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I swear I will get that recap written Real Soon Now. It would be done already, only it was as first contact Moots often are, pretty messy and disorganized and incoherent re: customs, and I am running a high-priority diplo case…

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You didn’t honor anything but yourself. The moot guarantees ones right to be heard, it does not guarantee immunity from consequences of abusing said right. What you did to Elsebeth, trust me, the symbolism wasn’t lost on anyone. Were this the ancient times you seem to long for, were this a moot held by my people? Pulling crap like that, you would have foregone your rights to your mortal shell, no heed given to whomever you might lead. Thankfully, we live in the present and your host was far more lenient than should be reasonably expected.

Whenever Ushra’Khan is present at these moots, it’s always Ushra’Khan members that start disrespecting others present. Even these “foreigners and enemies” who you suffer to “tolerate” at least know to conduct themselves honorably, unlike you or Pol, and a few other people in the more distant past whose names elude me right now.

@Ferra_Orta , @Pol_Macsliebh , if you’re truly worried about a civil war, then the best thing you both could do would be to leave Ushra’Khan immediately, and encourage as many people as you can to leave with you. As you can plainly read, it was your leader who was open to the idea.

Ushra’Khan has, as long as I can remember, been about creating friction and sowing discord among the Matari people. It is interesting that this time to illustrate U’K’s hatemongering past, present and probable future, and to complain about failures of the Republic, Harkon decided to then emulate the most impotent leader the Republic has ever had.

Now, if it weren’t incredibly hypocritical considering what I just said, I’d be tempted to offer 0.1 isk for Harkon’s head, “this value representing his worth to the Matari people, rounded up.”


Always with the words… sitting on your hands during the Moot, Afraid to speak to faces? Judging behaviors? taking notes? You should leave and join the Amarrians you little snake.

There is no fear of civil war from any Ushra’Khan members… what do we have to fear?

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Unlike some, I don’t have the driving urge to make the moots about me or my judgements over other people, that is however each time what Harkon has made them about. So shush, bootlicker, though I know shutting up isn’t your strong suit.

Who was it again that brought a notepad to the moot?

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Sons and daughters of Matar,

The moot was supposed to unite us. I am saddened to see that the statements made there have caused division.

I call upon all my brothers and sisters to remember that we are all Matari. Regardless of the path chosen by individuals, we all do our part for the freedom and security of our clans, our tribes and our people.

Let us never lose sight of the suffering inflicted between the Day of Darkness and the Great Rebellion. The scars of eight centuries of oppression and fourteen decades of holding back the darkness are still present. Some of the wounds never healed. Some parts are still severed from the whole. We owe it to our ancestors, and to our brothers and sisters in darkness, not to let internal differences fracture outward unity. I would ask both @Elsebeth_Rhiannon and @Harkon_Thorson to leave this dispute behind them.

In the end,
we will be able to stand and say:
we have a Minmatar government,
ruling a Minmatar society,
peopled by all tribes of the Minmatar.

That prize is worth any hardship.

Of the Swolin Clan
Of the Sebiestor Tribe