Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

I disapprove of a lot of things, are you sure this is the path you want to take? You might find yourself in even less of a likable position than you are now!

I suppose not.

But the point still remains that I don’t particularly care if you disapprove of me.

Everyone can tell. You don’t care about anyone’s approval, right? Except maybe that of your new “comrades”.

How is that going, by the way?

In fact, this is objectively false. Basic physics tells us that there is no objective truth in the timing of events, only subjective truth—subjective based on the observer’s position and motion through space. And I’m willing to bet Caldari engineers understand this, even if Caldari mercs don’t.

Better than your impotent attempts to belittle our kadett, at least.


Oh, and who would have made sure of that, himself or… You?

Because whenever I’ve had the displeasure of seeing you in person, you’ve presented yourself as a lecher and a drunkard. Though I don’t know, maybe it is an elaborate ruse to play dumb?

Nothing is, or should be forgiven; but there is no need to belittle your kadett, when the high point of her service to Holy Amarr was to have stopped polluting it with her doubt and self-loathing.

Oh, look Elkin! There’s your knight in rusted armor! Bet that makes you feel all giddy inside doesn’t it?

Do you have anything substantive to say or are you just going to continue barking empty insults?

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Ah, so now you want to exchange something substantive instead of blindly lobbing poorly thought out snark? Next time how about you keep quiet before you start posting your pointless tripe?

Oh and I am sorry to say, but I have not really insulted you, such effort is usually reserved for those noteworthy enough to warrant even being upset at.
I just stated a series of facts about you, though I suppose you might perceive such realities as insulting.

Whenever someone is going off on a rant about someone being “half naked”, interrupt their rant and ask them “left or right half?”.

This derails their train of thought as they struggle to comprehend the concept.

Off-Topic thread,

I would like to share this picture of Typhoons bouncing off one another after using a particularly close fleet formation.

It sort of looks like a flower.


Is that not called “death blossom fornation” in that hilariously awful animation series about capsuleers ?

I’m afraid that I don’t watch too many cartoons.

Careful now, calling some animations cartoons, starts fights with some groups of fans.

Usually though, none of the fans are actually proficient in any of the martial arts depicted in the animations, so it’s not like you’ll suddenly run into a Dimac master or anything like that.

I suppose that’s one kind of flower arrangement…

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Much more dangerous thorns than an average one.

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Don’t recall ever being lecherous in my life, been drunk on many occasions, my point still stands besides from your insults.

What you’re saying is wrong. Just because different objects can experience the passage of time in different ways depending on their velocities and frames of reference, that does not mean that there is no objective truth, it simply means that the fact that the effects of time’s passage can vary between objects is an objective truth.

Time is far closer to a dimension of space than it is a linear constant, so an analogue to spacial dimensions might help make it more clear. One person may be standing on a mountain, and the other near a lake. It’s not ‘subjective truth’ that one is seeing a mountain and the other a lake, it is simply objective truth that what you can see, touch, and smell varies based on how you travel through the spacial dimensions. Both the mountain and the lake exist, there are no subjective contraditions of different truths here. Both people are perceiving different outcomes, yes, but the same objective truth holds in both cases. It’s the same for time’s effects on objects travelling at different velocities. They’re experiencing different outcomes, yes, so their perceptions of time are different, but what they both experienced are the just the objective truths of time’s behaviours under different conditions.

These objective truths, of course, all stem from God, and are a proof of His being, but I’m sure I don’t need to remind you of that.

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Tapioca is nutritious, important staple food for certain populations, part of a historical subsistence agriculture system that uses the land in a sustainable way both for the land and the human relations, and that i find way too delicious to be used as an insult to someone.