An Open Letter to Chief Harkon Thorson

Until U’K’s offering ‘1 ISK for Elsebeth’, things are still very much in the realm of ‘manageable family dispute’. Relax.


I mean we managed that one without a civil war too, unless you count the coup, which was relatively bloodless, so I’m confident.

That said, the Moot was not necessarily meant to unite us. It was merely meant to exchange views and ideas, one of which one could hope was unity - but there are other ideas that also have the right to be heard. I don’t grudge Harkon for speaking his mind, even when I disagree.

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I am not sure that I want to see what would happen with a Prime Minister Elsebeth Rhiannon.

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I assure you I want that even less.

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Tell you what: when the current crisis is over and the Sanmatar has to reliquish his emergency powers (hahahah like that will ever happen), I’ll run for Sanmatar. The thought of me winning should make literally everything else in the cluster seem a whole lot better to you. :slight_smile:

You overestimate your own ability to terrify or underestimate everything else in the cluster. I’m not sure which.


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