Demand Justice and a Republic for All Matari!

The following is a political declaration by the Vele’kor and Jar’ikosh Subtribes, signed and ratified by the quorum of clans of the Vele’kor and the Jar’ikosh, as well as by a number of other clans and organizations. Copied to the IGS at the request of the declaration’s creators.

Demand Justice and a Republic for All Matari!

One hundred and forty years ago, the Matari people threw off the shackles of an evil empire and declared that we would not be their slaves. We fought and struggled, and through great cost and great sacrifice, won freedom for ourselves. However, the damage of seven hundred years of subjugation still hangs heavy around the necks of the Matari like a millstone. Many of our people remain enslaved, many of our traditions have been lost or destroyed, many of our rituals have been forgotten. We are not the same people we were before we were shattered by the day of darkness. We have repaired, we have rebuilt, we have glued the pieces back together with the blood of slavers and freedom fighters to build something whole once more, something new.

But we are not as we once were. We will never get back to the people we were before we were torn from our homes. Those people, that race, it is dead. The Minmatar Empire is dead! Long live the Minmatar Empire!

We have made ourselves something new from the ashes, this is true. A republic. We have gained technology and allies, we have built ourselves a powerful fleet and struck blow after blow against the evil empire. We have liberated many at a great and terrible cost which we have borne without complaint so the seven tribes could be seven once more, so that we could after this long struggle, be whole, be free. So much was sacrificed, so many lives were lost, so much blood was spilled, but it was worth it to have a new home, to make a place that was safe from the slavery and oppression of the Amarr, to be able to shout Never Again! into the night with the strength and fury of a fleet of a thousand Ragnaroks and know that come what may We Are Free!

But we are not yet all whole, and we are not yet all free. For some, luck and circumstances of birth have made the Republic into a land of opportunity. For those wealthier clans, those better connected, those which were less shattered by the day of darkness, those which have retained more of the old traditions and rituals, the Republic is indeed the shining beacon of freedom it professes itself to be. However, for those who lost their past and their rituals, those who are less suited to being models and success stories, those who have had their traditions stripped from them and destroyed, those who still pray to the Amarrian God because it is the only faith they know, those who still speak the Amarrian tongue because it is the only language they learned, for them the Republic is not a place of freedom, and not a place of wholeness and healing.

Those clans who cannot be held up as paragons of the old Matari have been cast aside and flung to the outer reaches of the republic to scratch out hardscrabble existences on barely habitable worlds, given the cold shoulder by our cousins when we cry out for aid, left to starve and die amidst the battlefields of cloned soldiers because we don’t match the picture the Republic wishes to paint of its people.

In many cases we face outright persecution at the hands of our own kin for the unconscionable sin of having been abused and corrupted by the Amarrians, for being stained by the history of our enslavement. They would have rather had us die to the Amarrian laser rifle than live having been bent by their influences. We are an inconvenience, a reminder that things will never be as they once were. These desperate circumstances have driven many into lives of crime simply because no other avenues were open to us, this is then used to continue justifying our mistreatment, why would the Republic deem it worthwhile to help criminals after all? And thus the circle closes and we remain trapped in our desperation, free of the Amarrian lash but still enslaved to the economic and political reality of the Republic, no more free than we were under the Amarr.

To those who wish to erase us to make things as they were: things will never be as they were! The clock cannot be rewound! The day of darkness cannot be undone! The Minmatar Empire is dead and it is never coming back!

But that doesn’t mean we can’t build ourselves something new. It doesn’t mean that we cannot build a land of peace and prosperity and equality for all matari regardless of how traditional they are, how pure they are, regardless of their religion or clan affiliation, regardless of the strength of their political connections. A republic for all Matari is possible, but to have it those in power will have to come down from their Standing Places and commune with the rest of us, us warped and imperfect ones. They will have to embrace us as kin and lift us from the holes where they abandoned us to die. They will have to accept us as we are, not as they wish we are, and then, maybe, we can all begin to heal.

On May 27th at 1830 NEST, in communion with allies and clans from all seven tribes, the Vele’kor and Jar’ikosh Subtribes will be sponsoring a protest in Eram at the Sebiestor Tribe Headquarters. We will call for justice for the people of Molden Heath. We will call for an end to the persecution of those who still practice the Amarr faith. We will call for the Republic and the Tribal Council to send aid to clans in need all across the Republic. We will call for a radical redistribution of wealth from those clans who have grown fat on the wealth of the Republic while children still starve in the ghettos. We demand justice! We demand our voices be heard! We demand the republic be a home and not a prison! We demand a republic for all Matari! Join us!

Signed on May 18th YC122 by the Quorum of Clans of the Vele’kor Subtribe of the Sebiestor Tribe
Markesh Clan
Sgathiach Clan
Akakosh Clan
Ispiach Clan
Tronkhalid Clan
Kaldalia Clan
Mekhetrold Clan
Darvakree Clan
Setrimald Clan
Jardadine Clan
Kgalatorach Clan
Mekrakrin Clan
Sabadiach Clan
Mahoaisach Clan
Ghehetrald Clan

Signed on May 19th YC122 by the Quorum of Clans of the Jar’ikosh Subtribe of the Sebiestor Tribe
Ispedrioch Clan
Jantine’ikosh Clan
Spedrakrat Clan
Mescatra’ikosh Clan
Subetra’ikosh Clan
Subari-Kliet Clan
Misuha’ikosh Clan
Spradar’ikosh Clan
Draugiliach Clan
Svartha’ikosh Clan
Ilosh-Subrioch Clan
Cadaliniach Clan
Sphecterilash Clan
Monodaash’ikosh Clan
Kerindrald Clan

Also signed on or following May 19th YC122 by the following clans and organizations
Drel’Vrak Clan of the Brutor Tribe
Krin’Klintor Clan of the Brutor Tribe
Yor’Toshok Clan of the Brutor Tribe
Myxto’Egrat Clan of the Brutor Tribe
Jumak Clan of the Kruscal Tribe
Jrindar Clan of the Kruscal Tribe
Kalak Clan of the Kruscal Tribe
Lekhantsí Clan of the Krusual Tribe
Sorindakior Clan of the Vherokior Tribe
Atstash Clan of the Vherokior Tribe
Hyejekalr Subcaravan of the Hrada-Oki Caravan of the Thukker Tribe
Makatat Subcaravan of the Fortune’s Tally Caravan of the Thukker Tribe
Sphene Clan of the Nefantar Tribe
Jardoshij Clan of the Nefantar Tribe
Besateoden Construction Workers Circle
Frarn Society for Starkmanir Wellness
Molden Heath Subcircle of the Kalamtokek Warrior’s Circle
Teonusude Welder’s Circle
Skarkon-Ennur Miner’s Circle
Alexylva Paradox Capsuleer Corporation
Almur Agricultural Circle
Konora Development Association
Half-Sakulda Miner’s Circle
Heild-Bosena Society for Peace
Molden Heath Development League
Bogelek Association
Eoldulf Prosperity Coalition
Elfrard Transportation Worker’s Circle
Bosena Commerce Group
Tartatven Development Association
Sebiestor Society for Economic Justice
Institute of Social Development Capsuleer Corporation

Join us in Eram on May 27th at 1830 NEST to demand justice and equality for all Matari.


I will support this. May 27th is my birthday but I think your goal is worth the visit anyway. Let’s bring some fireworks!
I appeal to all the protesters to behave peaceful.

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Ah, a power grab. It was an amusing read, but I wish this had been a further up in the little speech; then at least I could have not wasted my time.

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Splendid, this is cause I can get behind!

I will represent the Lekhantsí Clan of the Krusual Tribe at the gathering.

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A great initiative. I look forward to seeing the foundation laid for a Republic that is stronger through its greater accommodation of minority rights, religious freedoms and the representative process.

The Institute of Social Development is willing to lend our support to your campaign, and will lend its activist and policy base to your task if so requested.

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The’s a perfectly good Mandate for them already, why do they need a republic?

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The center world established tribes have used generations to re-build up from complete ruins a new traditional Minmatar society.

Now in one hand the government wants us to throw our living ways away that to follow someone else’s idea of what used to be that they either recovered from some dusty book or made up themselves, and on the other hand people who have not done the same work want us to just give them free stuff so they can use it to support the religion of the Evil God.

Tell me, Saede, what is “Matari”?


When my clan returned to Matar from their years enslaved, they found that their ancestral lands had been given over to the Baringley clan whom the Amarr had moved there during the occupation. We didn’t ask that the Baringley be removed from our ancestral lands, we simply wanted permission to return there, and that permission was denied. The Republic and the tribal council dismissed the land claim and required no concessions of the Baringley at all. Even this would have been acceptable if anything was done for us at all, but we were given nothing, no aid, no place we were allowed to make a home.

My clan was turned away, again and again, pushed out from the core worlds and never allowed to claim land of our own, never given compensation for what was taken from us, never given aid to establish ourselves elsewhere. This is a story I have heard repeated in near-endless variations at this point, from so many clans it is sickening. We were forced out to the edge of the republic, to worlds barely able to support life, and there we were made to work for corporations or rich landholding clans, often in worse conditions than we had even under the evil empire.

You act as if we of the Heath wasted the last hundred years, but during those last hundred years the republic spurned us and refused us aid when we needed it while at the same time looting the Heath for its mineral and agricultural wealth thus making it impossible for us to support ourselves. The clans of the core worlds grew fat and rich on the wealth of the Heath while our children starved and died. Should this go unanswered for cousin?

We are all of us Matari, regardless of religion or tradition or wealth or loyalties. We are of one blood. We are all the children of mother Matar. I think you like we have been wounded by the Amarr, and this injury makes you fearful and distrusting of even your own blood. But in order to heal we must all learn to grow past the shackles we wore during the occupation and find wholeness with one another.


As someone born on the core worlds (Frarn V) I understand you and support you. While I was traveling Molden Heath I noticed, that not all places in the Republic offer the same quality of life and security. There are populations out there, that don’t do well or entire clans freed from the shackles of slavery that are deported to some barren planet just to be left to themselfes with none or only little aid. -or probably worse, like you mentioned…

I don’t know how to fix this long lasting issue, but at least I can show my support by participating in your demonstration.

What does it mean to be “of one blood”, then, if spirits or tradition or loyalties don’t matter?

Maybe some clans did and I am sorry for the hardships you faced.

Personally, I have spent more years of my adult life defending the damned place and more billions on humanitarian aid to its people than I have on my own clan.

And I do not appreciate the allegations here, at all.


If there are some issues we need to discuss them. I’m only speaking from my personal observations and I think Saede won’t bring this up if the situation didn’t require some attention.

On the other hand… Elsebeth afraid of her own kin?!? That is really a mad allegation!

Join the queue. But you know what ? Ancestral claims mean pretty much jack since the Liberation. Or you going to say the Starkmanir and Nefantar get to carve out big swathes of Matar and displace the people living there right now ? Gonna open that can of worms ?

Rich landholding clans eh ? And how did they get to own that land ? Because their claims mean pretty much jack if they pre-date the Liberation. And if they came afterward, well that’s another point.

Uh-huh. So you claim. Now here’s the thing. Like I said earlier, if those core worlds clans supposedly “own the land” out there in Molden Heath, then they have duties to their tenants. So if they’re not fulfilling those duties, they’re in breach of their obligations. Big enough breach, their claim to owning the land means jack. They’re letting down their kinsmen. Big no no, that is.

So here’s what it is. You say those clans are neglecting yours. Well then. Get your rowdy boys together, and say “you jerks are breaching your obligations”, and refuse to work, to pay them diddlysquat. What are they gonna do ? Act like a bunch of Ammatars and claim divine right ? Get some enforcers to beat your ass ? This isn’t the Mandate, that junk won’t fly.

Your kids are dying eh ? Well, that’s sad. But it’s in your power to change. You’ve got ships. You’ve got stations. You’ve got people who know how to get stuff done. So get stuff done. And if these alleged centreworld clans try and claim rent or whatever, tell them to cram it, because they failed in their obligations.

Get off your ass and make a difference, and don’t expect it to be handed to you on a fricking golden plate like a fricking Ammatar.


This is a great initiative and a just cause. Everyone should have the right to freedom and equal opportunities, no matter who, what, or where they are.


Nothing is gained by drinking Quafe and watching Scope news on your sofa. Change comes with public unrest , especially if your politicians are corrupt.

There seems to be opinions for and against your stance.
Hopefully with some discourse here between capsuleers we will become more enlightened on your cause , and opinions can be strengthened or maybe changed by the arguments put .

If i am in your vicinity , ill sneak by and join your protest. I wish you well with it .


In August of last year the Bosena Accords, alongside Aloga Industries, Corovid Industries, Clan Idisen, and representatives of the Electus Matari worked towards a joint plan that would cede former warclone territories to the people of the Heath for settlement.

A number of the clans, unions, and organizations mentioned in the above petition have benefited directly from this arrangement and have been successful in establishing limited settlements in Molden Heath. We have worked hand-in-hand with members of the Heath to attempt to establish some sense of normalcy and prosperity in the region since the very founding of the Bosena Accords. In many ways, the warclone community here in the Heath feels more kinship with the baseline tribes and settlements of Molden Heath than our fellow immortal capsuleers that make their home deeper into Republic space. The aforementioned resolution to hand off warclone-controlled territory has strengthened that bond and laid the groundwork for an intimate relationship between the citizens of Molden Heath and the independent warclone community.

While I cannot claim to speak for the organizations that coauthored the resolution the wording of the document we committed to makes our course-of-action in Molden Heath clear:

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that all parties affirm that the continued freedom, agency, and self-determination of individual tribes and all Matari people must remain at the forefront of this project and that Matari organizations and voices be favored and elevated to leadership roles throughout settlement and colonization efforts.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Republic officials remain the final say and authority in this project, and any advice or direction from Republic officials in relation to this project shall be followed immediately to the best of our ability so long as doing so does not conflict with our aforementioned commitment to respecting local tribal sovereignty.

As of late, the actions of the RSS seemingly in support of the Krullefor Organization and their Seykal allies who continue to devastate the balance of power in the region constitute a breach of sovereignty of the local tribes of the Heath. Their actions, alongside the reactionary politics of the Minmatar Republic, have destroyed any chance of Molden Heath’s development so long as it’s people continue to abide by the status quo policies the Tribal Assembly and Parliament have set. By our own laws, we are justified and under the imperative to stand in solidarity with the people of Molden Heath and protect their interests if need be, even against the interests of the Minmatar Republic.

The Heath has long been neglected by the Minmatar Republic, and it is the right of every citizen of Molden Heath to demand social justice, recognition, and wider policy change. So long as these tribes continue to make their homes on former-warclone lands it is our responsibility to safeguard their interests and support them in the struggle towards building a peaceful and prosperous future in the region.

So long as the people and workers of Molden Heath yearn for justice, the warclone community will stand with them.


I can’t believe I still have to do this.

No, Electus Matari or representatives there-of are not part of any agreement or plan like this.

Individual pilots might be involved and we monitored the talks, but we neither hold nor have ever claimed to hold any authority to negotiate over the control of tribal/Republic territory occupied by former or current warclones, nor have we entered in any commitments to interfere on behalf of any local party who actually would have such authority.

Electus Matari is a capsuleer organization loyal to the Minmatar Republic. As an organization we or representatives acting in our name do not own, operate, or organize planetside operations.

Elsebeth Rhiannon
Electus Matari


Or, you know, that we should be funneling the Starkmanir off to Starkman Prime. I mean, sure, it’s a volcanic hellscape now, but that’s not the Vele’kor or Jar’lkosh’s problem, right?

I’m all for the richer Clans trying to help those who haven’t had the same luck or opportunity to rebuild themselves. But ancestral lands… honestly, there aren’t anywhere near enough records of land ownership or bloodlines to ever hope to resolve those, even if we were still only the size of 3 the populated star systems the Minmatar Empire held.


We’re not

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RE: @Elsebeth_Rhiannon’s response:

It’s worth noting the original thread linked in my post mentioned several of the comments made by Rhiannon-haani and clearly outlines the differences between capsuleer institutions and the Republic propper. In fact, the resolution is closed with the following stipulation:

No direct planetary involvement is expected of capsuleers except by their own volition if they chose to establish planetary colonies via the system of Planetary Interaction already permitted within CONCORD regulations. Capsuleer planetary interaction shall not overstep CONCORD or Republic regulations nor violate Republic or tribal sovereignty.

In other words, we make no attempt to claim that we have titles to Republic soil based on the resolution. Nor do we claim that this holds any legal authority with the Minmatar Republic. This was a private agreement that was specifically negotiated within the framework of the Planetary Interaction system that CONCORD already permits. Input from members within the Electus Matari was appreciated, but only insofar that it provided legal insight into Republic law and helped quell fears among members of the Matari community that the agreement would be coordinated without monitoring from members of a trusted Matari organization.

My mention of the resolution was not to comment on the Electus Matari’s involvement or lackthereoff in the ongoing protests but instead to bring up a specific piece of policy that the Bosena Accords authored with input from Matari advisors. Policy that, in my mind, constitutes a clear precedent internally for the Bosena Accords to follow when dealing with the situation in Molden Heath.

Having said that, I can completely understand your insistence to reiterate the Electus Matari’s stance on the matter regardless.


What’s wrong with that? They seem to be doing quite well for themselves and I like having a secondary home in their space.

Are they? Or is that the result of massive amounts of investment and effort on the part of House Ardishapur over the last 10 to 15 years?

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