Oaths of Loyalty and Reflections upon the new year

As a the new year gets underway, it is important to stop and reflect on the events that we have gone through in the past year, so that we may learn from them and

My year has been a tumultuous one. Through the conflicts of Thebeka and Kahah, Clan Aloga discovered that the line of the original head of the clan had not broken, but instead had somehow survived the centuries of slavery.

In a move that I thought I would never do, I joined an Amarrian alliance, in order to find and secure this descendant. I found myself flying alongside the enemies of my people, all in order to serve my clan. When the time came, with the help of friends and help from even the most unlikely of people, my long lost cousin, along with several thousand more had been freed from their chains.

My time with Aegis militia was not without consequence however, and upon my return to the Republic, I was met with caution and suspicion, as was to be expected, however I was given the chance to prove myself to the tribes, and I thank for the opportunity to cleanse myself, andd it is in the that light, as I have given my all in the current war against the hordes of Amarr that make the following Oath to the Tribal Republic of the Minmatar:

I hereby declare my oath of loyalty to Clan Aloga, the Brutor Tribe, and to the wider Minmatar Tribal Republic. I absolutely and wholly renounce all pledges, fidelities and allegiances to any foreign sovereignties or powers. I swear to support and defend the Minmatar Tribal Republic, the Tribes, its people, policies, holdings, and the integrity of its territory against all enemies. I will bear arms on Behalf of the Minmatar Tribal Republic in times of war, and will perform civil service on its behalf in times of peace. I will respect and obey, uphold, and defend the Tribal Council, the Sanmatar, and the Chiefs of my Tribe and Clan. I will perform work of national importance under governmental, military, or civilian direction as required by the Minmatar Tribal Republic in times of emergency. I make this commitment proudly and whole heartedly, with no mental reservation or purpose of evasion.

With this oath, I affirm and assert my loyalty to the Minmatar Tribal Republic.

Cain of Clan Aloga,
Al’verde of Stormwinds PMC
SoERR Pilot
Proud member of Electus Matari.

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Oh, they’ve removed “against all usurpers, foreign and domestic”?

Makes it less complicated, I guess.

Also a fraud, but not like many would care, these days.

“To you people, I say simply this. If we go to war with the Amarr today, we will lose. That is the cold hard truth. And if you think they would win with grace and humility, you are delusional. If we had given the Amarr provocation at any time in the last decade they would have crushed us, and they would have made sure we stayed crushed this time. [—] A vote for war is a vote for genocide, and an end to all our hopes and dreams.” Kanth Filmir, YC110

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Spirits, this looks far too much like the affirmations to the Empress for my taste.

it is in fact, a modified oath of the original Oath of Loyalty made by Gradient.

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I’m referring to the fact that you posted it on a public forum in an attempt to gain shoulder pats.

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Admittedly, I doubt he would get shoulder pats for simply professing his commitment to doing what is right. Why reward what is expected? It’s akin to congratulating someone for remembering to put a shirt on in the morning.

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It seems perhaps, that the point of my overall post was lost on you, or you chose to ignore it.

Regardless, this:

is not it.

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Pardon, but what is the point of an oath if not made in public? They are declarations meant to be held account to, not secret rules that can be broken and no one know about.


No, I understood that the point of your post was to congratulate yourself, attempt to rewrite your very well-known history, and reestablish yourself as something other than an agent for an Amarr alliance. It’s a nice touch of PR, but too thin to bear scrutiny.

I said “public forum”. I’m not talking about alliance meetings, moots, chats over drinks, or any other such public declaration. I mean that Aloga posted this on the IGS, a place better known for its shitposts than for meaningful discussion on issues.

We used to, indeed, prior to the coup, do these Oaths publicly. Cannot see why people should not, still, who feel they can say the words.

(Not for headpats, though.)

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For what, then? What’s the point of it, if not self-serving showmanship?

Wow. Just… wow.


It is not self-serving. It is willingly giving both the subject being sworn to and the public at large a length of rope to hang you with if you renege on your promises.


Oh, and to clarify: Gradient started this custom for indie capsuleers. We did not invent it though, as much as adapt it from certain baseliner circlesof ours. The Oath (the original) is older than indies.


Even if this market place of free ideas is most often the site of raging battles with the weapons of pedantry, it’s about as public and wide ranging as it gets for us Capsuleers outside of renting billboard space or going on media broadcasts.

As has been pointed out, the entire point of an oath in most cultures is that it is witnessed so the individual may always be held accountable by said witnesses, as much as themselves. There’s nothing wrong with using this venue to do so, as myself and many others have done, to ensure as many witnesses as possible.

To Mr Algoa, I say your oath has been seen and all shall see over the coming years how strong your commitment to it will be. Perhaps this time stronger than your last one, perhaps not.


I suppose I won’t be getting an answer, then.

My own point of view is that plenty of people say things in public. Such oaths are worthless. What matters is the way a person behaves, the choices they make, the deeds they perform.

Why does it matter whether the person made a flashy announcement on a forum, so long as they adhere to a clear set of principles?

An oath is literally a clarification of those principles so it’s easier for others to judge when they are or are not living up to them.

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If it isn’t clear by looking, then it’s the person’s principles that are muddled, and no amount of public oath-making is going to square that.

Oh, yes, so I guess comminication is not necessary.

Everyone tear up your legally binding contracts and cease to make mouth noises that indicate intent; everyone in the cluster just became telepathic.

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People often claim to have certain principles but act in ways hypocritical to their claims.

You can sure enough usually easily see what somebody’s principles actually are, but what an oath does is clarify what principles somebody claims to adhere to. It makes it easier to call out hypocrites and hold people accountable for their acts.