Rededication of Loyalty of Curatores Veritatis Alliance

Ave Glorious Summit,

It has been long since I or any of my brothers or sister Paladins have spoken of our Alliance. It has been close to two years since our exile from our home. We have wandered through the desert of New Eden. From the very far north of Syndicate and Placid. To the very deep South of Esoteria. Our Margrave had us conduct a Penitents crusade. We traveled space looking for those that had wronged us. To give justice to those that needed it.

All the while we prepared in the shadows to return to our homeland. The thousands of hours of hard work and dedication of those loyalists to prepare the way. The constant mining. The constant building. I must bow to those that refused to give up on our most sacred and most glorious task. That of reclaiming our home, our honor, and our pride.

Yet, our Margrave was struck down by a sickness. In our Margraves moment of peril, the usurper took control of CVA. In that moment the Usurper attempted to throw off the bonds of loyalty to the Empire and to God. Truly the Apostasy that fell upon my alliance was such that it brought great heart ache. The Usurper protected our enemies and betrayed our allies. Truly it caused me such despair I went into exile to Lumen after the Usurper went to war against our brothers in arms.

For 4 months I prayed and fasted. I went on pilgrimages to every holy site of our beloved God and Empire. I begged for guidance and aid for my stricken people. In my time in Lumen I learned one very important thing that gave me strength. Be the light in the darkness. I returned to my people.

We united the Loyalists in CVA and denounced the Apostasy. We denounced the Usurper. We brought down the Usurper and his puppet minions. We fought for the very heart and soul of Curatores Veritatis. We returned power to our beloved Margrave. Then as if God had heard our prayers our Margraves health returned. Amarr Victor.

Now the Apostasy has been stamped out. In doing so we will in the coming days be entering warfare on the side of the Amarrian Militia. To purge our sins and truly rededicate ourselves to God, Empress, Empire, and House Tash-Murkon.

We in CVA will return to our Loyalist roots and fight for the Empire once again. God has put many trials and tribulations in our path to our homeland. For God truly tests us all. If we fail our test of faith, we are unworthy of our beloved homeland of Providence. May our service in the Militia purge our sins and redeem us in eyes of the lord and our beloved Empress for our failures of protecting our homeland.

One day we will once again hold sway of our realm of Providence. One day the Empires forces will hold sway over all the rebel provinces. We have been given a destiny of faith. It is ours if only we believe.

Amarr Victor

Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz, Diplo and Director of Commerce of Curatores Veritatis Alliance.


Ave Summit,

After 2 years and 8 months of exile…The Paladin Wardens sleep under the stars of Providence Skies once again. While much of the Providence Marches still holds sway of the broken coalition of pirates of darkness. The Light of Amarr shines once again in our beloved homeland. May we walk in faith.

I would like to address the Rules of Engagement of CVA currently. We have been for years the Champions of Not Red Dont Shoot (NRDS). We are currently operating as Not Blue Shoot it (NBSI). In the past the Pirate coalition and their allies used our laws and systems to infiltrate and use our honor and our laws against us. The landscape of Providence remains for the most part a region of lawlessness and piracy. We are implementing Martial Law of NBSI until such a time in which the Providence Marches are under complete control and no outside threats remain.

While we have taken several systems and skirmished with old enemies, I look forward to rejoining the Amarr Militia once again. May God bless our beloved Empress and May God bless Providence and her defenders of the light of Civilization.

Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz


Amarr Victor, by the will of Heaven let it be done.

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Time for my triumphant return draws near 111++positive+++

Is my good and close friend, Sir Daedalus still loyal to the God and crown?

Im scheming putting his arse back into the throne of Providence and rising a flag of +++victorious+++ crusade to take back loyalist stronghold

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Vaari! I shall raise a horn of ostrich milk to your joyously amusing return.

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