Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

@Arrendis I would Like an Answer to this Question, before I reply in That Thread.

Not having polled them, I can’t say how many. I do know that I’ve heard at least two or three express mild annoyance about it, however… I also know that from the way they’ve expressed it, you may have already resolved it by explaining the method behind your textual style.

On the whole, though, I would say: if they can’t be bothered bringing their issue with you to you, then either it isn’t significant enough to warrant altering your habits… or they aren’t.

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I See.

Thank you for your Reply.

That was a really good one, yeah.

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That’s what ‘they’ want people to think…

Which ‘they’? That would be telling.

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Just gotta say: you’re smoking something good if you think this… but it’s nice to see CVA returning to who they were.

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I think chains shouldn’t be worn as jewellery.

In my opinion it makes you look like a pleasureslave.

So I disapprove of the recent trends amongst young people.

Oh, I don’t know about that. I love my heavy industrial chain necklace.

Shorter Val:

“How dare you not consult with me!”
“We did, remember?”
“Oh… ohhhh… RIGHT! Well, very good then.”

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That is a gross mischaracterisation. So hush you.

Oh. I’m assuming against their will?

No. Which is why it’s weird. Some trend on social media.

Each to their own, I suppose.

I feel like you’re attempting to use reverse psychology to push the adoption of this behavior.

I feel that says more about you than it does me.

Also you’re wrong. Why would I want anyone to adopt such a behaviour?

I have no idea, but you’re the one highlighting the trend. Generally, disapproval from stuffy old people motivates young people toward a behavior. So if you want a trend to die, you don’t call attention to it. You just let it pass into being another forgotten fad.

I’m hardly a “stuffy old person”.

I mean, you came on here to literally complain about what the kids today are doing, fashion-wise, sooooo… yeah, fits the bill, sorry.

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I approve of ethnic Minmatar and other future slave people adopting slave clothing and accessories; they should be practicing for their post-enslavement condition.

Make sure you cover your slaves thoroughly. Watching bare flesh is disgusting. Having undressed slaves would look like you would walk a balding unclean dog with dirt all over. Keep in mind, that says a lot not about the dog itself, but rather about its owner.