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Greetings citizens of the Minmatar Republic,
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I am organizing a meeting, in order to bring together people from all the tribes and speak peacefully.

This is not an action to create trouble but only to reunite people born around specific regions of the known universe. I am looking for representatives from every tribe, so diversity is important.

If you are interested to participate, please keep in mind that you must leave your personal, political and religious issues out of this and think about the good of the community. If you know someone that will be interested please direct them to me.

The meeting will be held this Friday 12-02-2021, at Tribal Wheelhouse, located at the Pator - Interstellar House of Pancakes.
Its going to start at 19:00 ( EVE time ) and there will be no specific ending time.

The end goal would be ideas how to support each other more in order to provide a more secure, healthier and economically independent Republic.

Mimi Hennver


I’ll try and be there, but…

How do you intend to achieve this if nothing personal, political or spiritual can be brought to the table?

To work together we must first understand each other, and respect the limitations and synergies that existing associations, traditions, and beliefs post to co-operation.

Please note that the Pancake House is not a freeport and full docking access cannot be granted to any party only for this event. There is a shuttle service from Kulheim RSS for unarmed persons without full docking access to the station ifself to access the Wheelhouse, as well as standard hologram feeds from outside of the system, however, so anyone should be able to attend.


While not a representative of any Minmatar tribe, and unsure of our docking access at the Pancake House, the Congress on Luminaire Republicanism will send a representative to the Pator system to ensure a strong hologram connection, to act as an observer and ardent supporter of the Republic and it’s prosperous future.


A thousand thanks for the support Else, I confess that this had slipped my mind…

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I’ve no real official standing, but I do love a good brainstorming session in service of a good cause. I’ll likely be in attendance via holopresence.

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To inquiries: yes, ceremonial weapons are acceptable, just don’t bring a full assault squad or whatever. Sheesh.

EDIT: this for the shuttle service in a general case. Event organizers of particular events may set their own rules, of course.


I will of course do my best to attend also, you represent the Dammalin Family well, Mimi. Thank you for voicing your wish to see more support among Matari people, a goal that all of us in Dammalin share virtuously.


Aw, geez, I gotta go all the way to Kulheim? Couldn’t run one from Huggar?

Seriously, though, I’ll try to get there. I want to be home this weekend anyway, if I can manage it.


Well EM’s traditionally staged from Kulheim RSS, so that’s in place without extra effort. If the event organizers want to arrange something in addition to the standard arrangements, I won’t certainly object.

(This is not my event and I don’t in fact know anything about it, it’s just the Wheelhouse is parked at our station currently.)

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Nah, it’s fine. I can schlep to the outer system and slum it on the other RSS station long enough to catch a shuttle. :wink:

Huggar’s boring anyway. Full of proper people.


For a meeting supposedly for Matari, there seems to be quite the interest from foreigners.


Assuming they come in good faith and/or contribute beneficially to the conversation, I don’t see a problem.

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What, two?


Two many!

I jest, being someone who migrated from the State to the Republic once upon a time, I welcome - almost - any potential friends and allies to our cause.

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Thank you all for attending. The ideas that have been shared means that our spirit is strong and unity will be prevail.


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