[Event] The way forward

WHAT: Political discussion event and meet&greet for Minmatar capsuleers
WHERE: Tribal Wheelhouse, Brigade Beachhead, Floseswin IV (orbit)
WHEN: YC121 Sat 10-26 19:00 NEST (doors open 18:30)

This is to invite Minmatar capsuleers to a meeting to hear and share views on current events on the warzone and the state of the Republic. We are determined that by open and frank communication we can, even now, stand united against external threats to our people. Program includes: short comments from tribal capsuleer organizations and a Q&A session to the speakers, and free mingling. Drinks and snacks served.

Yes, the notice is short, but so are the events moving fast, and this is about communication, not about decisions


  • Members of the arranging organizations (Ushra’Khan, Electus Matari)
  • Other Minmatar loyalist capsuleers and allies
  • Exceptions for others on a case-by-case basis
  • Please contact Elsebeth Rhiannon or post below to confirm your access
  • Organizations and individuals needing temporary docking access, contact Kar’kharadon

QUESTIONS to the speakers can be pre-submitted in this thread or to the host prior/during the event. The host will select questions and who to address them to during the Q&A.

CUSTOMS OF HOSPITALITY in effect include:

  • There shall be no violence in the premises from the start of the event till the end of the day outside of prearranged duels.
  • People are free to quote anything they hear in the meeting. Recordings of any kind cannot be distributed.
  • If you have requirements for customs to be included here in order to attend, please contact Elsebeth Rhiannon. We do our best to accommodate, within reason.
  • Note that Floseswin is on the warzone, so we cannot guarantee safe passage. Holo-access is available.


  • Harkon Thorson, Chief of Ushra’Khan
  • Elsebeth Rhiannon, Head Diplomat of Electus Matari
  • Your name here? Post below.

HOST: Kar’kharadon

List of organizations with cleared access to the venue’s Standing Place:
(please confirm docking access for physical presence separately, see above)

  • Corovid Industries
  • Electus Matari
  • Fate Weavers
  • Haven for Heros Initiative
  • Matari BackBone
  • Ourumur
  • Promethean Glaives
  • Unitas Nusquam Est
  • Ushra’Khan
  • Stjornauga Security Services

Individuals with the same:

  • Arrendis Culome
  • Astaire Quatrevaux
  • Deitra Vess
  • Literia
  • Mizhir Devara
  • Rinai Vero
  • Samira Kernher
  • Tabor Murn
  • Trii Seo
  • Tyrel Toov
  • Valerie Vyvenne

Well, sounds good. I do not feel like I have much in the way of speeches to be made, I’d just prefer to comment later on. But I’ll do my best to attend.

I’ll start with a question - for the past couple of days Floseswin - the system and planet that has actual people under direct threat - has been mostly devoid of Minmatar aligned capsuleers that I recognize. U’K, one of the larger Minmatar aligned capsuleer organizations is focusing its efforts on trying to keep the Starkman system instead of securing control of Floseswin. Why?

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Sister Rhiannon,
Please list me as tentative. I will do my best, but I have focused my recent efforts on my refugee colonies. If my duties allow I will attend. If they dont, I have full faith in the Electus Matari and will stand by and support any position or efforts they take on this.

Based on my understanding of Sarum’s recent decree, it may be best if I kept my hot head out of the discussion anyway.

Oona Aldeland
Shaman, White Wolf Clan
Sebiestor Tribe

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Come along and find out, lots of good questions to ask eh? Where are the non U’K Minmatar? a good one?

Also Mind your Business…

I will be there Else

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Currently docked in system.

I will be attendance.

  1. Why are we not not fighting to take back Floseswin? If we want to stop the enslavement of our people, we need to take back the warzone?
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I will be tentative as well. But I will try to be there.

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If I finish with my family functions in time, I’ll attend.

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If I’m not overstepping my bounds here, might I ask why this is the case? I would think that audiovisual recordings with the proper anti-tampering measures in place would serve as an excellent way to ensure there is a proper record of who said what, so that nothing can be misattributed or taken out of context.

I’m hoping to be there, unless something arises I can’t avoid I should be there.

I’m sure we can each maintain our own records. However, unless everyone involved gives consent to record the matter, then it would be rude to do so, and such consent cannot be assumed.

Interesting. I don’t understand the reasoning for this at all. Would you mind explaining it to me?

If you don’t specifically consent to being recorded, you shouldn’t be recorded. It’s really quite simple.

A few reasons why recording would be frowned upon by some people:

  • Less than popular opinions they share with everyone
  • Trying to not have their words used by others out of context
  • To not provide evidence for issues that arose in a certain other thread
  • Privacy concerns in general

I am travelling and do not expect to be back in Minmatar space in time for the event. But I would like to address the gathering via holo-projection.

I also request that @Astaire_Quatrevaux be allowed to attend as a representative of Corovid Industries and the Karaya-Ya Circle. He is an ally to the Republic and has earned my full trust. (He is not a literal employee of Corovid, so he will need to be granted access.)


Because you don’t record what happens in a Standing Place. It’s custom. It’s a place where you should be able to speak freely without fear of reprisal of strangers. It’s how we do things. It’s not for everyone to just ‘get’.

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On behalf of Villore Accords, I would like to request permission to attend as a representative of your Federation allies for myself, and any Matari pilots currently serving in GMVA.

We will continue stand in solidarity with the people of the Minimatar Republic during this conflict. To that purpose, I’d like to attend and listen to the discussion. If granted permission to attend I will instruct any non-Matari GMVA pilots to listen respectfully and refrain from speaking unless called upon.

In Solidarity,

Rinai Vero
Luminaire General; FDU
Diplomat; AISA / GMVA


And I’m sure that this makes perfect sense to you, but I see the morality or ethics of recording someone without their consent as something that depends on the situation. It can be used to take someone’s words out of context, yes, but it can also be used to expose a two-faced charlatan for what they are, and the more power someone has the more scrutiny is warranted for their actions.

I understand now. Thank you for explaining it to me.


Sister Rhiannon,

I formally request permission to attend in representation of the Intaki Diaspora.

Valerie Vynneve
Toxic Avenger
Dusk of the Old Horizon


I can vouch for Valerie’s dedication and generosity in helping to secure a shipment of supplies for the hurricane victims in Moisant, Octanneve V, which was a largely Matari community.


I do not wish to offend any allies and friends, however this is a meeting between Matari Capsuleers, to share a discussion over our Republic and the issues that we are facing. As is no doubt obvious, there are many things that internally we do not agree on, and I am not sure what non-Matari attendee’s can contribute. Perhaps a suitable compromise is that they may attend, however speaking rights be limited to those of the Tribes, as has been suggested earlier?

Regardless, this is your event Elsebeth, so I will abide by your decision on the matter.