Breaking: DammFam Refinery Attacked

DammFam Refinery

We bring you breaking news from within the past 24 hours.

A refinery belonging to Valentine Drone Design of DammFam has been reinforced in the Frarn system in the region of Heimatar.

A pirate coalition of R I O T and Pain and Compliance hit the refinery in the later hours. This follows what appears to be an organised attack on DammFam mining operations during wartime.

Ushra’Khan has joined the war on the side of their close allies DammFam.

Komi Valentine, CEO of Valentine Drone Design, tells us that diplomacy was attempted with these pirates with the offer of shares in the refinery itself - the refinery being crowdfunded - however, there has been no response from either pirate outfit.

In the hours before the refinery came out of reinforced, Komi Valentine issued the following statement:

"There is nothing so desperately monotonous as space, and i no longer wonder at the cruelty of capsuleer pirates.
They are walking all over civilians to fulfil their greedy ambitions, but we have allies and this refinery will be like a wall - they will not step over.
I assure everyone there is no need for dismay. It is my personal responsibility that the residents of this beautiful station will not lose their homes."

This is the second attack on the DammFam refinery in as many days. In the evening of the 24th of April, Ushra’Khan and DammFam coalition members had expected heavy combat in the area - fully expecting a final attack on the refinery.
The second defence took place at the 11th hour on the 25th of April. Our camera team caught footage of multiple Praxis class battleships belonging to Pain and Compliance landing on the refinery. Appearing in jubilant mood, they put on a display of fireworks as cruise missiles rained down upon the refinery.

A second Praxis class battleship belonging to R I O T landed on the refinery shortly after. It was at this point a Tornado class battleship fleet commanded by Tankbuster arrived. The DammFam Tornado fleet made multiple long range strike attempts against the Praxis fleets. However, they proved hard to break and a change of tactics was called by the DammFam fleet commander as they came under fire.

An Oneiros class Logistics vessel piloted by Kabuoto of R I O T was engaged at range whilst in close proximity of the station. In a matter of seconds, the Oneiros was destroyed, as a Tornado piloted by Ralt Gaithar of Dammfam succumbed to the overwhelming strengths of the Praxis fleets.

With the combined Pain and Compliance and R I O T Praxis fleets maintaining an unbreakable chain of defence, it was not long before the refinery lost its armour. It now sits in its final stage of reinforcement. DammFam fully expect the pirate coalition to make an assault this coming Saturday the 30th of April at 4pm.

We will be broadcasting live on the scene as the action unfolds. Komi Valentine has declared a state of emergency:

"We will start the evacuation of the civilian population immediately. Shuttles will be provided to fly people and goods to the Brutor station.
We ask capsuleer pilots in the vicinity to help complete the transport orders - they will be available as public orders and through the Pandora agency.
Hopelessness is already the anticipated defeat. Therefore, let us hope."

We have approached both R I O T and Pain and Compliance, but, as yet, have had no response.

This concludes our breaking news report. Please join us this Saturday in the lead up to 5pm. See you there.


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Who exactly was approached with an offer? I’m the PAC diplo and have had no contact with anyone from DamFam and certainly had no offer of shares… or anything else for that matter.

We were however approached by a number of Typhoons at our war HQ last night. Sadly, 4 of them didn’t get to go home again.


That’s right, I only talked to R I O T. On this occasion, might I ask you why you are attacking our Refinery in the first place. The only value it serves are living spaces and a refining business that can barely pay the fuel costs. It has no strategic value to it, please explain your actions.


The evacuation of the station is complete. The necassary personell to maintain station control is still working
but all civilians are currently in shelters on the Brutor Station. We also advised all mining partners to avoid the station for the next week since it’s too dangerous.

Many capsuleers decided to help with the evacuation. In not more than 48 hours after the announcement, a total of 5.291.764m³ was transported in 196 chunks. There is only one package missing. The freighter undocked at our station but never docked at the Brutor Station. It was transporting large infrastructure and at least 1 person and their slaver hound are missing.
Potentially the Angel Cartel might be involved. At this point I can’t really tell where those Station Vault Containers were shipped to.

Special Thanks to those capsuleers for their engagement. We will not forget it o7

Jesoph Swolin
64 Contracts

5 Contracts

Roger Trade
5 Contracts

Sesda Barot
71 Contracts

Chet U-Betcha
8 Contracts

General Zogg
35 Contracts

3 Contracts

The Great Eastern Rens-Abudban Steamboat Company
3 Contracts

Lasket Trading Corporation
1 Contract

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I can neither confirm nor deny any theory you may have regarding this war.

Komi, as a friend I feel it pertinent to highlight that, generally speaking, Capsuleers often don’t give a flying toss whether a target is strategic or not. For most, a target, is just that, a target.


Aldrith paid 'em to hit it. >.>

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A smile slowly grows over Duellas face

There is nothing about this i dislike.

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Excuse me, do you really expect negotiations when the Refinery under question is so openly supported by criminal terrorists?

I am not going to make claims that the attacking groups are crystal clear, but even pirates can show moral superiority by sticking to the rule of “no negotiations with terrorists.”

I don’t think any sort of additional explanation or justification is needed when you attack Ushra’Khan affiliated or allied structures.


Indeed a rat nest of terrorists. What kind of self respecting persons would harbour civilians in a station that is part of terrorist operations? Or perhaps more likely, they side with the terrorist and are no better?

This is indeed great news.


Your opinions are interesting, but you should stick to the facts. The Station is a Freeport and it’s open to anybody. We don’t discriminate, and calling us a terrorist organization is going too far.
There is no evidence that this refinery does not help the general public but supports terrorists.

I would like to give that title to the people who really deserve it. Namely, those who ensure that we can no longer move freely in between the Republic and for weeks can not pursue our peaceful mining activities.

Right now the progress we’ve made for years has been reset and if the Refinery finally falls to those terrorists it will set the whole system back and the miners will probably move to Avesber in the best case or completely out of the constellation which would be a large hit for the Industry settled in Frarn of mostly smaller mining corps and freelancers.

For sure from all the people, the station is supported by illegal terrorists. They are fighting for it. If you have hired them to protect the station, it means you have supported them. If you haven’t hired them, how can you explain that they came to defend that refinery? They definitely have interest in it.

Are you going to deny any sort of connection with Ushra’Khan? Because that’s what these news have implied. If they are wrong and you have no connection with these despised criminals, you shall sue the news for slander and defamation.

How could I personally deny any connection to the people who saved me when I was stranded in Wicked Creek and who offered my crew shelter for a couple weeks? Or how could I deny that a U’K member bought shares of the station publicly?

How it continues is beyond my power. I have no say in defensive decisions of DammFam, certainly not with U’K, In my opinion the Republic should intervene.

Damfamm are close allies with Ushra Khan, one of the biggest terrorist cells in New Eden. That’s a fact.

I can arrange that all of the children of the affected terrorists can be shipped to various prestigious holder families to be enlightened and live a life they could only ever dream of.

The terrorists and their kin can die.

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Wouldn’t ‘their kin’ include those children, though?

It would be to you yes. I knew you’d say that laughs

Was that supposed to make sense?

Very cute.

errrr… ok then?

I’ll make it simple for you.

The children are innocent. They only know what they are told. The rest are not and considering their affiliation, are beyond help.