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We came to a proper shoot-out!

The biggest High-Sec war in recent years comes to an end.
By end-February ERAM system had 4 war HQ installed by the 4 biggest mercenary Alliances of Eve. Their goal was to cooperate and assault on the PARABELLUM’s production node – installed in systems of Emolgranlan and Finanar. The infrastructure hub consisted of 130 structures, incl. Sotiyo, several Azbels, Tatara with T2 Rigs etc. For the past two years this was the heart of ice and ore mining of the whole Minmatar – the haven for newbros, a trade-hub and a production forge, making it top-5 in EVE overall, competing with Delve, Lonetrek, Domain.


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On its own the combined power of these 4 Alliances was not sufficient, so the merc F1 monkeys from Absolute Order got involved. The amount of sheer effort required was a result of Pirate’s inability to fight on fair terms: only 2-3-fold blob was favorable enough for them. They were in fear of losing the strategic goal as a result of underestimating their opponent, which had already happened earlier this year. In Jan they’d lost a war HQ in ITAMO, while squirming for help from Null-Sec Power blocs.

Armor timer managed with great effort.

On final timer there was some nice surprise from the attackers.

In addition, to secure its position, the Pirate coalition merged its assault with the biggest Wormhole bloc under LAZERHAWKS, HoleControl, OutFoxed who, in their turn, saw an emerging threat to their domination and security of material and political hegemony within the WH space.

Imagine there was a structure reinforce bounty set on PARABELLUM and its supporters; even one-time assistance was enough to put your name on the list!!! This was their move to bring dispute between our friends and allies and make them fear.

The broader goal was to make PARABELLUM wage war on two fronts outnumbered and outgunned, with a top priority of forcing us to lose either Hi-Sec or WH in its entirety. Preferably both. By the end of the campaign the follow-up task was to declare us cowards for not providing a fight on non-equal terms.

See below – the opponent’s plan was dwindled on all accounts:

It surprises us to hear such accusations as: ‘you systematically burn smaller WH corps’ from HoleControl. In their turn, they destroyed more Wormhole stations as the PARABELLUM and its allies combined. Besides, there was no major power-group to counteract an attack from the biggest PVP-WH-Alliance, as you can clearly see :slight_smile:

ZKB keeps a good record:

P A R A B E L L U M | Alliance | zKillboard

What’s even funnier is getting the same statement from the biggest WH anti-evictionists – the OutFoxed. Their result for the past year 2022 was destruction of 25 minor systems belonging to smaller groups. Not the top-tier of the list but still it’s far away from the ‘we are against evictions’ statement.

This is WH – all evict all. Guys from OutFoxed should stop being ashamed of it :slight_smile:

ACT I – Finanar Sotiyo ARMOR timer saw the united Pirate fleet. They’ve managed the timer uncontested. To prevent us from having a fight, they had the counter-wars declared against ALL alleged PARABELLUM’s allies 23h30m before the timer. Our allies WERE NOT able to ASSIST in this war. (Bravo to CCP – great mechanics!) This was the only reason PARABELLUM’s 100-man core fleet did not engage its opponents – 300+ Pirate fleet.

ACT II – Finanar Sotiyo HULL timer. PARABELLUM and co. wormhole systems were under pressure daily. That enabled the Pirates to bring a respectable fleet of 700+ ships to the key timer of this conflict, so they could take down the structure despite possible losses. Three hundred BS, T1 peasants flying Ferox and all kitchen-sink trash they could get was on top of it. But alas here where the Pirate’s plans crumbled – right at the gate they were greeted by a combined force of the PARABELLUM, willing to trade blows. So, their shiny High-Grade Amulet-fitted fleet sank to the bottom of the ZKB. Pirate’s losses incurred were double of what Sotiyo was worth. Battle Report Tool

ACT III – WAR HQ. Due to the mechanics of EVE the war can be invalidated only via destruction of the attacker’s war HQ. The shield reinforcement was done 4 times by the PARABELLUM and its allies. Every time on the second timer we were countered by the TWO-FOLD combined fleet of the Pirate coalition. By the fifth time, which happened after SOTIYO was down, we’ve managed to form-up an EQUAL force – about 250 vs 250. As expected, their fleet stayed in dock – because you can LOSE on equal terms, but LOSING is not what the pirate does))) It took us an hour to finish off the 3 war HQs of the opponent.

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For PARABELLUM the war was over at this moment. We’ve had three weeks of day-night warfare on two fronts. Maintaining 24/7 control in our home Wormholes, providing quick skirmishes to alleviate our allies, and spending most of our time in HIGH-SEC. Wasting time chasing the enemy who clearly has an intention to dodge a fight was not something we had in plans.

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So, after losing their HQ, the ‘courageous’ Pirates war-decced a new war from a new corp, making sure the assists from our allies are prevented. Literally all PARABELLUM’s allies. This was a show they had no intention to fight but rather bring in 300+ people on a structure bash :slight_smile:

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Another goal set by the Pirate-Wormhole coalition was to no avail. Besides wormholes where PARABELLUM resides, about a dozen of WHs were attacked that belonged to our friends, allies and someone we know, or someone who took a fight on our side once or twice with a couple of pilots :slight_smile:

So the idea was to spam in local ‘You are affiliated with PARABELLUM hence you must burn’ message to put a dent in our relations and set us apart.

However, instead, all attacked corps came closer to PARABELLUM, clearly realizing the source of the actual threat.

Moreover, PARABELLUM saw a great influx of support from Russian-speaking communities across EVE. Some groups were first-contact and were never involved prior. We were pleasantly surprised by the NUMBER of spies in the ranks of our enemies who independently got in touch and provided the most detailed intel about the enemy’s plans!


  • PARABELLUM has lost its #2 key home-system in Wormhole, and a Production hub in Hi-Sec (there is a swarm of stations, Pirates will be busy for a week taking them down). That hurts but not a devastating blow;
  • We’ve got the support from many new teams in existing wars and in any new ones;
  • All our friends who previously were skeptical of supporting PARABELLUM against big Empires and Power blocs have made up their mind and lost all doubts. Each and every one of them came to help, sometimes at a cost of their home-system;
  • Our own team is on the paramount of its shape and dedication. Many old-time pilots have returned to take part in this confrontation;

Our enemies forget one crucial factor when fighting the Russian-speaking groups – the more pressure you apply, the fiercer the assault, the tougher and closer we become.

Our memory is sharp. No action will be left without an answer.


It was a pretty good write-up, but I have to say: all of this really highlights the absolutely-dogshit contemporary high-sec aggression mechanics CCP shoved down our throats like we’re French geese two weeks away from Christmas. If you want to win, just N+1 and force a structure fight. If you’re small, you have no chance at all to engage in any sort of asymmetric warfare, because either your HQ gets taken down, or you can’t threaten your enemy’s HQ.

If you want to win against these mercenary coalitions, you have to repeatedly take down their war HQs so that their members get bored/demoralized. If the mercenary coalitions want to win against you, they have to keep their wars running and make high-sec a no-go zone for your individual players until your member satisfaction levels drop and your alliances start imploding. There are no other ways; CCP structured the game so that the reasons for fighting aren’t very tangible like in real wars, because most of the money that players make is at the individual level, and doesn’t particularly rely on infrastructure (with a few specific exceptions). It’s not like you can take over a system or destroy a station, and the enemy’s capacity for replacing losses would decrease, because those players could simply make money doing solo content and then use the market to buy what they need.

One thing though: you mentioned how they prevented allied assistance. Well, the allies could have proactively declared their own wars on the targets. Sure, that would mean there would be additional structures at risk, but medium ones wouldn’t be a big deal even if you needed a couple dozen, due to the power of collective funding.


Just adding a more accurate isk destroyed.

This does not include the Sot, or the all the structures currently being destroyed. Will update it once done. Accounting for all of that (at the current price per athanor being popped) you are looking at an end total 700-800 bill destroyed.

Not a fan of spin stories.

I know exactly what I do in the game, don’t need to pretend or play the victim. You know what you do, and so do many other it seems. Other groups came for their reasons and it just made sense to band together.

We asked nicely at first, don’t interfere with us or our friends. You did got a few group to join in and pop our fort. So here we are… Swings and roundabouts…

For us it is that simple. Say GF and take your beating like a Gentleman(women) and move on. Ending your post with a threat means I will keep an eye on everybody doing anything in highsec to do with you guys.

Next targets are the allies.

Always be on the lookout for me, you can find me in fleet with the pink ship.

Don’t I look good in pink?


<< Say GF and take your beating like a Gentleman >> - sounds like a bad joke from a man whos hiding behind high sec mechanics and fighting strongholds instead of fleets.

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And as expected a Parra member cannot help themself to start insulting people.

At least he did not call me some homophobic slur like they and doctor per normally does in local.

He forgot that we are still at war. So he is more than able to still defend, they just choose not to, and that is ok.


Stop crying, you got what you asked for.

I miss those days.

I think CCP does not like small asymmetric corps. They muck up CCP trying to herd players into how they think we should play.

It is rich to complain about war dec mechanics, when Parblm rely so much on Dr.Per who has what, 8 Jita Holding Alliances…why does he have so many alliances??

(trick question, its to use war dec mechanics to his advantage).

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No it hasn’t. We are still bashing your stations. Whatever gave you the idea it was all over ?

As I said, CCP doesn’t like small corps. Banding them together doesn’t make them a big small corp, just a hs alliance. Something I could fight before the last wd change.

You have ( or rather had ) 75 Athanors, a Fortizar, Sotiyo, etc in Finanar alone…not to mention other systems…and its others who are the big empires and power blocs ?

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Are they null alts in hs or they actually a different bunch?

I don’t know…I’m just a humble footsoldier. I suspect only the top corp level people know the full meta level of things. Some love that sort of level, but I just want to shoot things.

I used to have stats like that. But then I fell prey to CCP’s propaganda and turned fuzzy/started to try to help others.

Thanks for the Orca kill.

(Alvarium = PR.BL non war-eligible mining/indy alts)

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They run fleets of macks in Finirar as well running ore strip miners last I scanned. Was thinking of moving my gankers toons there. But will wait to see where they move after all the structures are gone.

You missed the bit where the war started in the first place because PARABELLUM fired on and destroyed an Absolute Order miner.

Am I now at war with Parabellum?

Seems an over reaction to the loss of a miner.

Its the 2nd time I’ve heard that excuse, are you covering something up with that line.

Am i seeing plans within plans

Wow, if Absolute Order miners get that kind of protection, I’m in the wrong damn alliance.