Wrecking Machine. and Black Flag vs P A R A B E L L U M and co

Looks like P A R A B E L L U M hugely outnumbered and under shipped. Is there any context to what is happening here?

I got the link here:

Battle report here:

Any knowledge of what happened?

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bads are bad, sucks to suck


I like the not-so-subtle attempts to get people to visit some new subreddit :smiley:

From what I understand it’s just normal highsec war shenanigans. There was some war going on, some people expected a fight so they dogpiled everyone they possibly can into it (even EVE Rookies fielded a fleet), blobbed the opposition and turned what could have been a decent engagement into a turkey shoot on cheap ships. It remains to be seen if parabellum will batphone in support and go again.

Ahh OK thanks ! It looked like a bit of a turkey shoot but could not figure out what exactly had happened.

They already have. :slight_smile:

That is fine. That warhq is responsible for over a trillion isk of damage over it is life time. We have another waiting to be deployed and transferred.


Cool story bro.

So highseccers angry at notorious ganking corp. decided to strike back, but being a carebear all of your EVE career doesn’t make you that great at PvP so they suffered massive losses? Is this right? Did they at least get the objective on the structure?

It was fun getting on 11 kills. Parabellum had way more manoeverable ships than Wrecking Machine’s Apocs. I think we were fleet warped about 100 times…excellent FC…so it was hardly a case of just sitting there for some turkey shoot.

I’m curious, are you still going with the tactic of criticizing people based on individual damage amounts on targets? Or have recent events made you rethink that strategy?

More maneuverable, but engaging a station so forced to stay on grid. It’s normal for a defensive fleet to bounce between pings while the attackers stick close to the station. The fact that the FC fleet warps just makes them a normal FC.

The nativity of new players who have only ever been in groups that massively punch down is always amusing.

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Not to make too fine a point of it, but I’ve been involved in twice as much ISK destruction in 1 year as you have in 8. I don’t need lecturing from someone who’s destroying ISK at 1/16 of the rate I am.

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Apparently doing 0% damage, a couple times, gives Lucas the expertise to critique everyone who is actually playing the game. I’m excited to see how he would attack or defend a structure, but I suppose that is never going to happen as it’s too “easy”.


I was wondering which metric you’d be using going forward. You’re so great at this game, you’re basically a pro.

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Thanks for the clarification folks! So a structure getting bashed and some manoeuvrings and pew pew.

It’ll probably happen again today at 20:42 EVE time as it’s reffed again.

Kinda shows how tightly linked all these groups are to null though, with Blackflag/Wrecking Machine being backed by Frat, Horde, TEST and Goons. There will be some groups who can fight both sides too so these fights can end up looking pretty weird on KBs.

Well at the end of the day. This structure will be lost as there are to many 3rd parties.

And yes, both sides get to have fun and cause TIDI in a highsec system. Which is not that hard. WM can cause tidi just jumping 120 people into a system with one of their move ops.

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So true, seen it time and time again.

And how did Lucas get into this chat

I still felt a bit guilty moving my Apoc out to a nearby NPC station.

Aren’t they mostly on your side though? These are your allies on that war:

It’s a common thing they keep trying to troll me with. I tend to just ignore it now.

You shouldn’t feel guilty, it’s standard practice. Though anything in there will be moved to asset safety anyway. Fee will be low too as there’s NPC station in the system.

Are you saying he isn’t here?

What happened to Lucas, JJ, DefiAlt, Rroll, and so many others? They all seemed to exist consecutive lives, but then gone and vanished forever?


I can confirm this, I’m bad and it sucks.

Lucas or Elizabet? Do you identify yourself as cisgender?