Eve's War Dec Groups and who are they

I’m looking to make an up to date list of all the corps that do griefing type war decs in high sec , so if you’re corp has had a random war Dec and you don’t know why please sent me info , on here or in a mail .

We know many of the large ones , it’s the small ones that escape notice I’m interested in.

Frostpacker had removed [Deep Core Z Mining Corporation] from grid a few years ago and we are smaller than small, we’re tiny and escape unnoticed.

Short answer: there aren’t any.

Long answer: I’ve been keeping track of every war declared for the past 10 weeks or so (thankfully the interface makes it somewhat easy by sorting them from the most recent one). Over 90% of all wars are declared by the same 5 groups. Another portion of wars is declared by large entities who don’t often do wars, but are still competent at them for one reason or another (e.g. when PH declared a war recently). Finally there’s a small amount of wars declared by small entities against what appears to be inactive corporations for the purpose of taking down and replacing POCOs.

Small groups declaring wars for conventional purposes is an extreme outlier. I’ve spotted maybe a dozen such wars over the observation period. And if you want to interfere in those wars, you’d just be enabling and affirming the shitty system we have right now, because those little groups taking on a significant amount of risk need their play styles supported, instead of having free allies dogpiled on them and forcing them to ball up into one of the existing wardec conglomerates.


It is a ■■■■ system we have but must be ways to use it as is .

It sure frustrates me that a fundamental part of eve , wars , are being blocked by a hand full of large groups in essence. Not blaming them you understand it’s the system.

Your problem is that you think playing the game is “griefing”.

That’s absolutely mental.


No I don’t, we helped a small corp defend a station that was being attacked for the hell of it ( griefing) , that was fun on all sides I hope .

You do know we all don’t want to take part in eve as you like to do and dictate.

Mass war deccers who camped pipes and market/mission hubs ruined war decs long ago.


I still think there must be a way or tactic to fight these types

There is, first option is remove their war HQ. They try to say that this does not happen, but it does, I have been on several war dec HQ destructions. It appears to be that they will hold up Blackflag. having not lost one for quite a while and declare that it does not happen.

The other is to set bait traps in the pipes and pick off the brave ones, don’t bother much with stations as they just dock fast and come out with something more suited. Best bait is another war decced target, but finding people who will do this is difficult. Then you just need to use what we call a fleet of fast and toothy and a couple of very competent logi pilots and you will get some decent kills.

Do bear in mind that most war deccers hate losing ships so they will dock up and log at the slightest threat which is why it is mainly pretty boring, though the two top tier war deccers Blackflag. and Wreckin Machine would come back at you with a counter, but they tend to over do it so not much content there either.

Biggest issue I found was that most Eve veterans are turned off with anything to do with war decs and with good reason.

My sole interest with war decs is to remove strategic targets, the rest of the play is naff, the best comparison is to gather a AG fleet to prevent ganks and watch the gankers log off, which is about the level of fun you will often get from it. Still if you do manage to catch and blow up a war deccer it is a solid achievement to brag about.

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I can confirm that we also destroy other WarDeccers WarHQ. I can also confirm that loosing ships is not an issue as we SRP our alliance bling fits.

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I used the word ‘most’ for a reason, as I am aware of certain immensely competent and scary exceptions, such as yourself. :slight_smile:

Scary, not at all. Persistent… definitely.

Scarily persistent perhaps.

Corps it doesn’t look like there are any. Some of the alliances with fewer wardecs might be worth looking at, although I’m not aware of any of them doing “griefing type war decs”, though ymmv.

Of the last 2000 wardecs, 5 alliances account for 1033 of them:

Alliance How many of last 2000 wars?
Blackflag 368
C A P S T E X T . 275
Bully Brigade 210
RIOT 132
Pain and Compliance 48

After that, the numbers drop off quickly, although there are a few of them with smaller numbers:

Alliance How many of last 200 wars?
Execution Empire 30
Wrecking Machine. 24
Strictly Unprofessional 20
Jita Holding Inc. 19
Militaires-Sans-Frontieres. 17
Sigma Grindset 14
Liberal Application of Violence 13
0 Phux Given 13
The Rogue Consortium 11
No Forks Given 11
Fall From Grace. 11

Numbers fall much lower after that.

For Corporations, in the last 2000 wars, no Corporation has had more than 1 war they declared.


Captext and Bully purely go after abandoned/low powered structures.

These figures seem “off” from what I’ve observed, and I’m wondering if it’s because this information includes “dropped corporations” that create independent wars with their attackers when they leave their alliance (which could be a source of most of the “one war” cases). Because from my observations, the top five groups are responsible for way, way more than 50% of all wars.

Don’t even know CAPSTEXT but then eve is a big place

It’s likely the case. The above is just a point in time look at the data. So very possible that there is some short-term influence on the numbers.

I think it normally sits closer to around 70% of wars from the top 5 (and as you pointed out, it’s also possible that the Corps wars are inflated by corps leaving aggressor alliances and that is influencing the numbers too).

Oh? I thought they were gankers only :smiley: Guess you gotta ban yourself from the AG channel for spreading false info huh? :smiley:

CAPSTEXT are a new one on me too.