…and a whole load of perks such as free implants…SRP…etc. I look forward to your application.

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War is Fair?

You dedicated your EVE existence to fighting suicide gankers over the loss of a miner. Seems like an over reaction to me.

And in all this time Governor Lee has never introduced himself to us.

That’s not true.

He did come into my thread to threaten me by demanding that I anchor a Fortizar so that his allies from null-sec could come and blow it up (???).


Combat Training

You could always earn a special brownie point by taking on the ganker Gnosis in Uemissaisen.

I see you went over to the dark side…


I just send whatever ally requests I can find. Though I guess all of you live in Caldari space, and I haven’t seen a single AO X or XVII member south of Perimeter for the entire duration.

They don’t live long enough to get down there.

What a coincidence! Pandemic Horde seems to be having the same problem, but going north.

Well to be fair.

They are in minmitar space at the moment. We are still killing PARRA structures. The last few will die today.

And yourself rarely leave Amarr beyond 2 jumps. It works both ways.

You can also find AO members in Wrecking Machine. They are normally there when going on removal campaigns.

But that war ( the war this thread is all about ) is going on around Finanar, and you are 40 jumps away in Amarr. AO10 is actually the ganker corp for AO, which one of my alts is in…but it was briefly made one of the wardec corps, i think that wardec ends within a day or so. Like God Emperor Kane said…it is practically all over now.

Somehow I think it will be some time before we get quite so many kills in the space of 3 weeks. And seeing you Blackflag guys there too has made me all the more determined to get a Leshak.

I much prefer it when the targets come directly to me. It’s like playing Hungry Hungry Hippos, a game that I thoroughly enjoy.

The great thing about Amarr is that no matter from/to where players are going in the entire southern section of the map, they have to go through that central cluster (with a few rare exceptions, like going straight from/to Minmatar space from/to Providence). So while I usually scout out the targets way ahead of time, I wait for them to get close before taking them out. This both reduces the amount of time spent traveling/hauling loot, and enables me to miss fewer targets by being out of the main area. That’s playing smart instead of playing hard.

But I’ve noticed that some of them are starting to get smart and trying to take paths around, so when I see something coming from really far away, I’ll move up to intercept before they can fork off somewhere else, like a Mastodon I caught today that ejected on me.

Yes, it’s way too far. That’s why I didn’t bother with any of the wars in that area; I’m just too lazy to move. Some of the groups like FUM8 and PAC might’ve been interesting to mess around with otherwise.

Not a whole lot of interesting stuff going on in the wardec sphere these days, though.

Maybe you can buy mine. It’s doubtful that I’ll ever use it again. At least not with the T2 Trimarks it has.


The safety logo isn’t that hot really!

I hear that My Little Pony and Buck Buck are good too. I’d give them a try.