Sooo...when's the next war?

-a curious newb :grin:

Nullsec wars… LOL.

Yeah there wont be won unless the Imperium falls apart, or some massive low sec and nullsec alliance forms a mega alliance.

As it stands right now the Imperium (Goonswarm) has more caps than ANY two alliances combined. So unless they splinter I dont see any “real” wars happening. Just a bunch of curb stompings.


There is one happening right now in Geminate. Haven’t heard of it? And you probably missed it too that CFC just finished a massive blob op in W-space. Maybe you should get a bit more curious then…

Other than that: What LouHodo said. Hopefully, when the 6 months of NIP expire, the users can make the cluster collapse and make EVE die because of lack of content and competition.

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After the recent conflict in the wormhole known as “Rage” I think there could be a conflict brewing in wormhole space. There was a massive power disturbance in power.

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Hmm, Geminate…Sounds like a process :laughing: Anyways I just wanted to be a part of something cool. I don’t have much but I would definitely try my best.

As long as you don’t join the winning side, you can contribute something meaningful. I leave it to you to decide based on the previous posts who that is.


There is never not a war happening somewhere. If you can’t find one that suits you then go declare war yourself, against the enemy of your choice. 1 man wars are fun.


Also, wars font have to last a long time. We had a group roll into our hole with a carrier, and we spent hours making tactical decisions, fighting, and trying to get them to give up and roll out. EVE is known for the big battles, but the most fun in EVE is when you are thinking and making decisions with a few group of guys in small PVP scenarios, and then act on the information given.


I’ll keep that in mind :thinking:

Did you win? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The main fighting (currently) appears to be between Imperium and Legacy on one side and Panfam on the other, numbers are pretty stark:

Imperium (Goons +) - 52,000 members
Legacy (Test +) - 37,000 members
Panfam (Horde +) - 22,000 members

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Yeah they left :slight_smile:

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That isn’t a war, that’s just people hanging out not being blue to each other. Big difference. There’s fighting either way though. All the wars right now are small scale, which is probably more fun anyway.

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It’s not a full on war, more ‘fights’ - but you are wrong, Legacy and Imperium fleets usually fight side by side - certainly on citadel structures - just go take a look at zkill for fleet comps…

I wasn’t implying that Legacy and Imperium weren’t flying together, just debunking the assertion that they are at war with Pan Fam. They’re just not currently blue, that’s all. You can’t read any more into it than that. Its an incredibly dull state of affairs - but then again, even when these power blocs are at war, it is pretty dull. Small scale conflicts are far more interesting to participate in.

Best war I had recently in nullsec was PL under Doom telling TIKLE to get out of their space, we refused and we kicked their ass resulting in the destruction of their AU TZ. I also enjoyed the early part of the Winter war because it looked initially bad for us, but then their wheels fell off. But the next war is likely to be the Imperium moving on some other poor saps.

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Wait! We should decide who’s next firstly!

Soon I hope. At the end of the day, all it’ll take is a good spy.

Consider, for example, the Goons. The biggest, the bestest, the biggest warchest, the biggest stockpile of everything.

That’s all stored somewhere. A few thousand capitals in a stockpile is no small task to evacuate. And while asset safety will ensure they don’t LOSE those ships when the structure goes down, it’s going to be expensive to get them out of safety and there’s the delay to deal with as well.

Goons can be fought, if the right circumstances all come into place. That’s of course a lot to bet on, and you have to make it asymmetric. But they’re not untouchable. Turn their assets against them, and now you’ve tuned yourself to the Art of War.

Wow, you should join the Dryson club for advanced warfare studies.

Not pulling any punches there, are we. Please don’t say his name, the last thing we need is for him to come looking.

That said, none of what I said is wrong. Hard to pull off, sure. But not wrong.