WTB Nullsec war

Suggestions are welcome. Loads of ISK ready.

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Sorry, CCP doesn’t like conflict drivers. Hence Upwell structures and asset safety.

Try again next year. Hopefully the next release partly fixes that, but things are still likely to be too themepark to drive a good war.


Disclaimer: This view does not totally represent my view and should be ignored.


I used to be in a sovereign alliance and I was told and even encouraged to “shoot anything!”

Noticing we owned all but one system in our constellation, I packed an entosis unit or whatever and did a bunch of work.

Some alliance called Northern Coalition was upset and all of my diplomats were mad at me and the timer came out in primetime USTZ on a Friday so noone could really play :smile:

You could try doing what I did. I just play by myself now.


Jump instead of bridge in a shield titan. EZZZ

You sound like The Last of the IWI.

Anyway, put on the table a 5T ISK per month injection (today it raised to 10T ISK looks like). In my opinion, this plan will not work because the lack of Warlords and the surplus of donut confectioners.

go around hot dropping supers and rorqs with blops. in the impass and surrounding areas, all blues are kos if they land on grid of a rorq/ ratting super now

can get that done you gonna need about 6-7 trillion, Then you contact PanFam and point them towards delve.

Snedige Rekel1d
Suggestions are welcome. Loads of ISK ready.

I wish you luck. Most likely though bunch of alliances will bribe other alliances though to ditch the war and prevent any conflict like the last time.

:rofl: That was really good sarcasm (I noticed the /s). All the Firmware 2.0 will do is make conflict even less likely because neutral people potentially interested in taking Sov have it even harder, turning even more people away from Sov or into bluing each other up more.

The old reasons for wars are no longer valid (taking sov as new home, for more riches, because you have grown up, etc) because you have lots of riches wherever you go, and have had so also in the past but nowadays they are even easier to harvest. Until once again such a reason returns to EVE to leave your home and take someone else’s home for yourself, big wars are as unlikely to flare up because noone really needs more space. And wars for fun? Like Tribute? Or TESCO? Which got suffocated by their own weight? Yeah, sure.

As usual, it will be up to Goons to destabilize NS, once again.

Once they complete Fortress Delve and get tired of farming enormous wealth, I’m sure they will find a way either directly or by proxy to create content this game so sorely needs.


It is exactly that!


Time for a massive Jovian fleet to invade. 20 High Medium and low slot ships. Incredible power with tons of new mods. Takes alliances to hold systems and they devastate everything. Have them attack everywhere for total annihilation of our sick cloning want to be god like egos. DESTROY US ALL>

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Your solution to lack of pvp/war is to introduce pve fleets? Or do you intend players to fly these OP Jovian ships?

Drifter Incursions EVERYWHERE !

Pay pandemic lesbians i mean pandemic legion to go kick goons from delve :slight_smile:

Good insult, doesn’t make any sense tho, please girls don’t play eve.

sent you an ingame email


i used to be in a coalition called dinner squadron
we were pushed out of our home and there was a huge war we could take part in
but leadership decided it was best to give up all our sov space and move to npc stain instead lmao
worst alliance ever

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On behalf of the Alliance Imperium Mordor I wish to place Merovee in the station next to 39P - 1J VII in the Constellation SG - CTQ Region Delve. This will be the Capital of the Mordor Empire.

Any assistance in this Campaign would be greatly appreciated.

«o» Gorthaur

Once bashing citadels gets easier, all hell is going to break loose.

Que necessary song!

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