Have you heard that there's a war starting?

Well, there is. And it is among the biggest NullSec alliances in Eve.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get involved in kicking the biggest trolling, scamming, game ruining alliance in the teeth.

You, too, can participate in taking out the goons.

How? Numbers. A large number of people working together can accomplish a lot. We’re going to fly a lot of cheap ships and take down goon’s infrastructure.

Don’t have a lot of isk? Create a 2nd character on your account, and apply. Training requirements are fairly short, and then you can earn money with one character, as you fight on the 2nd.

Anyone not associated with the Imperium who wants to kick goon’s ass can get involved. Look me up in game, and apply to my corp. When we get enough people, we can get started.

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