Returning after 2 years - Looking for Goonswarm corp in 1DQ area

Hi Folks

Launch player with a few accounts who has been out of the game for a loooong time. All my stuff’s in 1DQ and I enjoyed my time in Goonswarm. Any corps recruiting? I’ll need to relearn the whoooole game but I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in with a corp again!

Enjoy a mix of play from PVP to PVE and (don’t judge me) even sometimes a bit of mining…


bro goons are at war atm. do I dont think your play time will be pve mainly

Besides that they aren’t accepting applications atm

I’m sure he could find some Goonswarm corp that would be willing to scam him for all his isk and assets. Then they could laugh about how dumb people are who try to join their alliance. The OP should at least try.

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they could accept the apps, and throw the helpless little children on the front lines.

Oh… maybe now isn’t the time to rejoin then lol - all my lifelong possessions in 1DQ. This might be messy. I enjoyed being in Goons before. Maybe I’ll have to wait a few more months to rejoin if they’re not accepting.

I did see a INIT corp is recruiting, and they associate with Goons under imperium.

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